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    Bald Eagle...Harrison Mills BC...2 weeks ago.
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    One of my favorite pics from my annual fishing trip. Was sooo calm that day at Lake of The Woods in Canada. Lol..upside down. The lake creates a mirror image..
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    I love to catch facial expressions on my son's sporting activities. You can imagine how excitied I was to grab this beauty.
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    It's a miracle he made it to this milestone, but I'm sure glad he did. Happy 70th birthday to one of my musical heroes, Keith Richards!!
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    Attention! Attention! Does anyone remember what book that came from? Anyway, pay attention to your food. Mercury in certain fish. High fructose corn syrup? Not only is it bad enough on its own, it contains more mercury than you might think. Don't eat farmed fish, and don't eat over fished wild fish. Quit pouring chemicals on your lawns. It goes straight into the water system. For what? Golf course lawns? It's time to change aesthetics about what we think the world should look like, and keep it healthy for us. Meanwhile, enjoy your slurry fast food products, you know you do.
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    Going third person this early in the morning. Gonna be a long day.
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    let us know how it turns out.
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    The Scottish Highlands taken late June 2013:
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    If your Lascala's have the square magnet K-77 these will be subtle improvement. Replacing the mid horn would be the best place to start. IMO. Dave
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    Hey all - total newbie here - looking to move some gear. I bought all these new in 2002 - they are in perfect working and cosmetic condition. 2 RF-5 fronts 1 RC-3ii center 1 RSW12 sub These are all in Phoenix, AZ. Here are the details and photos.....not sure on price.....looking for offers. Thanks! http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/4227002291.html
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    Try some furniture oil on your grandfathers speakers, they look dry! Others will chime in on what they use, I always used lemon oil. Roger
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    they allow for independent thought and modernity in Tehran? just curious
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    I use to buy alot of CDs from Pawn Shops. And one shop in particular had the super machine you use at the library. In a conversation with the shop owner 3-4 years ago about his machine, he said they had vitually no returns and if a buyer brought one back in that would not play, they would just put it though their machine for them. Owner said he hardly ever could not bring one back to playable condition. Good investment for them. I don't see many CDs in the Pawn Shops anymore. Lots of movies tho. Standard DVDs for a buck. Blu-rays for $3.50.
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    Nice! A true man cave!
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