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  1. And, did he ever think that I don't want that much frequency dampening? Sure they're more effective, but at what cost? Having a completly dead, flat sounding room?
  2. 1 as far as my CD player and receiver, 2 until I get my h/k DVD player tomorrow from UPS (taking forever!) and 2 until I get my acoustic foam up on the walls (this week some time!)
  3. Foambymail lists their specs very well on both eBay and their website. There is different foam as far as open-cell and closed-cell. I don't think packing foam is the same thing. Plus, the advantage of places like Foambymail is that each tile is symmetrical and can be placed end to end or stacked without any variations in the pieces lining up.
  4. Even regarding visual, the same co-worker who's husband had Klipsch once told me she didn't see any difference between something in HDTV and in non-HD. [8-)] As far as the nerd part, I love cars and know a lot about them. I love audio and know a lot about it. I love watches and know a lot about them. I love computers and know a lot about them. Yes, I'm the guy in school who was considered a nerd. For me, I try and find out as much as possible about my interests. I know many, many people who love music and if they just became a little interested in audio itself they would appreciate their music that much more.
  5. Ah, seraphim and cherubim I believe? Saraphone, jerebone?!?!?
  6. Having a forum like this is great, but being able to talk to someone in person about your love for audio is another thing. From my friends to my co-workers to my wife, no one I know has the same passion or interest for audio as I do. My best friend got me hooked on audio, and now he's somewhat out of the game as he delegated the most recent home audio purchase to his wife and ended up with a Sony HTIB. Most of my co-worker's think Bose is the ultimate. One co-worker's husband used to have Klipsch, sold them to his sister and now has a Bose cube system. It took an A/B test at Ultimate Electronics to show my wife how vastly different speakers can sound. When I had my Definitive Technology sub/sat system we went to Ultimate Electronics and they had a sound room with Definitives similar to mine and also the Klipsch RF lineup from the RF-15 up to the RF-7. I put on some Eagles CD and started with the Definitives. I then switched over to the RF-25s and my wife couldn't believe the difference. I then switched to the RF-7s and her only response was "Holy crap!" I don't know why people need such a in-your-face demonstration. At the time I was focused on the RF-25s since they were within my budget. 6 months later I found a deal on a pair of RF-7s that were less than 1 year old for $1000. Jumped on the chance. If I hadn't done the A/B test with my wife I can guarantee I would not have my RF-7s, let alone the previous RF-25s.
  7. Looks great Rudy! I'll take some pics of my setup when I get it installed.
  8. I never realized how big Cornwalls are! They look 3 times wider than my RF-7s! []
  9. Finally got around to ordering some acoustic foam! I bought it on eBay from foambymail. Their eBay prices are actually cheaper than their website prices! I bought 48 12x12x2" tiles and instead of the foam adhesive I opted for 2 extra tiles for free. The deal came with 8 free 3x3x24" corner bass absorbers which will help my basement room quite a bit. I already have a game plan as to how and where to put up the tiles. I'll probably have a good amount of them left over. I'll have my wife help me with the mirror trick to tame the first reflections. For temporary placement I'm going to use double sided tape first and then when its set up the way I like I'll probably look into a more permanent mounting.
  10. If you are using an S-video for your PlayStation I would seriously suggest getting the component video cable instead. With the TV you have you will see a HUGE difference in picture quality!!
  11. I've never heard the THX system, but my immediate answer would be that it would not be an upgrade. At best it would be a side-to-side move, but even then I would doubt it. The Reference system you refer to would be pretty sweet, though!
  12. Both systems are very nice, however the Reference system gives you much more flexibility as far as a wider selection of bookshelf, center channel and floorstanding speakers. The drivers and crossovers and general materials of the Reference series are better than the Synergy series. If you look at the specs, generally the Reference series will have higher sensitivity ratings and have just slightly deeper bass output. I have listened to the Synergy series and they are very nice speakers. Nothing in the Synergy series can come close to the performance of the RF-7 or RF-83 in the Reference series, however. The Synergy Sub-12 subwoofer is being touted as a surprisingly awesome sub for usually under $500. So, if you're looking at the lower end Reference series, you shouldn't rule out the Synergy series. If you're looking to get a killer system, then Reference is definitely your way to go.
  13. How is it poison to your body when its something that naturally is in your body to begin with??
  14. Man, great price for a piece of gear that used to be over $1k!!! You'll really enjoy the smoothness and power of the h/k. I've left my treble completely flat since I got it and have no reason to lower it like I had to with my old Sony receiver. Nice choice! Oh, and no problem with helping out, happy to help!
  15. I can't wait to watch it on my new H/K DVD player which should be here this week. I'm embarassed to watch it on my $30 Magnavox player.
