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    Well, shoot! I missed the poll thread about moving posts to proper categories and didn't get to input. It's cool a decision was made to leave it alone. I think it's best that way. As regards categories, I think changing them and adding more of them, without a real need, will be a futile task. As Chris (tigerwoodkhorns) stated, his habit (and mine, and probably most everyone's) is to check and post on their favorite 3 or 4 places. They are not likely to want to venture out into foreign territory to make an off-comment. They have friends and regulars right there, and they want these same people to see their off-topic posts as well. They don't want to tell them, "Guys, I posted something off-topic over there." I mean, let's look at it this way.... Chad put his poll in the "General" forum. Did he put it way down in the "Forum Suggestions" forum? Nope! Wonder why? It's pretty dead over there. Anyone who posts generally thinks whatever they have to say ought to be seen. That's why they tend to post where the traffic is. From my perspective, the 2-channel and General Questions forums are where the action is. That's where I pretty much limit my activity. Garage Sale is very good for its purpose. I have looked around there, but only when the purpose is to browse with an eye toward buying used gear. The rest is pretty useless (for me), although I would imagine the HT forum is very good for its purpose. If anything, I'd vote for less categories, and not more.
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    Well written, and something I think about almost constantly. http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/subjective_versus_objective_if_it_sounds_good_is_it_good/
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    Here are some comments on my personal experience with some networks that I have tried. I think I will also post this out in "2 Channel" ALK Cornwall B Series replacement Ver 2. – Used in Cornwalls with stock horns and Cornwalls with Cornwall Fastracs. To my ears a very even response top to bottom with stock horns. With Fastracs the mids were just too loud and I was going to have to find a way to attenuate. These networks are still worth building if you are sticking with stock horns. Not very flexible though. ALK ES-5800 and ES-500T networks - Used in Lascalas with Cornwall Fastrac Can attenuate highs and mids Pinpoint accuracy – places each instrument precisely! Very clear and holds up well to any volume you want. Drivers don’t seem to be working hard at all. Much under 80db it starts sounding restrained or soft. Sound stage shrinks at lower volumes. Great if you listen loud or like to have block parties. Probably better than the neighbors deserve. ALK ES-5800 and AP12-500 networks - Used in Cornwalls with Cornwall Fastrac and Lascalas with Lascala Fastracs and with Cornwall Fastracs Can attenuate highs and mids Pinpoint accuracy – a little more cohesive than the ES-500 (ES are very nice above 80 db or so) Good imaging – best at higher volume Very clear at any volume. I kept creeping the volume up to 75db or higher and didn’t even realize I had it that loud. I liked the AP12-500 better than the ES-500. It would be interesting to hear this with really nice caps but that would be cost prohibitive. ALK CornScala-Wall networks - Used in Cornwalls with stock horns and Cornwalls with Cornwall Fastracs. Also used with Lascalas even though the crossover is a little high at around 600hz for the bass bins) Can attenuate the highs (resistor based) and mids Not quite the clarity or accuracy of the higher end ALK networks… more balance between the drivers. Sounds open and still decent soundstage at lower volumes. Can play loud and doesn’t fall apart as quickly as stock networks but still no match for the steep slope ALK networks. Impressive for the money. For late night listening on the Cornwalls with Fastracs these were my preferred networks. - I recently replaced the stock capacitors on the ALK CornScala-Wall network with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps. I tested for a short time on the LaScalas with Eliptracs and will be moving them to the Cornwalls soon Initial impression is they have been opened up and there is improved resolution. If these need break-in time I’m pretty happy because they sound better from the beginning. I’ll have to wait to hear if I think they were worth the investment. Aletheia Audio Super AA with VH Audio OIMP V-Caps - Used on Lascalas with Eliptracs Can attenuate the mids Most cohesive I have heard… VERY balanced and even sound Excellent resolution (hear it all… good and bad) No harshness, not bright but still very clear Can be pushed loud without falling apart but ALK ES networks still have the edge there. My current network of choice.
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    Ive got a Bosch tankless natural gas water heater and have never regretted it. Great when family comes. Everyone can take showers without waiting for water to heat back up!!
