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  1. There aren't 2 separate amplifiers in the HK, and the fact that it lets you connect 2 pairs of main speakers isn't 'weird.' I don't want to come off as sounding like a jerk, but virtually all 2 channel and many surround sound receivers have outputs for 2 pairs of main speakers. Run both of them off either Speaker 1 or Speaker 2. The way you have things hooked up isn't how HK intended them to be. As others have said, more than likely a wire got crossed at the speaker connection or the amp connection to cause the HK to go into protect mode.
  2. You'll hit above 100dB with 10 watts. More than enough for most people's listening levels!
  3. Not sure if this is an option, but try moving your front mains farther apart, closer to the wall and then toed in just slightly. Might open up the soundstage a bit in front. Also might be a good idea to bring your front mains closer to you so they're on the same horizontal plane as the center channel. Who knows, you might like how it sounds!
  4. Don't get any fancy speaker wire, but get some somewhat decent interconnects (the wires that you connect to your CD player, DVD player, subwoofer, etc)
  5. A friend's Dad has the 321 system. Whatever you do, DON'T GET IT. It sounded terrible at his house. The Sub-10 is a pretty potent little sub. I'm assuming you're looking at Best Buy for these speakers? You might want to look into the F1, F2 or F3 floorstanders. Otherwise, within the Synergy series that Best Buy carries, the models with the 3 at the end are going to be the top model within that series. So if you want the best of the 'S' series, go with the S3. As far as the receiver, all you need is a basic receiver. You should be able to pick a decent one up for $150-200 at Best Buy. Just look for one that has a subwoofer output (almost all receivers on the market have them). You'll then have a receiver that you can hook up your Xbox, TV, DVD player, CD player, etc, and be able to enjoy the audio portion of the above mentioned items that much more!
  6. Hook the F2 speakers to the main speaker output terminals on the receiver. Positive to positive, negative to negative (red to red, black to black)
  7. Colter I thought for sure you had named your speakers Greg, Cindy, Bobby, Peter...
  8. They say 'Klipsch' on them! [H] As others have said, a simple listening test is sufficient. Put your ear by each driver to make sure they are outputting sound.
  9. I hope everything works out to be able to make it to the Pilgrimage. I'm looking forward to meeting people in person and being able to put a face with the name. Do people get name badges or something? Do I have to walk around telling everyone that I'm 'wuzzzer' from the forum? [8-|]
  10. Same here. Although one of our cats is declawed. Our cat with claws (Shadow) has left the speaker grills alone so far on the 3 sets of Klipsch towers I have. I told my wife that if he ever causes even the slightest snag in one of them its bye bye claws for him!
  11. My best friend just bought a 99% mint pair of KLF-30s for $500.
  12. I'd venture a guess that most home audio speakers can hit 105dB. Let's say they can, for arguments sake. Considering the above "fact," I'd certainly hope that my Forte IIs would sound much, much different than my old Bose 401s at 105dB. Otherwise, why am I throwing money away at new speakers every 6 months?? [] Like others have said, sound dispersion, driver size and horn size play a huge factor. You do make an interesting discussion topic to think about!
  13. How about renting the Minneapolis Convention Center? [8-|] Where exactly is the closest Heritage dealer to us? I'd love a meet, it would be cool to hear different amps and speakers.
  14. Tom, It doesn't always sound bad when 2 sets of speakers are played at the same time in stereo, then again it doesn't always sound good either. Many factors come in to play. I'm glad that your setup works for you! []
  15. I tried this a couple nights ago with my Forte IIs. I put 3 magazines of equal thickness under the front of each speaker. I haven't had a chance to listen to them without my wife here so they've been pretty quiet so far. It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference in sound.
  16. The sub output on an HK 3480 is crossed over at about 250Hz if I remember correctly. Why they choose to go this high I have no idea. It does also have pre-outs and pre-ins with a full range output.
  17. I'd choose the SVS hands down over the KSW sub. The best connection would be to use the subwoofer output on the H/K hooked up to the subwoofer, and the Heresys hooked up to the main outputs on the H/K. Heresys have been called bass shy, so rock music with a good bass beat won't sound as good as classical or jazz that uses instruments that tend to stay more in the upper bass to upper midrange area.
  18. I've discussed the 2007 Pilgrimage with my wife quite a bit recently. At first she just rolled her eyes at the thought of going. I explained that we could visit our friends that live in Fort Wayne who we haven't seen for a while either before or after visiting Klipsch. Tonight on the way home from a family dinner I mentioned to her about a GPS unit that my nephew just bought. I told her all the cool features it has and her comment was "We should get one of those before we go to Indiana this summer!" I had a smile on my face the whole way home. INDIANA, HERE WE COME!! [<)]
  19. wuzzzer


    My wife and I saw MI3 in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios theater in May. Talk about LOUD! My wife kept complaining that the sound was way too loud. I told that this is how movies are meant to be watched! We rented it a few days ago and enjoyed it on our home system as well. I hated when they blew up the Gallardo. []
  20. wuzzzer


    Well, in my defense, my wife does not let me turn the volume up as loud as I do when I listen to movies by myself. I've watched the beginning of the game Gran Turismo 4 for PS2 at very high volumes and definitely felt that there were real live race cars racing around my basement. []
  21. Most of the Reference series floorstanding speakers are designed to be either bi-wired or bi-amped. In your case, you'll need another amp to bi-amp. If you're looking to bi-wire, the benefits are typically unnoticeable.
  22. Make sure the place you get the speakers from gives you the option of returning them if they don't sound good with your CF-4s. The Reference series speakers don't always blend well with other Klipsch models.
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