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  1. We aren't "threatened" by a bunch of "tinkerers". The mere existence of the forums should prove that to you. I think you read too much into what I've said. We love our loyal customers.
  2. Change? CHANGE?!? NOOOOOOOOOOO WE HATE CHANGE!!!1!! In all seriousness, the forums should have had slightly "stricter" rules or at least rules that were more clear from day 1 (regarding a lot of things). Sadly, that wasn't the case. People always forget the fact that Klipsch's logo is at the top and we gotta protect ourselves as a brand and legacy. Has really nothing to do with being "wimpy".
  3. You *could* just use a 3rd party image host, like imgur.com or something... :-)
  4. Thebes, I'm wondering if you've uploaded too many things so it's disabling the option for you (I'm not sure that's the cause but it's a shot in the dark). The max storage for attachments per member is 100MB. If you click on your name in the upper right of the forums and then click "My Attachments" in the menu, you should see all the attachments you've uploaded in the past.
  5. I downloaded SeaMonkey 2.40 on my Mac and everything looks right. Just to be sure, I'm using it to post this.
  6. @thebes what browser? EDIT: never mind... you already mentioned that. I've not heard of that browser. I'll look into it.
  7. FWIW, lots of comedians have been putting stuff out on vinyl over the past few years.
  8. Currently, all moderators can moderate anywhere here.
  9. Nah, 2-channel seems to continue to be a good home for that. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. We've just added @Chief bonehead and @dwilawyer to the forum Moderators team. Chief bonehead (A.K.A. Roy Delgado) certainly needs no introduction. Many consider him to be the spiritual successor to PWK himself. He's responsible for so much of what Klipsch is today, continuing to innovate. Dwilawyer has been a valuable member of the forums since 2004. He's also on the board for the new Klipsch Museum of Audio History (along with Roy, by the way) Please join me in welcoming Roy and Travis to the Moderator team! Thanks guys. You can view the list of the entire Moderators team by clicking on the "Staff" link in the Forum's top navigation menu.
  11. This thread... HOOO BOY.... Where do I start? Wait, I won't. I've got sh*t to do!
  12. Check out this neat interview with Klipsch Creative Director Matt Sommers: http://thevinylfactory.com/vinyl-factory-releases/klipsch-speakers-interview-the-loft-klipschorn/
  13. you don't see it under your list of messages after you click the envelope icon?
  14. click the envelope icon in the top navigation (near your name), and then "Go To Inbox".
  15. If you go to your Messenger page (https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/messenger/) you'll see a link just under the message list on teh left that says "Disable my messenger". (at least, you should) If you were to disable your messenger, and if we have the permissions set up properly, you would be able to re-enable your messenger by clicking on "Messenger" in the user menu in the upper-right.
  16. That's the "full site" on his phone (the forums use a responsive design that responds to the screen size accordingly, like most modern websites (should) do. @Deang: Have a look now. For some reason, your private messaging was turned off for your account (not something I remember doing - did you request that once?) - Regardless, I re-enabled it for you.
  17. No. But there have been a few software updates in the past couple weeks. Maybe there was something there that changed it.
  18. Private Messaging is there. When looking in mobile view, tap the menu icon in the upper-right, then the envelope icon. You can send anyone a PM by tapping their avatar, then tapping the envelope icon below the avatar on their profile page. The copy/paste issue is one that I've encountered too. It's because by default when you copy/paste, it preserves any formatting form the source. After you paste, just below the editor field you'll see a "Remove Formatting" link which should remove any of that formatting.
  19. Not to mention also there's this stuff (sitting directly behind my desk @ Klipsch HQ)
  20. Not a bad idea, and one I've been thinking about as well...
  21. The good news is, you can totally customize this (very easily) in Activity Streams.
  22. Also, be sure to look at your forum notification settings as mentioned in this FAQ post:
  23. One of the most powerful new features of the updated forum software are called "Activity Streams". These are customizable lists of posts and topics that you can tailor to your liking, and even set one as a default for quick access. To check it out, mouse-over the "Activity" tab in the navigation menu. This will display the submenu of items to select from. All Activity will show all post activity in reverse chronological order for the past hour. It's a good way to quickly see all posts that have been made in the last hour across all the subforums you have access to. My Activity Streams is where things can get interesting. You'll see several default streams that have been created for you. Click on each one to see what kinds of content is displayed. If you click the "Create New Stream" button, you get to customize a stream just the way you like it. When you save that new stream, it will display in the My Activity Streams menu. If you are viewing a stream and you click the little checkmark next to the stream name, that will mark that stream as your preferred default. This means you'll see a quick link to it on every page, just below the navigation menu. I hope you enjoy this powerful new feature. There's even more to it than what is covered in this post. If you have any questions please ask!
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