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  1. Yes. But Stack Overflow is a completely different animal. Also, they don't show you WHO did the upvoting/downvoting. We have that option here. I'm just entertaining the idea again. I don't think it's entirely bad. (calling it "like/dislike" is probably worse than calling it "upvote/downvote") Some people may need to have their posts downvoted. :-) Perhaps, but that is a slippery slope. Ignorance is bliss. Even an amoeba will flinch from things that cause them pain. Introduction of a new mental anguish may be more like leaving the barn door open than educating folks. I would be against it on a well moderated forum. Maybe it would help prevent people calling others "retards", if they know they can just hit a downvote instead (provided they haven't used their allotment of downvotes for the day). Some people can't control themselves.
  2. Yes. But Stack Overflow is a completely different animal. Also, they don't show you WHO did the upvoting/downvoting. We have that option here. I'm just entertaining the idea again. I don't think it's entirely bad. (calling it "like/dislike" is probably worse than calling it "upvote/downvote") Some people may need to have their posts downvoted. :-) Anyway, I have it enabled for fun on the demo site (link in the announcement thread)...
  3. Agree wholeheartedly with this.... I have been on other forums where the dislike button has been abused greatly and people get dog piled with dislikes instead of anyone making a counter point or actual argument. I can see that, but you can also limit the number of positive or negative reputation points a member is allowed to give out per day.
  4. No plans for two-factor authentication at this time.
  5. It's a 5-day trial site that was auto generated. I'll see what I can do.
  6. We wouldn't as easily been able to migrate the OLD forums to that system. We chose IP Board for that reason, among many other reasons - the biggest being XenForo wasn't anywhere near being as good as it is now back in 2013.
  7. It does. Does the Ignore User option include a Button that will have a Send Birdie Now Function??? No, but I'm toying with changing the reputation system to "like OR dislike" vs just "like".
  8. Unfortunately, some folks don't know how to practice restraint.
  9. I think this is the perfect response to all this.
  10. Wow, I didnt realize he had not posted here since that thread which I do remember. I think it would be a good idea to reach out to him, I really liked the guy and this forum needs more young people to carry on the audio tradition and hobby. I think he was the youngest member here actually. Which is why some of those here posting their snarky apologies should maybe think about the fact that just because something doesn't bother YOU, doesn't mean it won't bother someone else. And if you happen to offend someone else in some way, maybe be a nice human being about it rather than post fake apologies about it. It's not about being "P.C." (whatever that means to you), it's about just thinking before you "speak". The backspace key is sometimes more powerful than you think. /rant
  11. Updated the OP with a link to a temporary demo forum site you all can check out.
  12. This forum will undergo an extended period of downtime while we perform a software upgrade and server migration. What to expect: The forums will go down for maintenance around 4pm EDT this Friday, July 29. During this time, we will upgrade the forums to the latest version of IP.Board. Also, we will be migrating the forums to a different server. We will bring the forums back up on the following Monday, August 1, sometime in the morning, EDT. The new version of IP.Board is a major revision, so most things in terms of user interface will be different. However: Your posts, PMs, and Gallery Images will remain intact Your account login should not change at all, nor should your profile - however, profiles may have additional features after the upgrade. Why are we doing this? Spam prevention tools and other security upgrades will be current, and we'll be able to continue to apply future updates to security. The forums will work much better on mobile devices (without the need for the Tapatalk app) The current version has reached end-of-life in support and development. What'll change? The basic functionality of the forum will be mostly the same. You'll be able to make new topics, post replies, send PMs, etc. None of the core forum functionality changes in any major way. Most of the User Interface will look very different to you. Don't panic, you'll get used to it. It's actually pretty easy to use. Lots of new features, such as custom activity feeds, a new "question and answer" forum type, and a vastly improved post editor. If you have any questions, please ask them here. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and get ready to "pardon our dust!" P.S.: Want a sneak peak at the new forum software? Check this out, and sign up here: http://b70208.try.invisionpower.com/ (NOTE: This is a temporary demo site which will be deleted by this Friday. It's also not intended to reflect the final look/feel of the Klipsch-branded forums, but you should get an idea of the major differences in the new version.)
  13. Sorry you are experiencing this problem. Please be sure to reach out to our Support team (http://support.klipschgroupinc.com/) so we can be sure to help you out. Plus this helps us track these kinds of issues to see if it's widespread or not.
  14. I think this thread has drifted far enough.
  15. Wait. Because you were unhappy with an honest answer, Klipsch is a disgrace of a company? I'm confused. Also, no need to resurrect multiple old threads for the same subject just to make the same complaints. I've passed these complaints on to our customer support.
  16. Also, I can say with 100% confidence that this is false. We actually have some things in the works that will help people looking for an easy way to get some replacement parts, as well as improving our online support knowledgebase.
  17. I'll check with Customer Support. I'm sorry this has brought on doubts about our support. We are constantly striving to improve. I'll pass this along and see if I can get a definitive answer.
  18. Chad

    100th Indy 500

    Klipsch will be present at Carb day :-). They are letting us enjoy the day there. Wish I was lucky enough to get one of the comps that we got for the race.
  19. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  20. OP auction has ended. Locking to prevent further thread drift.
  21. All I can say (because honestly it's all I really know anyway - I'm just the Web Guy™) is that it would seem to me as a consumer that the current Palladiums are nearing the end of their retail life cycle, given the price drops and apparent lack of inventory. But to reiterate, I have no concrete info on how true that is (and if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to say here), and I don't know of any replacement line in the works. That's NOT to say there isn't a replacement for Palladiums being planned - I'm not the one to say that there is or isn't. Keep in mind this is an extremely tough industry and we are doing our best to remain relevant and exciting to consumers, so I'm sure many cool things are coming down the pipeline. I do know of several awesome products coming out over the next 12 months. How's that for a vague answer? ;-)
  22. I'm not at liberty to say. Sorry.
  23. That behind-screen area is from Flix Brewhouse in Carmel IN.
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