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  1. Just throwing my 2 cents in, but as an experienced film editor, the headphones we use to make sure no detail is lost in our soundtracks are the Sony Studio Monitor MDR-7506 Professional. They are killer at sound reproduction in movies and music. They retail for $120-$130 I think.
  2. ---------------- On 10/4/2003 5:08:09 PM marksdad wrote: good and 300 disc cd changers dont go in the same sentence ---------------- One would think this to be true. But it's not. I have the Sony ES 400 CD changer and you'd be very hard pressed to find a player that can noticeable outclass this unit in the $1000 or under price range. Pioneer Elite also makes a 301 cd changer. I used to own a $200 kenwood 300 changer which was EXCELLENT sound for how much it cost.
  3. ---------------- On 10/6/2003 12:51:53 PM zandern wrote: I found when I installed a new CD player in my F-150 it dramatically improved my sound from my speakers. It could go louder, clear, and an amazing increase in bass. ---------------- Yes, because stock headunits are terrible in sound reproduction, their laser pickup assembly is pretty cheap, they probably don't put out enough voltage, and the built in EQ's leave much to be desired. So again, a headunit would provide some noticeable change, but upgrading speakers would be the true upgrade. Regarding 2 ohm speakers...Bruinsme is probably right about chrysler infinity using them...but i don't think many automobiles do, so I don't think your wife's car will be a concern unless it is infact a chrysler. I think almost all car audio seperates run at 4 ohms. I know mine do, for one.
  4. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles better.
  5. If the budget is $300, you could also look into used...although I'm guessing for her birthday you don't want to buy used components. Funny, cause in cars the headunit/deck isn't nearly as important as the speakers. While there might be some difference from their built in-EQ's, all the headunit really provides is enough voltage - which sometimes might not be enough and that's when your audio installer might recommend something like an AudioControl analog EQ to give your system adequate power. But then there's also the case of the amps...but that quickly ups the ante in terms of dough shelled out. My personal opinion is get better speakers. Not sure if you're aiming for a single pair or 2 pairs, but for around your range I would look into Alpine, Oz Audio, Boston Acoustics, Clarion, Nakamichi, and maybe Eclipse. I'd stay clear from Sony, Kenwood, Polk, Bose, or Rockford Fosgate. For my own system I have 4 Boston Acoustics Pro Series 6.5 speakers, two 15inch aluminum Eclipse subs, 2 Scosche stiffening caps, two 1000-watt xtant amps, the EQ I mentioned above, and an Alpine LCD headunit. So personally, I can highly attest to Boston Acoustics and Eclipse. Hope this helps somewhat.
  6. ---------------- On 10/3/2003 10:03:02 PM cdsang wrote: They should have on the box "Warning, may make music more addictive." The reason I ask is, music sounds so good that even if i have to go work soon i say, "ok 5 more mins." I almost became late a few times. Luckly I haven't been playing music before I go to work lately. Just a thought. Also, haven't you noticed that with your speakers changing songs is harder. Its like, hey, nice beat. Or when you have a song you use to like or never did, put it on your new system play it, stop, and find yourself going back to play the song again. Just something that has been on my mind with them a few times. Just thought I would share it. ---------------- So true, so true.
  7. You really DO want that GT3 don't you? You've mentioned it quite a bit! What are the specs for it? I was only aware of the GT1 and GT2, where the GT2 is near 1 million, altho the GT1 seemed to have faster 0-60 and quarter mile times as reported from Car and Driver. Personally, my next car will be (and I'm dreaming here, like you) a ZO6 Corvette...but the ultimate goal is a Lamborghini Murcielago.
  8. ---------------- On 10/3/2003 1:54:49 PM PKuziel wrote: Sorry Folks! Was just goofin about the vasoline and tissue ---------------- We know. But still...too much info.
  9. I think I might blow this up to fit my entire wall. Talk about a conversation piece.
  10. Awesome! Now you've joined the family within the family/cult.
  11. ---------------- On 10/1/2003 9:05:09 AM elgrillo wrote: Home Theatre magazine a while back reviewed the RF7 line and gave it a so so review. That is the only review as far as the reference line goes. ---------------- I remember reading this on their website. The RF-7 they reviewed was a much older model than the RF-7 now.
