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Khorns or LaScalas


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Need some help. I have the opportunity to buy a set of 1986 Khorns MINT. I was at first wanting LaScalas. Should I go for the Khorns, im a newbie, is there a dramatic difference betweee the sound. And do the Khorns have to always go in a corner. Any info would be appreciated.



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Well, in short; Khorns do always corners and the biggest difference is gonna be a greater sensativity (efficiancy) and a much lower bass extention.



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If you have room for the Khorns I would go with them. The biggest difference will be in the bass as the Khorn goes much lower than the LaScala.

Khorns are meant to go in the corners on the long wall of your room. My listening room does not accomodate long wall or corner placement so I have them on the short walls and angled so the horns are directed toward the sweet spot. I have enclosed the bass bins with 3/4" MDF although I intend to build false corners when I finish my listening room. I am sure I don't get all the bass that the Khorns are capable of producing, but I am quite happy with the sound that I have now.


Ed W

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go with the grandaddies of Klipsch horns and plan to make changes to your front end - these babies are the ultimate expression of extremely efficient horns- once you have heard them vibrate with sound like a musical instrument, you will change your opinion of what high end audio should be trying to do ...


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It is tough to find a circumstance where you can hear the K-Horn and LaScala side by side. I haven't. Years ago I heard both at different times in a showroom. This was not match conditions by any means.

None the less, the big fellows in the corner hold all the aces in the bass. Sound output level 104 dB at one meter and 1 watt is rated the same by the factory. Of course that doesn't speak to the bass.

There is an AES preprint about the LaScala by PWK which shows good bass response. My suspicion this was done in very carefully optimized conditions. This may track with comments by owners. Some find acceptable bass, other's feel the need for a subwoofer. It depends very much on the room and the placement.

I really don't want to damn LaScalas with faint praise. But you really owe it to yourself to get the K-Horns. In either case, at worst you'll be able to resell them at about the same price.


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So it looks like it is up to me to bang the practical drum.

OK - the KHorns are bigger, badder and louder and create a larger than life soundstage. Setup properly (in the right room) they are unmatchable, probably by any product out there, Klipsch or otherwise.

But the LaScalas have advantages of their own. They are a lot more practical as an ownership proposition, far easier to setup in a far wider range of environments and highly dynamic in their own right. No-one could describe these speakers as bass-shy. They dont need a corner and if you want to adjust the soundstage you tow them in - you dont re-build the room!!

Oh yes - and if you do feel the need for more bass at sometime in the future you can always add a sub, or 2 (to either speaker come to that).

BTW - Edster - not sure that MDF setup of yours is a good idea. you really need something a lot more solid behind them than that. I have played around with false corners for a friends Khorns made out of marble. It wasnt cheap but it did work real well. You could always try Granite as an alternative if you can get that cheaper.


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I agree about the MDF...it is just a temporary band-aid fix until I finish off my basement.

I am sure I am not getting the bass the Khorns are capable of, but they far outshine anything else I have had in my system bass wise (including a pair of Cornwalls).


Ed W

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I would strongly urge you to go with the k-horns for all the reasons already mentioned. The sensitivity is the same and drivers are the same, but the cornerhorns look better, go deeper, and nestle back tightly in a corner -- much preferable to having huge boxes out in the room, at least imho. Plus the k-horns will give you a wider, more life-like soundstage, and personally, I prefer their image heigth too.

One more thing: I don't see what is so wrong with 3/4" particle board for making false corners for k-horns, al least if it is braced well. I think that would surely be at least as rigid and non-resonant as the typical room corner made of 1/2 or 5/8" sheetrock over 2 by 4 studs. Besides, 3/4" particle board and/or plywood is pretty much what the speaker is made of anyway. Plus, a false wall so constructed could give you a much better fit (less air leakage) than the average real world room corner would...

...but then again, marble is good.cwm20.gif



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Hmmm. I wouldn't say Khorns look better than Scala's. Finished Scala's show some very nice wood grain and more of it then the Khorn. I also like being able to see the bass horn, nothing else looks like em'IMO.


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