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  1. Need a hint? The band is from Germany and the title has a day of the week in it.
  2. Here ya go---Workin hard to get it all for you, everyday and night. I give you all I've got to give, take it all.
  3. Is it Surrender by Cheap Trick? I'm not jumping to any conclusions this time.LOL, Sorry bout that.
  4. Stuck in the middle with you by Stealers wheel. Here's a easy one. A rollin thunder, power and rain. Your'e comin on like a hurricane. White lights are flashin across the sky, you're only young but you're gonna die. I have to head back to work so if you can't get it move along.
  5. Peace in Mississipi-Jimi Hendrix,Little T & A-Stones,Great White Buffalo-Ted Nugent,Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Black Sabbath
  6. Sorry I had to go to work. Here's more lyrics---And the perverted fear of violence, chokes a smile on every face. Uncommon sense is ringing out the bell. This ain't no technological breakdown, Oh no, this is(name of song). Here is a hint also-It is what takes you to the opposite place of heaven.
  7. Texas Flood-Stevie Ray Vaughan next- Well I'm standing by a river,but the water doesn't flow. It boils with every poison you can think of.
  8. Sounds like Space Truckin by Deep Purple. Cool thread. Here's mine-- Cancel my subscription to the resurrection. Send my credentials to the house of detention. I have to go to work now so here is a another line. Before I slip into the big sleep. I want to hear the scream of the butterfly.
  9. PBR me ASAP! I also love Molson ale bit's usually skunked around here.
  10. Used Cars,History of the World Part I,Saving Silverman,Something about Mary,Kingpin
  11. Try clicking on view and change your text size. It worked for me.
  12. The Who is one of my favorites and Quadrophenia is my favorite from them. I used to have the album but thanks to an EX-girlfriend with a gambling problem I lost all of them. The cd doesn't seem as dynamic to me. I love listening to it nice and loud. Keith Moon's drumming blows me away. Think I'll have to watch the movie again one of these days.
  13. justonemore


    You can get it at svsubwoofers.com.
  14. Chris Rea-Road to Hell Montrose-Rock Candy,Make It Last The Who-The Rock(Quadrophenia) Stevie Ray Vaughn-Tin Pan Alley,Riviera Paradise Rush-2112/Discovery,Xanadu,Cygnus X-1,La Villa Strangiato and of course Pink Floyd-The Wall.
  15. The best part of you ran down your mothers leg.
  16. You can call 1-800-KLIPSCH for parts. I think it was 47 or 48 dollars for tweeter assembly. I asked for a tweeter diaphram and they said all they showed was a tweeter assembly. You should be able to contact BEC(Bob Crites) on the forum to get that tweeter diaphram.
  17. His is clear oak and the ebay one was oak oil. I bought the black one off ebay the day before for 480. I would have rather had oak but i thought it might go for more than I wanted to spend. When I saw the oak one went for 685 I felt like I won the lottery. Good luck finding one.
  18. TigerwoodKhorns had one in clear oak. Check "Ebay black Academy on page 2. Doug
  19. Check out UBID. I got a yamaha rxv 650 for 299.00 with factory warranty. My quartets sound a lot better than with my previous two receivers, a sony that I had when I bought the quartets and a yamaha rxv670. They usually have some refurb Denons which I almost bought but the price was to good to pass up on the yamaha. Right now theres a marantz sr 8400 you might want to check out if it's not too late.
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