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SET amps.............


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Hi Guys, IMO I think it is not necessary to use a preamplifier with Set amp, directly to CD, I used a line stage Cary and other 6SN7 done and what I prefer directly from the CD or connected to a phono preamp.
I think the most important thing for Set amps is to have very sensitive speakers
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I second the Almarro A318 which was mentioned earlier in this thread -- I heard that amp in Almarro's room at the AKfest a couple of years ago and it was the only other room I really enjoyed besides Craig's.

You're funny JC. It ain't what you're thinking; if I would have said Roy's filter with zobels half the people in this thread wouldn't have known what I was talking about. Anyways, I dig the sound from 300B's -- I wish I still had the Canary I sold a few years back. At this point, I've decided to leave this system the way it is. I watch a crapload of movies and DVD concerts, and this system really excels at that -- I'm not likely to get bored with it anytime soon. If I do anything at all, I'll build up a second and much smaller system -- and go in a completely different direction with it. A 300B amp or something like that Almarro with some DIY 102dB/w ribbons sounds interesting to me. I think I've taken horns about as far as want to take them.

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What impedance filter? with the 300B, thanks

The experience I have had with the 300B I think it is limited to that driver uses to excite the 300B, triode or pentode, driver is currently 6L6 or KT66, RC circuit 6SJ7 as triode drive 6L6 as triode drive 300B, Best regards
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So Dean....You and Seti both wish you had your Canary's Back. Anyone else heard the Canary 300B's. There is a SET version and some 300B PP versions....which ones?



I had the Canary 300A and he had the Canary MKII. The MKII was two 300B per channel but I'm not sure if it was PP or paralell single ended. Don't ask me the difference cause I don't know. The 300B is just a great musical tube and there is a reason there are so many in current production. Also the build quality of Canary Audio is just staggering not to mention designed and built in California.

This is there top of the line cost no option monoblock amp but I can be happy with their bottom of the line SET.


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