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Whatcha munchn' on?


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Figured I'd cook a decent meal today, a break from kraft dinner and sidekicks. Spent all day checking out new fishing gear, since it is spring now. So heres my dinner, this ones a red snapper but mine was a rainbow trout. Theres a grocery store that sells live trout all year long, satisfies the fisherman in me while I'm at school. Add some salt, fresh ground black pepper, chili powder, garlic, cumin...let it marinate, then GRILL'ER!




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Damn Ranjith- you DA man!

Please don't tell me that's an actual photo of the way college-boy serves up a meal, palm-frond and all! But it does look tasty and that spice combination is exactly what I sprinkle on my Salmon steaks I do on my grille!


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