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  1. Party on Garth! HBD!!!!
  2. CECAA850


    Oh, it happened all right
  3. Had hell getting on Finally found a PC here at work that would eventually connect. @Chad ??
  4. CECAA850


    You can definitely make a good living without going to college.
  5. My uncle died from prostate cancer this year. He had been fighting it for 15 years. We made a trip to Tampa earlier this year to see him. Glad we did.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous house as are all your efforts. I'm positive I couldn't afford it, lol. Also too far away from my grandkids and Portland hasn't gotten a lot of good pub as of late. Again, the house and view are spectacular. I'm sure it won't be on the market long.
  7. You have a Gladiator? Edit, you said hatch not tailgate. Didnt know they would actually fit inside a Jeep.
  8. Such a tragedy. So sorry to hear that.
  9. No one else in the house will eat crunchy.
  10. Impressive. Edit. Its hard to reply to that without bringing religion into the discussion.
  11. Seems like some like to throw cryptic messages out there then never reply with clarification. Weak sauce and passive aggressive in my opinion.
  12. Tablespoon works for me.
  13. I totally understand where you're coming from Neil. I just have a hard time busting someone's chops for something I've done myself. As stated above I'm about as far from perfect as you can get. Doesn’t change the fact that what he did was wrong but I have trouble piling on. I also have an issue with the NFLs double standard but that's another thread all together.
  14. Let's do this. Show Grudens 10 year old private e mails then publish all the lyrics of all the half time performers that will be performing at this year's Superbowl and vote on what is worse.
  15. Directed at me? Explain.
  16. I've had sealed, ported and horn loaded. I prefer my IB😁
  17. You're going from two 12" porteds to two 15" horns with massively larger cabinets. Not a fair comparison.
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