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  1. that's what I am looking for. under 500 would be stellar. I know an sl1200 can be had in great condition for about 350'ish, but I am willing to spend a little more if I can get something that is a real keeper. there is a sl1200 mk2 for 350 and a sl1200 mk5 for 500 locally on CL I have also been tracking some Micro Seiki's that need servicing for fairly reasonable prices
  2. are these turntables any good... or are they just junk? I have played with the ideo of a simple sl1200, but If I can get into something better for about 750'ish, that would be cool. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170652424588&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180665476203&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  3. great discussion so far... I am here to learn for sure. having done the A-AB-B tests, I can say that I can hear, VERY slightly, more clarity with A only with distinct separation between the right and left sides, with AB the sound is more like a full wall of sound, with a nice forward soundstage. I also think that one set up works well for different types of music, jazz and acoustic music sounds great in two channel and large sound music is great with all four firing. so then, it must be worthless for me to add another set of cornwalls??? i wanted to replace the heresys with a second set of cw's
  4. Placement is as such... those CW's are about 20'ish feet apart. What I did have to do was to increase the levels from the CW's channel in order to balance out the Heresys slightly more "shril" sound(specially since you are sitting directly in front of the heresys) and then back down the main volume level on all during playback. the way this integrated receiver works is the B channel is running of the "Front High"terminals. i'd also think getting the heresys up off the floor about 6-10" would be nice.
  5. I think there maybe a lot of truth to this. my room is about 20x25 and clairity does sound very very slightly better with only the CW's running, but the set up seems more full with all four speakers firing. but sound stage is way out front and very demensional. I guess four CW's wired the same way might be to much??? :-)
  6. thanks... I guess no one is telling why I can not do it. but i am getting hammered on another forum fro pointing out this set up(which is my current set up) concerning the watt issue(I am a newbie so please :-), I thought if you wired the speakers on one circuit(two left and two right on the A channel) that would half the output and ohms... but mine are set up on their own independent circuits and output and the same level with either channel switched off, seem equal or similar. I have not noticed any disadvantage as yet sonically except for a extremely small loss in clarity when running all four as opposed to running just the cornwalls. it seems taboo for some folks so I was wondering if I am being an idiot here :-)
  7. can someone please explain to me the technical reasons why this set up should NOT work? Integrated receiver, with four similar timbre speakers set up in this fashion... A circuit with Cornwalls, and B circuit with Heresys. Now I realize that switching the A and B circuits on and off one could enjoy both speakers independently from each other... HOWEVER, why is it a bad idea to switch both A and B circuits on simultaneously to listen to 2 channel audio with all four speakers as fronts? what are the technical reasons? I have tried this, and I do not see a timing issue, a timbre issue, echo issue... as yet. Am I missing something? would there be a better option for running multiple speaker sets as fronts simultaneously? thanks
  8. I just listened to zep III at lunch today while eating lunch. I didnt notice any crackling, but I guess it could be there.
  9. lol... yes sir. they seem to like the music. Not to worry, I have catch basins under them and I dont water on top of the speakers
  10. I have heritage linked to a modern Pioneer. to be honest, I couldn't be happier. I am SURE there are much better set ups, but for my room, 25x20 it's has a wonderful image and outstanding levels. Specially at the price point, I am not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination, so being "all in" at about $1600 via discreet shopping and Criagslist finds this is my most rewarding set up to date. I found that Crites interview eye opening when he said that Paul Klipsch used SS amps.
  11. I tried that with my amp... pioneer, and it didnt work well. what does work well for me is the A/B two zone set up in stereo mode. with CW's on the main A and heresys on zone B level seems perfect as well as balance, I am very happy
  12. when I first received my CW's I felt the same as you OP... but then with a little experimentation on the amp settings things changed drastically... and I am still using the OEM crossover. one other thing I notice, on my CW', is that at lower volume levels, bass is under pronounced, at higher volume levels, they scream bass response.
  13. excited yes... but that have less range than image ones accoring to Klipsch.
  14. rapid prototyping... bfd []
  15. agreed... 90% music is a sub choice for sure.
  16. probably should ask bob. I have a set of CW1 tweets that I can send you, one works and one is not though I doubt it is an expensive fix.
  17. here is your best friend... dont wait, that is a smoking deal on what is essetnially a new unit. my SC is so quite it's amazing. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/150875.aspx
  18. not that I have seen on the 77's... for the other k series yes
  19. Shot this short video now that the system seems to be working better... things still need to eb put into position, but sound is finnaly close. I need some fine tweaking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twfSVk2aOXE After getting the sound dialed in much better, I really am not sure I want a subwoofer. the system rocks the house, the only way I need a sub is for ultra low frequencies.
  20. that is a very interesting question... out side of my relm of knowledge, but someone here will answer up or sure.
  21. not sure how to adjust aCW for individual notes... but perhaps there is for a range. FYI, I just installed a set of Crites 125 tweets, man... what an immediate difference.Makes me think there may be more holes in that speaker that could be addressed
  22. I "get" the tube action here, they are superb amplifiers. but I dont get the exclusion of SS as it were the plague.Reading Bob Crites interview about SS and klipsch horn loaded was reassuring.
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