  12. I think the RF-35's are awesome and your screen name is funny. It would have been great if this post was at 4:20 on the dot.
  13. Holy God I never realized how huge Khorns were until this pic. Sunnysal, does that room in your opinion let the khorns "breath?" I've never heard the speakers, but I hear their magic really comes through when given alot of room. By the way, compliments towards your very creative setting up of your components. Kinda like a pyramid, or temple of power.
  14. Damn Rudy, that setup is looking PHAT! Love those chairs too! Tell me, what are your thoughts on the T3? I was thinking of one, but I was very skeptical as to how much better an $800 tuner can be than a $100 one. By the way, now you must join http://www.htguide.com/CFBoards/index.cfm?fuseaction=Threads.listings&forum=40&CFB=1 which is the Parasound Halo Club. They're not quite as fanatical as the Klipschers here though, being that we here are known as "The Cult" on other forums.
  15. If you got your eyes on the 3803 for $1000, Goodguys also has the new Sony 3000ES receiver on sale for that...it's rated at 150 watts x 7. I would also check out Pioneer Elite, especially since their new line has come out (although the 45TX and 47TX are still awesome if you can find them). I've always wondered why Goodguys never carried Pioneer Elite...
  16. ---------------- On 9/24/2003 1:56:37 AM 007 wrote: I mean they had this one processor that was 6 grand! and had a mini LDC of the movie on it! ---------------- You are no doubt referring to the Parasound Halo C1. Yup, it's a fine processor. But like other's have said, with Klipsch's, while you want a good receiver (or separates) to go along with it, no need to spend thousands. They will sound awesome pretty much no matter what. And the speakers are so efficient, having a monstrous powered amp isn't really necessary, unless you want to power a large room, or are just crazy like a little green Santa elf lurking around on this forum...
  17. How do I post a pic? Not a link to a pic, but the actual pic on this page? I wanna stick my offroading beast on here.
  18. Just gotta say . . . "bigsexy" . . . gotta love that name.
  19. ---------------- On 9/22/2003 10:51:54 PM oogins wrote: Not in the same league as Simaudio or even Bryston, but still very nice. ---------------- I respectfully disagree with you there, oogins. Though I've never heard Simaudio products, I think the Halo units have a vast edge over Bryston. But anyhow, that's just a matter of taste. As for matching the A51 with Klipsch's, I have personally found them to match very well. Many consider the Halo amps to sound a touch warm, which mate very well with the "bright" Klipsch's. I find them to sound very clean, transparant, and neutral, without hint of any coloration. I would definately go for the A51, although if $4000 hits you too hard, the A52 I'm sure would be a fine acquisition as well. If you're looking at $2000 5-channel amps besides the A52, you could also look at Parasound's classic line HCA 2205A, Outlaw, Sherbourne, and Rotel products. I think B&K might fall into that range also.
  20. Best of luck James. Whatever your decision, don't look back.
  21. ---------------- On 9/15/2003 1:48:36 PM Orange Peel wrote: I don't think it's that bad, I am one of those persons that can get into any movie, and I generally like everything I see. ---------------- You're lucky, I have many friends like that too. That's good, because you are able to enjoy yourself and escape into entertainment and not seem like such a grump and whiner like us.
  22. ---------------- On 9/15/2003 10:40:09 AM formica wrote: Amazing on how much lighting they use for daytime outdoor scenes. ---------------- Yup, it's because film is all about exposure and contrast ratios. You could have a million 9K lights pouring down on someone and still have the scene look as black as outerspace if you adjusted the T-stops (aperture) and exposed the film stock correctly.
  23. The scene I use to give people demo's when they request this particular DVD is chapter 41, when the "suicide bomber" does his thang. The surround CHANT while he runs up with the torch in slow mo is awesome, not to mention the insanely heavy bass when the wall explodes and the boulder debris come raining down.
  24. I know this thread isn't about movie analysis and structure, but Daredevil was good for cheap, mindless entertainment, and a disaster in every form of movie making. It's an insult to audiences to think they should pay $8 of hard earned money to watch that pure, unadultered CRAP. But then it's good for system demos I hear...
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