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  1. Wow, I have not been around for a few years but came back to seek information re the dead tweeter in one of my CW's - - - and surprised to see so many of the names I still recognize. Been playing with woodworking for a few years and a remodel ( that may never end) so kind of lost touch. Best regards, Patrick
  2. Chad, for the last several weeks when I log in I get a "No New Content" message on the main page, even though I can tell that there is activity in the individual forums. Did something change or am I missing some setting or pull down menu??????????????????????????
  3. I added two photos to the original post, and one below. The second picture was taken first. It shows the threaded stud on the inside of the speaker cab. The first picture shows the break in the connector and the base of the threaded stud. The third picture - if I can resize it to upload it, shows where the break occurred. Attached below. Note that both the red plastic and black plastic (Rt and Lt) or (neg and positive) are broken off, just leaving the head of the threaded stud. Sorry I didn't load the pictures earlier.
  4. I tried finding threads about replacement binding posts for KG4's but came up empty. I also went to the Klipsch.com sites looking for parts but came up empty, so I will ask you all for help. My daughter was moving and the binding post on her KG4 broke when someone (not me) apparently tried to unscrew it and kept going until the stud broke. I went to PartsExpress to look at binding posts but they mostly see to be too long - the part INSIDE the cabinet. The binding post goes thru the black plastic cup on the rear of the speaker and protrudes thru it a LITTLE, but the space is limited because the XO board is mounted to the back of the black plastic cup. Can someone point me in the right direction or give me a part number, please? I am not adverse to upgrading a bit while it is opened up. Thank you, Patrick
  5. Craig, good question, as I assume that would tell us if it is in the pre amp/phono section. I only have the TT hooked up in this system but will move a CD player and hook up, but can't do until tomorrow. Thank you, Patrick
  6. Hey guys (and gals), embarrassed to ask BUT where do I start? Listening to vinyl on a VPI Scout with Sumiko bluebird (blackbird?). McIntosh 240 and Juiicy Music BBX. Suddenly the vocals (both Neil Diamond and Joan Baez) sounded muddled. Know Diamonds and Rust album well and put it on after Neil Diamond sounded weird. Confirmed it wasn't the album, but the system. How do I decide if it comes from the amp or the pre amp??? I note one of the tubes on the 240 doesn't "glow", but where do I start ? Thanks in advance for any guidance, Patrick
  7. Hey Jordan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy. Also, like Gilbert, would be curious hearing your thoughts on how the pre is fitting into your system, impressions, etc. Best regards, Patrick
  8. st. patrick


    Sancho , I thought it was I who was supposed to be tilting at the windmills . . . . .
  9. Oh, c'mon Dean, don't let the bastards get you down (or into your head). There are always going to be naysayers and the socially inept; it comes with the territory. Likely envy, petty jealousy, etc. Dude, ya got a LOT of fans out here, many of whom are polite and therefore silent. You have contributed alot to this forum and you are one of the posters i always look forward to reading, even though most of the technical stuff goes over my head. Shake it off. The sun came up today, and it will tomorrow too, and the next day . . . . . . .
  10. well, interesting . . . .kinda . . . BUT Budman's Ramblin' Rosies still WIN the beauty contest . . . followed closely by Dr. Gary's Zebra CW's (yes, i know he isn't really a dr.) and then, of course, there are Jorjen's Jubes . . . . . . . .Alas, so many speakers and so few funds available .. . . .
  11. Dude, I am dying here; you are killing me. If it sounds anywhere near as sweet as it looks, you may be in heaven. Still, you're killing me . . . . Best to the family, Patrick
  12. ah Stew, I was hoping this was another joke thread for Fini . . . . . you got me all excited . . . .and then no chuckles . . . . . .
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