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What are you driving right now?

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2003 Speed Yellow Mazda6 with Pirelli tires and rear wing. 50K miles. A perfect weekday car. Never have had to do any work on it.

1968 Red VW Type I stock with slightly upsized tires. 82K actual miles (!), 30K of which are mine over the last 15 years. A perfect weekend car. Enjoy having to work on it regularly.


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How do you like the Insight? I usually see the same one the commute in the morning. I guess its like a Del Sol, except with less Sol and better gas mileage

I've had it for 7 years now, since 2000. Just turned 225000 miles on it.

Haven't had any issues other than the following:

rear hatchback struts lost pressure the first winter on a -30 deg F morning, warranty replaced;

battery pack worn out at 140000 miles, replaced at $2k;

only one light bulb has burned out in 7 years and that was a parking light on the front right,

just replaced the serpentine belt at 225000 miles;

have replaced the tires 3X.

I've used Mobil 1 synthetic since first oil change and changed the oil at intervals of 7500 - 20000 miles. (I know, sometimes it took a while to get around to changing it)

The car is built very, very solid as can be seen by the minimal issues. The battery pack wasn't fun to pay to replace, but it lasted for quite a while. I tried to go awhile without replacing the battery pack, but the car was a death trap without the electric assist. Taking off from a stop on any uphill incline, the car could barely get going and I had to burn some clutch to get going. I had to replace the battery pack to make the car usable.

The car is also not recommended for ANY snow or ice conditions. The car is so light that it has near no traction in winter conditions.

As far as mileage, you can get 70 mpg if you drive 40-45 mph and stay off the gas as much as possible. I gave that up long ago and the lifetime mpg of my car is 48 mpg. Not the best it could be, but I've driven it hard and fast.

Would I recommend a hybrid? Not until the battery warranty gets up to lifetime or the price of the battery pack gets below $250-$500. My next long range cruiser will be a conventional engine car with good mpg, like a toyota corolla or honda civic.

I do, however recommend cornwalls readily.

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