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  1. The goal is to waste er, spend all your money. Seriously if you are happy that is all that matters. Lots of rabbit holes out there. For some even an AVR won't do. They "need" separate pre/processor and dedicated amps for each channel. A lot might depend on your room; is it a dedicated theater or multi-use? AVRs typically don't have near the power they state. If you don't find anything lacking for movie-ish playback you are probably good. If you want more, more more you just have to find the point of diminishing returns that fits your desires and budget. Putting together a dedicated room with projector, 90+ inch screen and stacks of equipment was my goal back in the late 90s into the early 2000s. If I had it to do all over again, I'd drop $3K or less on a Sonos 5.1 system and call it a day. I'm much more into music these days. I've not made it through a comic book, super hero or disaster move in the last 10 years I'd bet. I wish I could buy 2 or 3 movies a month for home viewing like I used to...they just don't make 'em like they used to </old man shaking fist>
  2. Cool, now you need the Mirrored version. IIRC it is American made so you can give us the skinny on MIM v AM. Same guitar with different finishes in real life...but different altogether in the replicas. I'm really wanting two current Telecasters from the Artist series. Both MiM. Joe Strummer '66 and J Mascis top loader '59....can't get enough of the blue sparkle.
  3. Ha, glad I'm not a FB user.... better for my bank account 😁
  4. Looking on Reverb this morning there are a couple of MiM FSR telecasters for $599 WITH a hard-shell case. MSRP for the case is about $200 alone. Part of a collection so almost no use, they look brand new. Crazy.
  5. I can't say anything with certainty because I don't have a pre CBS tele, a CBS era telecaster, one since it left CBS be it Mexican, American, Korean or Indonesian. I do however have an opinion based on all the reading I've done. That in itself is dangerous. Seems to me there are two camps. One, the Mexican telecasters are not only great value but great guitars at any price. Two, Mexican ones are okay for what they are but you should save your money for an American made one. I also get the feeling the pro Mexican camp is being a bit more objective. While the pro-American camp is more sentimental or have preformed opinions from the past.... Probably not picked up a Mexican telecaster in this century. I've been a serious Reverb addict lately. With over 150 telecasters on my watch list. By now I'm pretty good at picking out the ones that will sell in a day or less and the ones that will still be sticking around a couple of months from now. I could be happy either way. Will find out for myself on at least one front, later this week when UPS visits my driveway.
  6. @CWelsh looking good. What are the details on the telecaster? I'm on a tele kick lately. Can't get enough looking, reading "shopping in my mind"
  7. Staying close to home. Approximately 20 hours on this guy.
  8. rplace

    What I Got Today!

    Still on my :ToDo list. Every time I fire it up I say oh yea, I got to get on that.
  9. rplace

    What I Got Today!

    #8403, perhaps https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/179678-lava-lamps-what-is-the-current-latest-and-greatest/page/5/#comment-2534123
  10. The old steel is real saying is very true. It rides like a dream.
  11. Probably a long shot but I'm needing to thin my heard of bicycles. I know there are a few serious cyclists here and you are old farts that would appreciate a 7-Eleven steel frame from back in the day. If nothing else it is a beauty to gaze at and think about the old days of steel. For Sale: 56 CM Eddie Merckx Corsa Extra
  12. 64 wonderful years of marriage....not all consecutive. Ba-Dum-Tss😁 Nice of you to offer both of these up. Top Notch, one might say.
  13. I've always been a "gear guy" no matter if A/V equipment, bicycles, cars, guitars, power tools, etc. As I get older (hopefully wiser) I'm trying to put that behind me and get to an enjoyment state of being. When I think of the 100s, maybe thousands of hours spent on reading, searching, buying, storing and sorting just tubes that might make a "difference" it boggles my mind. I should have been listening to more music. Make that more GOOD music. One of my latest purchases was a Lyngdorf Tdai 1120. It is so simple and so fantastic sounding. If I were starting all over, knowing what I know now I'd stop right there and focus on finding the definitive version of every recording I care about not the hardware.
  14. Orchard Audio GaN amp(s) will probably be my next purchase if/when I feel the need to try something different than my First Watt top end hypex low end current set up
  15. Randy will be along shortly to tell you they are EASILY worth $15,000 and you better hurry. Being close to you is worth a lot. So is the remorse of "what if". In 2018 or 19 I sold almost perfect WO Khorns and a single matching Belle center in nice but not perfect condition for $3,500. They had all original parts + custom crossovers for all 3 and "upgraded" tweeters. That was a while ago and 1987 models. Prices have no doubt gone up since then. I'd say Budman is in the ball park 6,000-7,500 and another +/- 1,500 depending on if just a passing curiosity or I gotta have them. Again, proximality is a BIG deal in my opinion. What is your time worth if you have to make a weekend out of a multi-state trip. In my book easily 1,000. If I'm remotely close that should give a range of 4,500 - 10,000. A big swing depending on motivation. Knock that last 1,000 for being close and you are 4,500-9,000. Me, I'd be a buyer at 5-6K only because I had them for 14 years and moved on. Truth be told I don't miss them as much as I used to.
  16. I'd prefer he just go away....Golden Child that is, emphasis on child, not richieb
  17. And they will sell plenty 🙄
  18. Surely not the place once was....but what is. <Sigh> 😔
  19. Since your CC didn't let you get the Jubes 😉 I think you can go at least $50 on the LS....probably have that in change under your couch cushions.
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