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  1. /_I you could put a triangle of material in each corner, that would make it considerably more resistant to shear loads
  2. not mine... but it dd happen. I understand the smaller Expedit units(4x4) are wonderful... the larger units... not so much unless externally braced.
  3. I've changed my mind, I just can not get used to the site... the only thing I like better than the old is the ability to sort by value, listing date etc
  4. EMCNHJF72 $299 shipped today and tomorrow.
  5. Promo code is needed to get the price down the extra $200, offer expires 2-15. WHAT PROMO CODE!
  6. Or how about Birch Modulars that match your lascalas http://www.i-cubes.co.uk/12-inch-lp-vinyl-storage-shop.html
  7. here is a nice unit http://www.gothiccabinetcraft.com/products/LP-Record-Rack%2C-3-Shelf%2C-NO-base-%28top-unit%29.html
  8. Madonna is simply, the best there ever was... say what you want about elvis, michael Jackson or the beatles. Madonna is the king, and she doesn't really show any signs of slowing down. Sure she doesn't movie like she used to, but when it comes to quality, shes the best there ever was. I'm sorry you guys, but the truth is still the truth no matter how painful it is. the super bowl had no right being graced with that quality of Madonnas show, but we all understand why she did it.
  9. stiff... I'd say indestructible. very nice work!
  10. worth it... Emotivas are cheap. ask your self, is a Bryston worth it.
  11. can I ask what the purpose of this twin holed baffle is?
  12. Change is usually good... when ever things like this happen and I feel a bit confused by it all, I try and gather my thoughts and see if in fact there might be just a different way of approaching the issue that in the end would reveal better results. I dont like the new layout, but that doesn't mean that it isn't better.
  13. very impressive... and very jealous. I need mine done at some point also[]
  14. I just wanted to say, I was at the local cinema(Regal Red Rock, Las Vegas) to watch a movie when the trailer for the new GI JOE movie came on. This particular Regal Cinema has the full klipsch set up. MY GOD, the LFE sounds and vibrations and the crisp highs that were coming thru my seat and thru the stadium were life changing. NEVER, and I mean NEVER have I been so moved by a set of sounds as I was that day. I am not much of a GI JOE fan, but the mix was just superb on that preview. To put it in perspective for me, a week later I was at another theater that was equipped with JBL... lol, it was a joke in comparison... same trailer.
  15. since you were building from scratch, wouldn't you want to extend the depth of the cabinets?
  16. ^this... there is also a Mr.Clean magic eraser technique that you can do once a month or so. GENTLY drop the stylus onto a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and lift straight off... do this three or four times.
  17. toss on some real cane grills and I will find a way to afford on... if you're going retro, go all the way. I have to say, the stadium looks wonderful also
  18. the last 25 purchases have been Vinyl. I'm buying nothing else going forward unless I can not get it on LP
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