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What are you driving right now?

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Grooms, your a Deputy Sheriff that has a Horse Farm? Damn, I'm living wrong..................

Nope; you are not living wrong; 30 years active military (retired LTC), and law enforcement; Detective Lieutenant; OIC- Marine Unit & SAR Unit, Agency's DHS Rep; and OIC Special Projects (don't ask, it's the X-file stuff...); pays well; but all Agency vehicles (except the Sheriff...) are so marked as "deputy", after all we are all deputies.

Now about that horse farm.... That's my wife and daughter's hobby. She's the exec editor for INI papers in South Florida (makes more money than is decent...).

Me....I just confine myself to real hobbies.... Klipsch heritage and serious music (until I'm drafted to to haul them thar horses....)

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Nah... Never was any harm thought or taken. On that topic, I feel sorry for the normal "brothers" on our Department, (and all others in the "business"), pay is not real good (and never has been...) considering the crap we have to put up with. I'm lucky, I guess.

You are right, slow day.... but great time for us that can't make it to Indy.... We can post really outrageous stuff and no-one will slam us!!![:D]

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2003 Chevy Tahoe. 13,000 miles. 2" front 4" drop. 20" Kruz rims w/ Parelli Scorpian tires. 6 mids , 6 tweeters, 2 mids and 2 tweeters in the upright posts custom leather wrapped all Jl Audio. 2 12" Treo SSX Subs. 2,000 watts. Kenwood 7100 dvd navigation controlling an Ipod 80 gig w/ 15,000 songs. Bluetooth with a wireless cingular 8525 pocket pc.

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