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    Belles SOLD

    If they were anywhere in Texas I'd take 'em. Someone will want those soon.
  2. It really is amazing. I tried this when I lived alone in a small apartment. I had just built my Bottlehead Paramours. I had a pair of 80's Kenwood 3 ways. I sat down to listen to the 'Round Midnight soundtrack with my cat in my lap. The sound filled the room. I was really impressed. But what really surprised me was when the first tune with a vocal came on the cat sat up and looked to see where that other person was in the room. He thought someone else was in the room with us. But, as you say, it's not always practical to use this set up. I don't have the space in my office or the bedroom. In the living room my wife and son would not want to be walking around the speakers and stepping over wires.
  3. I've built a couple of Bottlehead kits (Foreplay and Paramours) that worked the first time I plugged them in. Still using the Paramours with no problems so I guess I did something right. I would definitely consider building crossover kits. I like saving money and doing the work myself.
  4. I haven't had any of the carts you mention so I can't compare the sound but I had one before I moved up to a DL-103R (and head amp). I liked the DL-160 a lot and it worked well with the moving magnet phone stage I was using then. It has been discontinued though so you will likely have to look on the used market.
  5. I've noticed this too. The mono pressings of Time Out are MUCH better than the "stereo" versions.
  6. I just had a thought this morning (I know, dangerous). My birthday is coming up next month and I know my wife is going to ask me what I want. I always have a hard time with that question. But I could ask her to have the 800c that's sitting in the closet restored. I realize of course that it might take longer than a month for the work to be done. I can be patient. What are my options? I haven't looked into this recently so I don't know who's still doing this kind of work.
  7. Would a diy Belle need to have the sides of the doghouse thicker also? The panels are smaller. Would they resonate less? I just got a new table saw so Oak Belles are on my list of things to do for 2009! Martin in Austin
  8. Great post! Every once in a while when I hear the Guess Who's "No Time" I can actually smell the smell of my mother's basement as it smelled in the summer of 1970. Anyone else have music trigger an olafactory response?
  9. Here are a couple of pages from JBL Pro catalogs. http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/jbl/catalogs/1974-pro/page20.jpg http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/jbl/catalogs/1976-pro/page21.jpg These are listed as 6010B models. I couldn't find anything on a 6010 or 6010A. The 1974 catalog picture looks just like a pair I saw on Craigslist recently. They were listed as 6010s. I passed on them because of the limited frequency response. Hope this helps.
  10. You can also get the whole run on CD on eBay from Joe Roberts. http://cgi.ebay.com/SOUND-PRACTICES-MAGAZINE-ARCHIVE-CD_W0QQitemZ330256692725QQihZ014QQcategoryZ3284QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. I know of three: Sinatra Basie, It Might As Well Be Swing, and Sinatra at the Sands. I have the first two and I've heard people say Sinatra at the Sands is very good.
  12. Do those use the same crossover values as the other horn?
  13. Bob, Did you ever find a suitable replacement for the Pyle Pro Cornscala horn? Martin in Austin.
  14. Did a little more listening last night but ran into technical difficulties with my TT. On CDs the Heresys sound great. I'm really enjoying that. But I'd been listening to the SACD of Time Out and for giggles I threw on an old thrift store vinyl copy (stereo). All of a sudden the instruments switched sides! I checked the cables but everything was hooked up right. Then I got out my reading glasses and a big maglite to look at the cartridge. The leads were hooked up exactly backwards. I just got this table (used) a month or so ago. I've been a bit disappointed with the sound. Although I checked all the settings I never looked at the cartridge clips. Then while carefully re-arranging the leads I pulled the lead off the left ground clip. DOH!! So it's 10:30 already but I don't want to leave it that way. Out comes the solder station and all the related gear. I got it all soldered back together (man those wires are tiny!). Although I should have gone to bed I had to listen to it, right? Put the Brubeck back on. Now that sounds much better! If things aren't too crazy tonight I hope to spin some more vinyl but like I say, it's sounding very good playing cds.
  15. I installed the CT125 tweeters and finished the crossover mods last night. I used GE motor runs like BEC supplies for rebuilds. I used a 4uF on the tweeter and the stock 2uF on the midrange. I also put a 500uH coil on the midrange to roll it off around 4500. It was pretty late so I didn't get to listen much but I did play a few tunes. I didn't notice the change in high frequency so much as the difference in midrange. Background vocals seem much clearer now. That's what really stood out late last night. I also have to say that my original intention was to leave the Type E networks alone and build new replacements. I collected all the parts for that while planning my Cornscala project. I really had trouble getting my brain around wiring the terminal strip. In the end I set the new parts aside and modified the 1980 Type Es.
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