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free internet radio

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Believe it or not, good ol' AOL Radio is actually pretty decent. I
find myself using it quite a bit to listen to the metal stations,
especially the power metal one. They have a good selection of channels
to listen to. They used to feature XM radio, but they dropped that and
now it's CBS radio. That was the only place I knew you could listen to
XM for free for sometime (without requiring some kind of subscription,
be it DirecTV or an actual XM subscription). Now, I do sometimes find
myself listening the XM through my own DirecTV service, though.

are a boatload of other places to find decent, free internet radio.
Some of the bigger ones, beside the already aforementioned Pandora, is
Live385 (www.live365.com) and ShoutCast (www.shoutcast.com), Of
course, you could simply Google "free internet radio" and see what
comes up. You may be able to narrow your search by also including the
genre of music you are interested in, i.e. "metel free internet radio"
or "country free internet radio"

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I just registered for Pandora from the mention in this forum and am enjoying it quite a bit! It's pretty easy to get used to, has competitive sound quality, and I like that it's on demand. That's really cool! I've never seen the ability to skip songs on the radio before. Plus building up a radio station around your tastes is great. I'm building up ambient stations rapidly. Anything from the upbeat brazilian remix of Fila Brazilia to the downbeat relax of Mars Lasar. Definitely recommended.


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I have an Olive music server that also hooked up with my wireless network and will stream a ton of Internet radio stations. Not sure how all of this works or if I can add my favorite station ( KPIG) but so far I don't have to pay anyone for the privilege.

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