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  1. I won't muck up this thread any further. @John Moore your speakers will be fine. Temp changes or humidity won't hurt them, just keep them dry.
  2. Who said anything about leaving them out in the rain? I'm talking about protected from the elements direct contact yet still exposed to heat, cold, humidity, etc. Read the OPs original post and concern. He's not planning on leaving them out in the winter so why bring up the frozen rain scenario?
  3. And too late to plan for one in 2021 I would imagine.
  4. Dammit. That's horrible. Sorry for your loss. What a terrible way to go.
  5. Ill take if I can figure out logistics but James was first.
  6. Looks like a place I'd enjoy.
  7. We have a wedding to go to today. Will probably Lychee martinis before the event.
  8. Obviously. Same goes for using a Fram oil filter. It is no longer a Chevrolet. I wonder how you register it at that point? Altered vehicle?
  9. So a Klipsch speaker not designed by PWK? Is it still a Klipsch speaker? I suppose that if it was designed and built by Klipsch Corp employees it still is. Just like Chinese Klipsch ear buds are but PWK didn't design those or their concepts did he? I guess its a logo thing.
  10. As long as I didn't have to take the face that went with the hair.
  11. Its effective against symptom reduction not contraction correct?
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