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Whatcha munchn' on?


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Wow Jay,

Yeah there is a female in the forum. Actually there is a small, if not somewhat silent flock of us.

In light of your remark, I realize that I can't possibly own high quality Klipsch speakers, while at the same time, finding juvie posts, well...rather juvenille. So I think that I should take my RF-7s, RC-7s, RS-7s, KG-4s and trade them in for a Adcom Home-theater-ina-box.

Yeah, That's the ticket.

P.S. What should I do with my SVS sub?

P.P.S - Actually my issue with some of this thread content, was that y'all were thinking that you were getting something by Amy. I am sure that very little gets by the Klipsch moderaters.

Actually we are aware of the female presence on the Forum, we were referring to the possible presence of a curvy person at The EAR's domicile. He's been rather chipper lately.

And we know what we're getting by Amy and NOT, but we can dream, can't we? Sorry it's the male way!

Ear must have bought another flock of subs. Like as in ALL OF THEM, I can't imagine anything else making him quite so happy.

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I am munchin'on delicious wafers...MMM wafers,with plenty of black current jam. Getting dizzy from the sugar overdose.

No no subs purchased in the last few months. And its better this way,and yes a female presence is preferred to any sub presence. [;)]

Colter I have to get a strange haicut too,to keep up with your posts. [:P]

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Gosh. Just kidding.... [:(]

Although sometimes a male, Crybaby is usually a female, and often a close ally of Innocence Abused. When teased or attacked Crybaby will pitch a loud public temper tantrum, holding her breath and kicking her feet. If that defense fails she will run to Nanny for comfort.

The cartoon with the bunny just has to go.

Then perhaps we can talk. or not.

Just finished reading the Book of Bunny Suicides.

I may be permanently afflicted.

Justdontfuckwiththekittiesorthebunniesbadshitwill happen

Is this a real book? (I am considering forgiveness).

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