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  1. Some more videos being posted:
  2. So, yes. EVERYONE PLEASE BUY THESE WHEN THEY COME OUT. I have a puppy to feed.
  3. You forgot to add the ™ to "speaker guy™"! Kinda like "web guy™"!
  4. I was literally just going off what the info placard in the booth photo said.
  5. Targets: MSRP: $1800/ea. Available Q3
  6. Repeating, for those who are having this issue.
  7. Does it always just happen through your bookmark? What if you just type "community.klipsch.com" in the address bar and hit enter? Same results?
  8. Actually, no. I really had no idea. I'm not usually privy to new products being developed until we are close to releasing them or getting them ready for CES. I'm just a lowly Web Guy™. That said, even if I did know something, I wouldn't have risked my job by mentioning it here.
  9. OK. For those of you who are having the issue of not being able to read anything on the site until you log in and visit the 2-Channel forum, please reply here with the following info: What type of device? (PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad / Android / Other) What OS (include version number)? (Windows/iOS/Android) What web browser? (Safari / IE / Edge / Chrome / Firefox / Other) What version of web browser? Have you tried clearing your browser cache and site cookies? Thanks.
  10. Yes you'll want to click those "images" links on a computer. They are zip files that need to be "unzipped". That page is meant mainly for press attending CES, but obviously it's a public page so everyone else can see it too.
  11. I haven't heard of this particular issue yet (the fake "banning") Let me look into it.
  12. We've got some more cool stuff to show off this year. Let's hear those opinions! http://www.klipsch.com/ces-2017
  13. Hi, iTunes is not officially supported by PlayFi (the technology our Stream systems use). However if you submit a support ticket at http://support.klipschgroupinc.com/, someone might be able to help get around the issue you see. That's the best place to get Klipsch Tech Support. Thanks
  14. Not at this time. I can probably look it up though. PM me the email address you used when you registered.
  15. Unsure about the Khorn 70th, but the Heresy 70th boxes do. We have a pair sitting close to my desk.
  16. Yes... for the price you paid for the 70th Anniversary Editions, you DEFINITELY need to follow up with the dealer to find out why you didn't get consecutive S/N.
  17. Great to hear. Sorry to hear of all the troubles. I'd be furious. Also, sorry for not responding sooner on this, but I wanted to let you know that earlier today I sent a link to this thread to our heads of Customer Service, so they can investigate what went wrong and where, and hopefully avoid this kind of thing in the future.
  18. Chad


    yeah... I'm locking.
  19. Chad


    We do what we can with what we are given - and it's pretty effective for what it is. Advertising is incredibly expensive. Some of our major competitors have insane advertising budgets. We tend to focus more on the engineering.
  20. Chad


    K. And yeah, Amy left 100% voluntarily. We've actually had a pretty good year sales-wise, from what I've been told. Things seem to be on the upswing. The industry is being challenged every day.
  21. Recently we made a change in the permissions for brand new users, to help prevent forum spam. The biggest change was new members cannot change their Forum Profile until after their 10th post. After post 10, you can edit your profile to your heart's content. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. Thanks!
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