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  1. Well, technically you can use any speakers as a center channel. You want it to blend with the other speakers, though. Are your other speakers R-3800s?
  2. The feet are removeable. The speakers don't fit in the factory packing foam with the feet on so they were probably in a bag in the box.
  3. Well, if you liked the sound of the 5.2 speakers you'll want to probably look for another 2-way system, either ported or with a passive woofer like your 5.2s have. Do you want something brand new? Do you mind getting something used? For brand new, the Reference Series RF-52 is a 2-way system with a rear bass port for MSRP $598/pair. It has the same 96dB sensitivity rating as your 5.2s had. If you don't mind buying used speakers, I've seen the KG series of speakers show up on eBay and AudioGon pretty often. Who knows, you might even be able to find another pair of 5.2s!
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280109890371&rd=1&rd=1 [8-|]
  5. I can't comment on the Trends amp but I can comment on its cousin the Sonic Impact T-amp. Considering that it sounds incredibly better than any amp I've ever owned (which, honestly, haven't been anything high-end: 70's Harman/Kardon 730 twin powered, mid 90's Sony Dolby Pro-Logic receiver, new H/K 3480 2 channel), to me it would make sense that I would have paid at least $500 for it. If someone were to have taken all the guts out of the t-amp and put it in a full-size audio chassis complete with quality RCA inputs, nice volume knob, nice speaker wire connectors, etc, etc, I'd see there being no problem for someone to plunk down $500 for it.
  6. If so, what brand did you get? How well did it work? My wife and I are tired of the high cable TV prices in the area and have decided to drop cable TV. Most of our favorite shows are on the national broadcast channels anyway so we won't be missing much. I would like to get an HDTV antenna since my TV has a built-in HD tuner. I went to Best Buy today and they had indoor antennas but nothing for outdoors. They said they do sell the outdoor ones online. I noticed on the box of one of them at BB that it said good for picking up staions where the towers are up to 45 miles away. I live approximately 60 miles from the major broadcast channel towers, unless they have some north of the Twin Cities area (which I'm unsure about). Should I even bother with one of them if I live as far away as I do? Or would an outdoor antenna work for me?
  7. Many stereo shops will repair or 're-foam' a speaker's surrounds pretty inexpensively.
  8. One thing you might check in to is if your DVD player or receiver have some type of sound setting where it will boost the level of lower dialogue and sound. My Oppo will do that, although I have never used it since I have a 2 channel system. It does take away some of the dynamics of sound, but it does make movies such as Star Wars III that has very quiet talking scenes coupled with incredibly loud action scenes easier to watch especially when you don't want to have to have the volume cranked.
  9. Generally higher priced receivers within the same brand name will yield more powerful and capable amplifier sections, higher quality digital to analog convertors, more surround sound formats, more inputs/outputs. Also newer receivers have things like HDMI or DVI switching which makes connection to modern HDTVs easier if you have several devices that use those types of connections. How old is your AVR-685?
  10. With no signal going to the sub, leaving it on will only draw a very, very slight more amount of power compared to leaving it in auto/on. Trust all the others on here with many years of experience, especially TheEar. Leaving the sub on will not hurt it whatsoever.
  11. I don't think there's any amount of showers/baths that could make me feel clean again if I were the guy who got doused by the fountain o' poo. [:S]
  12. Easy way to post pictures is to open up a free www.photobucket.com account and then link to the pictures.
  13. Um, the KG4 hasn't been made for 15 years. How long do you expect companies to hang on to replacement parts?
  14. Having a capable sub is pretty sweet, isn't it? I've only seen the new RT series subs on display but haven't listened to them yet. As long as it sounds good to you, that's what counts!
  15. Is there a switch or knob that will turn off output to the main speakers? If you turn that to off does it still thump?
  16. Set the crossover on the subwoofer to the highest level it will go (usually in the 120 to 150Hz range) and then use your receiver to control the crossover level. If you can't set it lower than 100, you certainly don't want to set it any higher than that. Also, if you set your sub's crossover at 80Hz but your receiver to 100Hz you're going to have a somewhat dead spot between 80Hz and 100Hz. There's a lot of upper bass that occurs in those frequencies especially in music so I wouldn't recommend doing that.
  17. It would depend on how loud you listen to them. Most receivers will run out of useable watts pretty quick at high levels. Many of them will push RF-7s to high SPL levels but won't be putting out as much bass as a separate high powered amp or high-end receiver would. I would imagine that's why many RF-7 owners feel their speakers are harsh sounding. Crank the volume level and the receiver has no problem amplifying the upper frequencies but the bass/lower midrange fall behind.
  18. Just watched it last night thanks to NetFlix. Depressing but motivating movie all in one. Like has been said, it really makes you appreciate how good you have it.
  19. Its fun, isn't it? It is amazing at how much detail there is in music and movies that Klipsch speakers will reveal.
  20. Good thing the styrofoam was in there. It probably was dropped off the back of a truck a few times to have that much damage. [:@]
  21. I don't think so...that's a lot of sub for the $$. I hope someone jumps on it!
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