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  1. Thanks a ton Mike! I saw that AC adapter on partsexpress just a little bit ago and I think it should be the perfect match since its made by Sonic Impact. I'll have to order it quick so I don't burn up all my batteries at home!
  2. I laughed when our mail carrier handed me the package today. I knew what was in there, it was the size and weight of the package that made me laugh. I couldn't believe how small the box was. Then when I opened the box up and saw how small the amp itself was I had to chuckle again. I came home and my wife was gone to the gym so I had a solid hour to monkey around with setting everything up. I connected my system as follows: H/K 3480 as pre-amp, full-range pre-out connected to SVS sub (sub crossed over at 80Hz), sub out to Sonic T-amp amplifying 80Hz-20kHz. I figured it would be good to remove the lowest bass from the T-amp so that it had more power to amplify everything else. The first CD I had in was Chicago's greatest hits 1967 to 1997 or something like that. I didn't know how loud to put the volume knob so I started about 1/4 of maximum. I had to turn my receiver way up to hear anything so I turned my receiver back down and then put the amp at 1/2 way. This allowed for pretty loud music playing -20dB on my receiver. I played one track that I was very familiar with. I was awestruck. I know I've heard different people talk about how their speakers 'disappeared' with certain gear, and now I know exactly what they were talking about. I find it hard to describe things of an audible nature, but what I heard was every instrument playing much more distinctly than I had ever heard before. I could tell where each singer and musical instrument was set in front of me. My system has always had an incredible center image as if I had a center channel even though I have a 2 channel setup. Side to side imaging was pretty weak and it always seemed that anything that wasn't recorded dead center was obviously coming from either the left or the right speaker. Everything was totally different with the T-amp. If I closed my eyes I honestly couldn't be able to tell you exactly where the speakers were. I can't wait to listen to the amp with more music and see how it does for movies. I'm definitely going to buy an AC adapter for it now that I know that it will be a permanent addition to my system. By the way, does anyone have any recommendation as to how high to set the volume knob on the amp? I don't want to damage the amp or my speakers so I don't want to turn it up too high. Also, if I were to get an AC adapter for it, how many amps/milliamps should I get?
  3. I guess my best friend who bought his light oak KLF-30s in near mint condition for $500 got a good deal? []
  4. Those speakers are all from the current generation of Reference speakers so you'll do fine with either ones.
  5. I was able to get my 981 for $183 plus shipping as a factory refurb'd item. I'm not sure how often they do that, but I thought it was a super deal.
  6. On the Oppo players, all the inputs are 'live' all the time, all send a signal simultaneously. You can go into the player's setup menu and set the HDMI audio to 'off' if you want, but the coaxial output will work either way. What TV are you going to hook it up to?
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/Three-Klipsch-Monster-Speaker-Systems-MWM-TSCM-3-Way_W0QQitemZ260095419550QQcategoryZ23794QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Yowza! []
  8. Slight chance? The fact that the seller has over 15 pairs of these Belles listed for sale tells it all. []
  9. Shoot, I could have saved $10 if I had bought it from them! After seeing them on PE I remember looking at them on there a while back. I wish I would have remembered. Funny, after I bought it I thought about asking you if I could bring it along if I was able to visit sometime. []
  10. deepdiscount.com Great source for DVDs and CDs.
  11. Haven't received it yet but I thought I'd treat myself and see if it lives up to the hype. For $43 shipped it will be the least expensive item in my system. I ran across an RCA to 1/8" jack adapter in a drawer and if I like the amp I'll buy an AC adapter for it. So my system will be: HK 3480 as pre-amp into SVS sub (80Hz high pass crossover) into Sonic Impact. I think taking out the bass information under 80Hz will help the little amp from running out of steam a little better than if it was getting a full range signal. I know that it has a volume control on it, so what is the best setting for it? Wide open? Halfway?
  12. I have a feeling that if I was able to get a capable enough of an amp I would have kept the RF-7s. I felt that the midrange in the Forte II was clearer and more detailed. The Tractrix horn really makes the Fortes sing. Speaking of amps, I just went ahead and bought a Sonic Impact T-amp on eBay. I think it will be interesting to hear it with the Fortes!