  16. "In weightlifting, since one would be able to perform at a high intensity rate for a longer period of time, this would translate into an increase in reps. Therefore, theoretically, because you can do more reps during a workout, your workout will be more productive and a higher degree of protein synthesis (the building of muscle) will be stimulated. Also, creatine pulls extra water into the muscles and because of this it is theorized that this extra water can stimulate further protein synthesis. Mostly, however, the exact mechanisms and beneficial effects behind creatine supplementation are not fully understood. During sprinting, one would be able to hold their highest intensity rate for a longer period of time." Helps burn fat faster and gain muscle quicker. I think its a pretty good reason. []
  17. Just saw that too. I can't believe he lived as long as he did. [W]
  18. Saw it today with my wife. She said she only laughed a few times. I heard her laugh a lot more than she thinks she did. I loved it. Gotta love the SNL cameos, too...David Koechner and Molly Shannon seem to be in a lot of SNL alumni movies. The outtakes during the credits had the whole audience laughing.
  19. Fortunately this is a fruit flavored brand that actually tastes good. You're right about the stirring, it doesn't mix too well.
  20. This Tuesday will mark the start of the 9th week that I've been on the South Beach diet along with an exercise program. I'm 5'10" and at the start of the diet I weighed 206.5 pounds with very little muscle. As of last Tuesday I weighed in at 187! A few days before I started the diet I started an exercise program consisting of free weights, situps, leg exercises and cardio. I can tell a huge difference in muscle definition in my arms and legs and stomach. I'd guess that I've lost between 2-3" in my waist since the suits I wear to work are huge on me now and I'll have to get them tailored. My goal is to get to 180 by the end of the year and I don't foresee any problems doing that. On a more controversial note, I just bought a 5 pound jar of creatine muscle building supplement. I did a lot of research on it and there were a lot of positive comments and only very minor negative comments. It will be interesting to see how much it will affect my weight loss and muscle gain. I think a 5 pound jar usually lasts about 2 months, so it will be a good amount of time to measure the results.
  21. When we bought our house my wife and I agreed that the basement was mine to do whatever I want with and the rest of the house was hers to decorate, arrange, furnish, etc. Fortunately for me she didn't want a big stereo or even a TV in our upstairs living room, so the basement is where its at! I started out with Definitive Technology satellite speakers that were about a foot tall and weighed about 15 pounds apiece. Then got rid of them to buy RF-25s. Then got rid of them and my sub to buy my RF-7s. So, in reality, my 5 speakers + 1 subwoofer took up a lot more space than my RF-7s do. I don't complain about the 100+ candles in the house, the many picture frames, the antique furniture, the 7 pillows on the bed, and she doesn't complain about what I do in the basement. I have also replaced every component in my system since we bought our house: TV, CD player, DVD player, receiver, speakers. I think that everything I have now will be here for a very long time. Unless I find someone locally with Klipschorns that is willing to sell them for $1000. []
  22. I'm planning on changing around my speaker & TV setup in my basement and have a question on my room vs. my RF-7s. On the attached pic, you can see that my right RF-7 will be about 6 inches from the angled wall behind it, but the left RF-7 will be a few feet from the flat wall behind it. How will this affect the bass coming from the rear ports? Would it be possible to build some sort of false wall behind the left RF-7 that was angled slightly to mirror the wall behind the right RF-7? If so, how tall should it be and how long? Other than how I currently have everything set up (which is along the long wall) this is the only way I can configure my system. I want to change things because right now I sit way too close to the TV and the speakers. Plus my current setup only allows for two people to sit and watch TV or listen to music. The limitations I have are in the bottom of the pic you can see there is a door to my office and a bar on the lower-right, so I can't set my system up on that side of the room. I will also be placing some acoustic foam on the side walls ceiling and rear walls if/when I set everything up like this.
  23. Thanks for your post, colter. My basement is probably one of the most unsymmetrical, weirdest basements you'd see. Very low ceiling, parts of the ceiling jutting out around ductwork, odd part of the wall sticking out a few feet in the room to fit around the fuse box behind it. The more I think about it the more I'm tempted to move my system to our main floor living room. But, my plan is to buy some double-sided tape as a temporary placement for the acoustic foam. Once its in place as I like it I'll probably just leave that on and see how well it holds. If not I'll get something like a spray adhesive.
  24. If you really liked the Quintet III, I would suggest getting that plus the Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer. They should total $1000 or less depending on if you buy them when Best Buy has them on sale. Then for a receiver, brands such as Denon, Yamaha and Harman/Kardon are very good with Klipsch. Just pick a receiver that you like for about $500 and you'll be set!
  25. I've been watching the factory refurbished DVD players that Harman/Kardon is selling on eBay and I'm happy to say that I was high bidder tonight on one! Model DVD 31-Z, retails for $349, I got it for $76.51. According to the auction: "The DVD 31 plays high-resolution audio in both multichannel and two-channel stereo from the latest DVD-Audio discs. It provides bass management when the analog audio outputs are used for DVD-Audio playback, including speaker size, delay time and output level adjustment." It should be interesting to compare it to my sub-$30 Magnavox DVD player that I won at a work party.
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