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  1. MMmm, had an IPA home brew at a friend's house a couple nights ago. Nothing like any of the over the counter brewskis!
  2. Well Amy, I as well as the hundreds of other jewelers in the nation are glad that you are in the minority! []
  3. With my first system I had a 10 band/channel EQ that I bought from Best Buy. I think I mainly bought it because I thought the digital EQ display looked cool. With my current setup I usually have the EQ flat, except for unusually bright recordings where I lower the treble by 1 or 2dB from 1.0kHz on up.
  4. That's also what I've experienced. Poor recordings are not as painful to sit through. Excellent recordings have incredible dynamics, and the realism of voices and instruments is something that I have never experienced before.
  5. Apparently my cats enjoy loud music as much as I do. Hasn't phased them yet to sit through my listening sessions. Congrats on your setup. KG5s have a great reputation.
  6. Its been very enjoyable listening to CDs I've had, especially ones I've had for years. There still are some discs that sound so-so in the brightness area. I've found that most compilation CDs that feature songs from several different artists tend to sound the worst. Not sure why, they just do. As I was listening to it the first night I got it, my wife even commented on how much better it sounded than any of my previous CD players. That's a pretty amazing observation, considering she's more than happy listening to her little Aiwa boombox that is powering a pair of Bose 401s. [:$] Thanks again to whell, who gave me the heads-up on the player over at a'gon.
  7. I was happy to see my CD player delivered to me at work today (Model D300). The seller had everything that came with it, remote, box, manuals, styrofoam, etc. I had switched between my Sony and my Denon CD players a few days ago after I put them up on eBay to see if I could notice much of a difference in sound. I thought I could hear a slight difference between them, but they were probably 99.5% the same sound. I noticed in the manual for the Cambridge that it recommends the CD player be turned on for 15-30 minutes before you do any serious listening (to warm everything up). I put a CD in right away and started listening to it... I now realize how important it is to have a capable CD player in your audio lineup. Everything about every song on every CD I played sounded better. Bass is deeper and tighter. Vocals truly sound like vocals. Treble is clear, clean. I heard vibrato in recordings that I never knew was there. I was able to distinctly follow and pick out every specific acoustic guitar through the entire Patience by G'n'R song. This is the least 'digital' sounding CD player I've ever heard. I found myself listening to music much louder than I previously could. With my old CD player(s), if I listened to music at loud levels I would have to turn the treble down 3-4 dB from 1kHz-16kHz in order to reduce the painfully harsh brightness that it seemed many CDs had. Unfortunately by doing that a tremendous amount of the depth and dynamics of songs was significantly reduced. With the Cambridge I ran my EQ flat as a board, put in Def Leppard's Vault and cranked 'When Love and Hate Collide.' I've never heard music sound so good. Full, clear, detailed. The sibilance and digital harshness that I thought was due to a poor recording was in fact due to the CD players I had been using! I know that the weakest link in my audio chain now is my receiver. Many have said that the best they've ever heard RF-7s was with DeanG's magic touch and a killer pre-pro setup. All I can say is that considering how awesome my stereo sounds now, I can't even begin to think how blown away I'd be with the above mentioned improvements. BTW, the sound did improve the longer I had the player turned on. It did take a good half an hour or so and then everything really livened up.
  8. How much can you get the 63s for? If its the approximately the same price as the 7s with Dean's x-overs, do the 7s. BTW, the Klipsch eBay store has been selling off loads of 7s lately. They've been going for great prices, too.
  9. Looks like you'll have to change your username if you sell those 5.5s! []
  10. crud, I was gonna say that! Glad someone else caught it! Sorry man. [A]
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/70-Klipsch-RC94-Speaker-NR_W0QQitemZ9737427723QQcategoryZ61378QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem They call it a RC94 (not sure what that is). Its actually an RC-64. Don't view if you have a weak stomach for misused Klipsch speakers! []
  12. http://www.xpressmats.com/companies/safetyxpress/detailed/S124-M7.gif
  13. Thanks to the heads-up from whell, I just bought this Cambridge Audio CD player on Audiogon: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlplay&1153798119 I bought it for slightly less than his asking price. The seller said I'd get it in a few days. I read dozens of very favorable reviews on audioreview.com. It received an average of 4.46 out of 5 from 46 different reviewers. I realize that ultimately I have to be the judge whether I like it or not, but it sounds very promising. Anyone else have a CA CD player?
  14. Sorry, I just meant that someone had purchased the item with buy-it-now. Wasn't referring to you!
  15. Are they "broken" or "broken in?" RF-7s are a very in-your-face speaker. Some have said that the midrange is lacking somewhat since the 10" woofers have to play from 32hz all the way up to 2000hz or so. Their much lower impedance than the RF-35 will make components work harder to put the power out. Impedance levels drop as low as 2.8ohms on the RF-7s which is a difficult load for most amplifiers and receivers to drive.
  16. Thanks! I just bought it! It will be interesting to compare this to the 15 year old Denon I currently have. The Cambridge seems to have quite a few 5 star recommendations at audioreview. Plus the seller went a little lower on the price. I think its a super deal!
  17. I remember reading his post about his LaScalas. Its too bad that it takes a tragedy such as this to make us realize what is truly important in our lives - life itself. If any of Kenneth's family reads this, I'm truly sorry for your loss. []
  18. Thanks for the suggestions! It just dawned on me that I made $250 selling my subwoofer just before my wife and I went to Florida. I guess I can stretch my CD player budget just a little bit farther than I thought!
  19. Why don't you want the RF-7s to produce low frequencies?
  20. What would be a good option as a step above an older Denon that was an average CD player for its day? I'm looking to spend $100 tops. Doesn't need a digital output.
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