  13. As a side note, the RF-7s fit comfortably in my wife's 300m. I folded the back seats down, put one in the trunk laid parallel to the long way of the car and the other one laid west-east in what is the back seat area. At first glance I didn't think they'd fit, but they fit with plenty of room to spare. (Just a little FYI in case anyone ever needs to make a road trip)
  14. I live in St. Cloud. I actually delivered the RF-7s in the Home Depot parking lot in Plymouth today! Thanks for the offer, I've always wanted to hear a pair of Khorns!
  15. After selling them on eBay and having the buyer who lives in Indiana have a friend who lives 65 miles from me meet me to pick them up, my RF-7s are gone. I know that when I first bought them I started a thread on here about a pair of speakers that I will have forever. Well, I guess forever ended up being 14 months. If I hadn't found the incredible deal on the near mint pair of oiled oak Forte IIs ($275), I know I would still have the RF-7s. The one issue I had with them was that they are finicky speakers as far as amps go. I didn't have the time nor the $$ to be able to experiment with different amps until I found the one that was 'just right.' I had powered them with a vintage Harman/Kardon HK730 twin powered receiver to a mid 90s Sony Dolby-Prologic receiver to my most recent Harman/Kardon HK3480 2 channel amp. They definitely sounded the best with the vintage HK. In fact if I ever get a shot at an old Twin Powered receiver again I might just pick one up and use my HK3480 as a pre-amp. It was nice to get them out of my basement and free up some space. I will miss their in-your-face rock-and-roll no-holds-barred performance. It was a tough decision to choose the Forte IIs over the RF-7s. In the end, the sweet midrange of the Fortes and the fact that they are smaller and much easier to move around won me over. I hope the new owner is able to enjoy them.
  16. Does anything appear loose inside the port or inside the subwoofer itself when the woofer is out? Is there a chance that your gain control or your sub level got messed up accidentally? Also, there is a separate subwoofer section to help you out better on here: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/8/ShowForum.aspx
  17. In fact they have the sub you're looking at right now discounted $50 if you click on the 'Site Map' button at www.svsubwoofers.com and then click on 'B-Stock' B-Stock Model SB12-Plus-black Product ID: b-SB12-Plus-black Number in Stock: 1 Price: $649.00 [Add to Wishlist]
  18. If you don't blast your music the SVS should keep up with the RF-7s just fine. Something that has helped a lot of people is to get a decibel meter and a calibration DVD or CD and use that to set the gain and crossover levels on the subwoofer. SVS sometimes sells refurbished items on their site for a bit less than new, and there are great deals on SVS subs to be had on eBay and audiogon as well.
  19. Having only heard the RF-83 I would say that both would do a number on your eardrums in a short period of time. Max spl on the Khorn is 121dB according to Klipsch, not sure about the RF-83 but I would think its probably about the same.
  20. If you go SVS you'll hear more deep bass than you probably have ever heard with any other subwoofer. It extends the useable frequency range of most systems a couple octaves lower. It isn't going to be as big of an impact with music (unless you listen to techno or pipe organ) but especially for movies you will be blown away. Zuzu, I think your shelf idea would work, although you might have to do a lot of tweaking with the phase knob on the subwoofer to get it to blend best with your other speakers. If you get the sub, take your time and have someone help you out with adjust the crossover and phase so that it sounds best to you. An hour's time getting everything dialed in just right is worth it!
  21. I think he means that the black Fortes are easier to find in that more people bought them because black is a more neutral color and is easier to blend with other room furnishings than oak or walnut can be. I don't have anything in my room that's even remotely close to being the same color wood as my Fortes, but do you think I care? NO WAY! []
  22. Lookin' good Roc! I love the color of the walnut Fortes! I wish my room was as wide as that! Your room looks to be about twice as wide as mine. Very cozy accutrements as well. I would spend a lot of time in that room.
  23. The SVS CS cylinder series which is unpowered might be what you're looking for. They'll extend the bass of your system flat down to 16Hz or lower depending on the model that you go with.
  24. What kind of sub are you using? I think that audible vibrations might occur if you put the sub on a shelf, but you can always try it out and see. Is there a reason why it has to be in the equipment stand instead of on the floor?
  25. I think you could probably find a nice sub cable that costs a lot less than $300. A sub's placement in the room is critical to how loud it sounds and how well it blends with the other speakers and how it interacts with the room itself. There's no way to know what setup is best unless you try experimenting with different places. Putting it in a corner will increase the output quite a bit but the tradeoff is that many times it will sound too boomy or will create large peaks and valleys in the lower bass frequency range. Do you have a entertainment center that you could place it behind or beside so that it wasn't as noticeable?
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