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  1. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/774424.aspx Something in the $400-500 range, can be either 2 channel or multichannel, just something nicer than I have.
  2. I bought my RF-7s for $1000! [] I'm just thinking of the fact that a new(er) receiver might be a nice step up from what I have now. I like to move in small increments when it comes to upgrading. My wife is happier that way. [6] {edit} I started a new thread about getting a new receiver versus DeanG's modified crossovers.
  3. As I was sitting here reading the replies to my new receiver thread, it dawned on me that I could have Dean upgrade my crossovers for a bit less than I'd thought of paying for a new receiver. My question would be, which would give me the more bang for my buck? I'd especially like to hear from others who have Dean's modified RF-7 crossovers. [co]
  4. Nothing wrong with it at all, I'm just getting the bug for the always elusive bigger & better. []
  5. I guess considering I don't have any digital inputs/outputs on my current receiver, the new one wouldn't necessarily have to have them. I'm really open to anything that will give me a nice, rich warm sound.
  6. Over the past few years I've started to sell off my coin and currency collection to the point that I have one note left. Its a $10 bill from 1929, National Currency that's from the American National Bank of St. Cloud, Minnesota (my home town). I would guess that the note is worth approximately $300-350 currently. As shown in my signature, my current receiver is a Sony Dolby Pro-Logic that I bought about 10 years ago. Its pretty powerful and I like the built in parametric equalizer that it has. It was the top of the line non-ES receiver when I bought it. I've seen such receivers sell for $75-100 on eBay. My question is, if I were to buy a receiver that was in the $375-$450 range, what are some of the best brands & models to consider? Ideally I'd like a receiver that had at least one digital input, doesn't necessarily need to have surround sound since I won't be buying any surround speakers any time soon, built in EQ or at least bass mid and treble adjustments, high current and high power to be able to drive the RF-7s with ease. I don't really need something with 100 inputs and 100 surround modes. Don't care what color or what size it is either. I listen to my stereo every day, either music movies or TV. I look at that $10 bill maybe once or twice a year. I know that I would get a lot more enjoyment from higher quality amplification. Also, is it possible to get anything decent in a preamp and amp combination in this price range?
  7. This link will give you all the specs you need: http://www.klipsch.com/product/product.aspx?cid=874&s=specs Looks like the power handling is 160 watts peak. You shouldn't have a problem, just back off the volume if you hear audible distortion.
  8. No problem guys! I'll see if I can get a good picture snapped when I get my poster framed and hung.
  9. Someone posted on here a couple weeks ago that there was a possibility that Maxell was giving away posters to revive their old "Blown Away" poster of the photograph that Steve Steigman had taken. So, I sent an email to techsupp@maxell.com stating: "I read on several internet forums that Maxell is giving away copies of the Steve Steigman 'Blown Away' poster from several years ago. If this is true, I would love a copy for my home theater! Mark xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx (My address) Thanks very much!!" Well, the poster arrived in the mail today in a very nice shipping tube! I haven't completely opened yet, but the poster is very big! I'd say it's about 2 feet tall, not sure of the width but probably 3-4 feet. They even shipped it free and it cost them $3.03 to ship it too! I've wanted this poster for my home theater for a long time now, and I finally have one! Now I just need to pick a nice frame and I'd be set. How do you think a frame that is cerametallic copper in color would look? [Y]
  10. He's gone through many different audio components as many of us here have. I know he's had at least one tube amp that he's talked about in the past.
  11. Unfortunately this is a receiver from the mid-90s and has an old fashioned knob instead of a digital volume meter. I agree with your advice, even if there isn't a noticeable perceived difference I think I'll keep them in 4 ohm mode.
  12. My Sony STR-D1011S has a 4/8 ohm switch in the back. I recently switched to the 4 ohm setting. Its hard to do a A/B comparison since you're supposed to turn the receiver off in between switching from 4/8 ohms. I just thought that since the RF-7s have a couple low impedence dips that they might benefit more from the 4 ohm than the 8 ohm setting. It might be me, but there seems to be just a very slightly better bass output in 4 ohm mode. oldbuckster, did you ever try fiddling with the switch on the Sony unit that you had?
  13. That's a great price for RF-35s!! Just to warn you, I bought RF-25s brand new, then sold them 6 months later for RF-7s. Now RF-83s have come out. Good news for me is that I hope to keep my wife around for as long as I can so if I even mention the thought of getting new speakers I better have my suitcase packed in advance! []
  14. I started a diet and exercise program 5 weeks ago, and along with that I stopped drinking soda pop a week before that. I've replaced it with 60-80 ounces of water a day, and I treat myself with an all natural flavored water such as Archer Farms or Aquafina flavored water. I think not having caffeine has helped me immensely. I used to drink soda pop for breakfast, lunch, supper, and even sometimes just before I went to bed. My body built up such an immunity to caffeine that one time I drank two regular Cokes, a couple cups of regular coffee and a Mountain Dew from between 10pm and midnight and went right to bed. After 5 weeks now I actually like drinking water. Before it was something that I only ordered at a restaurant if I was being cheap that day. Now I need it!
  15. Well, thanks to everyone's recommendations I just ordered Pulse for myself! Only $15.85 with free shipping through www.deepdiscountdvd.com! Can't wait to get it!
  16. Anything is better than an old tube TV. The things I notice as I look at different price ranges of TVs is varying richness in color and contrast ratio. Although, it could very well be the fact that someone went in the menu and messed all the settings of the TV up, too. I think its a lot more noticeable on TVs that are a lot bigger than yours, too. When I bought my 42" rear projection HDTV a couple years ago I went with Mitsubishi's cheapest TV in that size because I could see a slight difference in picture quality of the more expensive sets, but not enough to justify almost double the price I paid for mine (which was actually less than $1000 back then!)
  17. Dangit! To think that I just sold my pair of clear plexiglass prototype Klipschorns! [:@] J/K!! []
  18. Info I found was to simply send an email to Maxell tech support, techsupp@maxell.com and give them your name and address. I just did it and we'll see what happens! BTW, I've been looking for that poster for a long time now to put up on my wall by my stereo!
  19. You just had to, didn't you. Porsche 911 Turbo. The dream car of thousands, including yours truly.
  20. Thanks Duke. I didn't think they were anything great.
  21. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/msg/186077241.html Worth looking at?
  22. I just watched the VH1 Pulse concert special. Unfortunately it was only an hour long and with commercials I think they only showed 4 songs. What I saw sounded great and I can only imagine the DVD being that much better.
  23. mOOn, I've worked at a jewelry store for over 8 years and have heard tons of stories about how people have presented rings. Some are very elaborate, some very simple. One thing you could do is when she's sleeping, just put it on her finger. See how long it takes her to notice it after she wakes up! You could also put it on something that she uses (curling iron, toothbrush, etc) every day.
  24. To be honest with you, I'd save your money. I 'downgraded' from 5 channel + subwoofer to two channel when I bought my RF-7s. I don't regret the decision at all.
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