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  1. try eq adjusting your set up... it does wonders
  2. **Okay I can see where this thread is going... I just looked, I have: 4 Copies of Dalis Car with Peter Murphy and Mick Karn 3 Copies of League of Gentleman with Robert Fripp and Sara Lee 3 copies of Overnight Sensation with Frank Zappa 2 Copies of Apostrophe with FZ
  3. you know that shotgun you have in the closet... that's what it's for
  4. Why not? I don't have money to burn. I'd rather take my wife out to a nice dinner than have an 80 pound amplifier staring back at me if it adds nothing except a bunch of headroom I'll never use. As far as I'm concerned, if all else is equal (and there is no guarantee of this, especially when discussing solid state vs tubes), there won't be a difference between a 300 watt amplifier and a 30 watt amplifier when you're never asking more than a fraction of a watt even for peak levels. so we all have to live life according to your personal strategies otherwise a fool? come on now. Ah hell, I better stop using 92 octane petrol also. personally, I never understood this "lowest common denominator" philosophy... OP, take into account any upgrades you may be choosing to do in the future!
  5. exactly the boat I am in right now... I want either a bryston(used) or emotiva(new) or I am going with Ice Amp... period. right now, I am leaning towards ICE
  6. the question isn't why buy a big amp... it's why NOT buy a big amp! if you can give me a single legitimate reason, you win... and guess what, the old "it's a waste of power and money" are NOT good reasons.
  7. I hit the reserve button for emotiva holiday pricing on the X2 several weeks ago... no luck yet in as far them letting me know one is available. I almost bought a pair of the mono x1's but I kind of glad I didn't, my set up is powerful enough just using the USP pre amp in analog. when that X2 shipment comes in I will be getting one if I still get that pricing.
  8. you're going to need a set up... they do not come set up even from the factory, and even if they were set up prior to shipping, you need to check it. very basic things you need to do is set up the cart and it's alignment in the head and then check for tonearm balance(there are youtube videos fro tone arm balance),then you need to set your anti-skating(this is probably your major issue) those are the absolute basics prior to even trying to playing a record. VTA isn't your issue, that's a stock cartridge and stock tone arm. the rega anti-skating mechanism is a little weird(but it works)... it's the little bar under the main tonearm, it slides out. do all your initial measurements with everything set at zero specially the cart preload.
  9. .06 is NOT half of .09... that's pretty funny math there. let me ask you something... do you think you can discern .03% out of 100%?
  10. you got a lot of questions... GOOD! It's a personal choice, but I would have slightly less concern about buying used klipsch... they are very well made. personally, I ONLY buy used. since you are starting to get into that 600-700 range as far as integrated receivers go, take a look at the SC series Pioneer elites... I have seen SC35's go for about 600 and change and with the ICE amp's they are about as black as black can be... black equals zero background noise. also, talking about amps. output per channel is really one one component... and for klipsch, maybe not even the most important component. separates means separate processor/pre amp/amp... three separate components instead of one integrated unit/component.
  11. to me it looks to be geared towards books shelf scene... at the minimum, I think you'd want a UPA1/2 to drive those scalas wouldn't you? nice class D is wyred 4sound using ICE modules but they are at a different price point.
  12. I love stories like this... have another nip for me and lite a cigar.
  13. who's present is that lone gift under the tree? Ah, you shouldn't have[]
  14. I think I am going to circle every fourth word to see if there is a message inside of his message.
  15. Fact: BARE is best :/thread
  16. okay... ban hammer time I blame Al Gore for this interweb issue
  17. it does if it happens to be one of those MUSICAL greeting cards.
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