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  1. That's definitely on the table too. I agree. It's currently set at 25 lines but some folks had theirs grandfathered in and they are loooong.
  2. Yeah, I'm not gonna say what caused this change in policy, but I think it'll be the best thing moving forward, to help reduce the possibility of future issues and emails to people who shouldn't be emailed about these sorts of things.
  3. Just had some complaints and I'm frankly tired of hearing them.
  4. Hello, We have made some changes to our Forum Member Signature policy, effective 8/5/2016. No images are allowed in your signatures. Please keep your signatures to 25 lines or fewer. Links are allowed again (limit 5 links, please), as long as they do NOT link to a business or service you offer. Please use your forum profile to link to those types of things. We appreciate your attention to this matter, and apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. Just added: Heresy I and II literature (that includes some specs) and a Heresy II/La Scala I/Belle brochure that includes specs as well.
  6. Yes, when you paste a URL, just backspace any trailing spaces that might have been added to the url that you pasted in, before you save the post.
  7. Dave - I'll echo whoever mentioned using a service like Squarespace. Great website builder service for people on a budget who don't know how to design or program websites and can't afford a pro to do it for them. In my professional opinion, it would be worth the money and time. I think they have a free trial you can play around with.
  8. I've edited your posts and fixed. Sometimes when you cut/paste links, you gotta go back and make sure the links are auto-created properly (happens sometimes when there is a soft return between to things that should be links). You can select the text and click the Link icon to check. Our forums are currently on IIS, and I hate everything about that. We're moving away from it soon (when we do the next major forum update). That wouldn't be the cause of that latest problem though, that was just a formatting issue.
  9. Ha! That's why the new challenge question is "What was PWK's middle name?"
  10. not for nothing.... http://www.klipsch.com/home-theater-systems
  11. We are actually doing that very thing, oddly enough. It won't be a completely huge change, but we will be making it a little easier to navigate around a long product page sometime soon. I like websites to evolve. To me, it's never "done", and I like the idea of iteration.
  12. Back when we migrated to this version of the forums, I had started a "Klipsch Dark" theme. I never got around to finishing it. We'll be (gulp) upgrading the forums to the latest version of IP.Board probably late this year, which brings about all kinds of fun changes, and I think we'll have a dark theme ready by then. I'll make it a point to have it. Thanks
  13. We've slowly been adding old spec sheets for old products. Today we are adding Forte, Forte II and Quartet. Stay tuned. edit: also Academy, Chorus, Chorus II
  14. I'm sorry you had trouble with it. I recently changed the challenge question/answer (well, about a year ago I think) because spammers had figured out the previous one which was based on our company's established date. At the time, we had lots of marketing messaging all over our website that referenced the word Copper. (Klipsch Reference - which is referred in the question- is copper and black.) We use the word a little less currently, but most of our current products's speaker cones are copper colored - it's the only other main color we use besides black or white... I'll change it again. It's probably time to do so anyway.
  15. I didn't make any changes on our end. Are you looking at the forums through Tapatalk, or our website?
  16. Welcome to the forums. As Mighty Favog mentioned, the online product registration system is in fact undergoing an overhaul. When it's back up, I'll be making everyone here aware. Registration is a completely optional thing and won't affect your warranty, or our customer service in any way - it is used primarily for marketing purposes. The new system will have a goal of giving some incentive to customers to register their product(s) however, so there is more meaning to it. Stay tuned! Thanks
  17. Chad

    it's working already

    Carl's right, which is also why we have that little disclaimer at the top of the Lounge topic list. Locking.
  18. Chad


    To all others (who aren't Mark Deneen) - I apologize that the silly, childish behavior of one person has soured some of the conversations around here and in turn affected my own behavior on occasion. I wish to move on, unlike Mark (who even said last year after I deleted his content, "I'm happy that Chad deleted my content as requested so I can move on cleanly to another site." - and we see how long that lasted...) And regardless of his blog which is truly a laugh riot and speaks volumes to who he really is, I shall speak no more of this man who in all reality means nothing to me. Let him talk to himself on his blog all he wants. We should perhaps all do him a solid and stop giving him the attention he so craves. This forum community is so far from "dead" - we are looking at possible record numbers for our gathering in Hope this year - I think that says enough. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm also sorry to see Dean go. I hope he checks in from time to time. I know he's provided some great info and guidance to others here for quite some time. Thanks to those who stood up for me a little. It wasn't really necessary, but it is appreciated. With that, I lock this thread. You are welcome to continue the "Intellectual Property" discussion in a new thread of course. Thanks
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