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  1. The concept is still foreign to me.
  2. My vote would be Evan Williams bottled in bond. Cheaper and better.
  3. Those amps are about at the end of they're life cycle. That's really good service for a Klipsch sub amp.
  4. Never trust specs that omit + - 3dB on the frequency response.
  5. Tell him to look for Woodford Reserve Double Oak next time he's looking for a bottle for you.
  6. Would love to see a comparison of a minidsp HD and other actives. I think people look down their noses at it due to its low price and want to justify their spending more. It has a great interface as well.
  7. The ACA is a fun kit to put together.
  8. CECAA850

    Most overrated?

    Dont follow college ball but I would think that finding an over rated team would be easy. Just look for a highly rated team that got blown out in a bowl game.
  9. No real goals per se. Something may hit me during the year and I may try it but no real wants or needs that I can think of. I just fired up my first class D amp yesterday though. Its quickly becoming my favorite amp I've ever had.
  10. Yea. Michigan is sucking. Lol.
  11. For some reason this part of the country gets some good bottles. The W12 wasn't on the shelf but the owner asked me if I wanted one. Right before Christmas I got a VanWinkle 12 year. Can't complain.
  12. Not any more. Its gotten very pricey as of late.
  13. Went and got a covid test this morning as I've been a little under the weather and had strep throat recently. We're having company tonight and wanted to be sure all was good. Tested negative so the party is on. On the way home I picked up a Bookers and a Weller 12 so the morning wasn't a total waste.
  14. I wouldn't count on any air line at this point. They're canceling flights at a record pace.
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