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    I have installed many of these units over the years in homes that I've built and how well they work has to do with a few things, first I will say that I don't have much use for the electric ones based on the initial investment and payback time vs. purchasing a super insulated water heater but with gas I think it's something to consider and how happy you are with the installation has to do with the initial sizing and placement of the unit based on what your expectations are. If a unit isn't properly sized for the normal demand of the home and occupants you won't be happy because you'll run out of hot water, just like any undersized water heater, so proper planning is the key along with placement in relation to all of the hot water supplies but it doesn't take longer to get hot water or not anything that will be noticed by the minimal time to trigger the unit on. If you have a situation where you have extremely long runs and this applies to any hot water supply, you can look at installing additional loops in the system or installing a quick circulation pump in line at the fixture that will pump the water back into your water system until it senses hot water. I will tell you that regardless of the unit you're installing, if you don't have conditioned water you're asking for problems (also applies to any other water heater or plumbing fixture) as these units will clog up with mineral deposits quickly so make sure your water source is sound first. Hope this helps.
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    Today I finished reading "Simple Dreams" the memoir written by Linda Ronstadt. This is not a kiss and tell type of book. Ms.Ronstadt sticks mostly to the music, covering her inspirations and motivations in exploring the various genres in which she has delved over her long career. If you're a fan of Linda Ronstadt and her music, you'll find the book very interesting. Next up listening to her CDs again through my Klipsch Reference speakers ( circa 2000).
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    The plywood used (for older units) is 1/2" and 3/4", two dimensions that are thicker than 12 and 19mm by a not too insignificant amount. Putting 1/2" plywood up against 12mm is about a ply in difference, same with 19mm and 3/4", again a not too insignificant amount. Weight differences too. Also, if your using the Georgian plans 12mm and 19mm results in all sorts of headaches, nothing will fit-up properly. That said, the new forum is invasive with data mining. Might call it quits.
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    I like the "OLD STUFF" myself. Most of the stereo equip I own is old stuff. Just because it's old does not mean it is substandard to today's equip. We use a Marantz Quadrophonic instead of the surround sound for both TV and Stereo in one of the living rooms. I won't say it is better. But I will say we like it a lot better. For 150 I would probably jump on it if I could. Sansui; Vintage:1973-1975 Retail new: 700.00 $ I'm sure you know the Sansui QRX-5500 is Quadrophonic . This can become an expensive Hobby/Habit, but I like it. Taz
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    Go as big as the wife will accept, you may not get a second chance, lol.
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    Woofer was made in December 1982 (8251). I did some simple mods on the pair that I had that made them more listenable,
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    "are all KHorn made of 12mm plywood?" Yes. The front board on the finished models was 19mm, all internals were 12mm.
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    P.S. Welcome to the Forum!!!
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    Welcome to the forum! I would go ahead and bring them in, not worth the risk to me. I lived in Clarion, Pa for 10 years, winters up there can be brutal!
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    Meh, unless it involves a scissor lift, three unionized steel workers, and a non-union foreman -- just bring them in for the winter. That said, I'm in CT and left the Promedias pictured below outside under a soffit for years without a problem. I replaced them with an excellent pair of KPT-100s purchased from Craig. http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/144995-kpt-100s-restored-and-ready-to-ship/ They wll be stored inside!
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    2. Check that the machine screws on the back of the tweeter magnets are evenly tightend and fully seated. The gaskets sandwiched inside the assembly compress after time and allow the diaphragm to leak / sound distorted. My experience (5 out of 5 units so far) has been that if they have not seen recent service, they'll easily take an additional 1/4 to 3/4 turn before fully seating down again. Good for 0.5-1 dB SPL measured and much audibly improved / smoother performance on stuff like harps, flutes, trumpets, etc.
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    1. Replace the squawker horn to compression driver gaskets with new ones. Re-assemble by hand-tightening the compression driver 1/8th-turn past seated.
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    ...and finally, one of the 2uF radial-wound MPF's from the HIE on the bench meter @ 1 kHz:
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    Sent you a pm about the LaScala, as well as an unrelated question about the TD-125 listed in your signature.
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    HOLY COW!!! I hope your floor is reinforced.
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