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  1. My office is right next to my living room where my stereo is. Does that count? [] Actually my wife is usually watching TV while I'm on the internet. She hasn't found out about the Denon CD player I got a month ago on eBay. I just found out it has its own volume control via the regular line out jacks! I think she'll actually like that feature since she hates that my old HK 730 doesn't have a remote.
  2. I was looking online at the link to the Klipsch Heresy IIIs that were posted and checked out the other brands/speakers. Bostons $2700/pr 90dB Polks $3196/pr 88dB Phase Technology $2000/pr 92dB Heresy III $1500/pr 98dB I mean, I understand the physics of what makes speakers more efficient, so why don't other companies make theirs that way? At about 2 watts my RF-7s would play as loud as the Polks would at my receiver's maximum output rating!
  3. This time I promise not to buy the item I post! [] http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/133810801.html
  4. I've seen both adapters and entire cables like that.
  5. Here's how they're set up in the pic: ------------------------ | |-------- | rf7 tv rf7 |--------- | |--------- | |stairway | | me | | | | | | | bar --------- -------- office door Are you talking about setting them up like this?: ------------------------ | |----------- | rf7 |----------- | |----------- | | stairway | tv me | | | rf7 | | | | | bar --------- -------- office door If so, my wife didn't like how they were set up like that when I had my RF-25s. Although, she did say that I could do whatever I wanted with the basement and she was free to decorate/design the rest of the house...[6] One problem with that is that there's an opening to our stairway going upstairs and to the other side of the basement right behind the 'me' in the 2nd diagram. You can see part of it in this pic: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/685360/PostAttachment.aspx And from the sitting position in diagram #2 there is a bar to the left of 'me' so I couldn't move the system to that side of the room.
  6. Probably the only who will say this, but after hearing Garth Brooks twice with just him and his acoustic guitar...beautiful.
  7. And yes, acoustic treatment is definitely in the works. I'll post a pic when all is said and done.
  8. Thanks Dean. I was curious as to if there was a dip below the 100hz point to help me adjust my subwoofer crossover. Man, I never realized how much higher I needed to turn up the gain on my sub to compensate for the sensitivity of these speakers! Before when I had my Bose and/or Definitive Technology I had the gain at the 8-9 o'clock position which was about 20-25%. I kept thinking that my RF-7s were causing a phase cancellation with my sub since I could barely hear it and since my sub doesn't have phase adjustments I experimented with putting it a few different places. So last night I unhooked my sub and rain the RF-7s straight from the amp. Sounded almost exactly the same as with my sub! I then noticed that the gain was still down low on my sub! Turned it up to between the 11-12 o'clock position and now it sounds perfect. Adjusted the sub's crossover to about 65hz and that setting seems to be perfect to reduce the boominess of the sub at higher crossover levels.
  9. Can anyone tell me at what frequency the 2.8 ohm minimum impedance of RF-7s is? Also, I know that the advice is to have speakers about 2 feet or so from a side or back wall. Well, my long narrow basement doesn't really allow for that. To widen the soundstage, would it be ok to have the outer edge of each RF-7 up against the side wall, toed in directly at my listening point? Right now the back of each speaker is about 6" from the wall. Here's how everything is set up currently:
  10. No comment other than that's the highest I've ever seen a center channel mounted! []
  11. My wife said she'd want me to paint the rest of the wall the same color as the foam or a color that blended good with it. She did see a show on one of the decorating channels of someone who put some fabric over them to hide them more.
  12. I do have a pretty short ceiling, I'm guessing its about 7 feet tall considering that I'm 5'10" and can touch the ceiling with my feet flat on the ground. My wife wasn't too keen on the idea of the foam on the ceiling, so those acoustic panels are worth looking at. Thanks!
  13. I can picture the speaker having better midbass with the reverberation of the rubber bands. I wonder if banjo music would sound better with those on?
  14. No, that's how it is supposed to be hooked up if your receiver doesn't have an LFE output. Even if it does have an LFE output, you can hook both the single LFE output to the LFE input on the sub and also the low level pre-out to the low level in L & R on the sub.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I do have a plan of attack if/when I put the acoustic foam on. The mirror trick sounds like a very good idea and makes 100% sense. It won't be just a random placement of foam. [] Would there be benefits by treating the ceiling too? I'm thinking there probably would be. Would the mirror trick be a good way to panel the ceiling also?
  16. What you were quoted and what retail is are different. RF-7s retailed at $2200/pair. There was a good explanation by Trey as to why the RF-83s were $300 more retail for the pair = $2500.
  17. I have to type a formal damage claim and send it to the UPS Store where I dropped the speakers off at. I'm going to include pictures of the speakers. I know that its not major damage, but it still ticks me off since there was not even a scratch on them when I sent them!
  18. With my RF-7s I'm running 40 wpc from my HK 730 and it more than suits me fine. I know that I would benefit from an amp with more headroom and high wattage rating, but for now I'm fine. I was glad to get the awesome deal on the speakers and then later down the road I can worry about better amplification.
  19. Look familiar...yeah unfortunately. I thought that commercial for FedEx was showing them in modern day. I think if they had cavemen working for them things would actually be better!
  20. Damaged box - looks like someone shoved a knife in it! [:@]
  21. Its been recommended that your amp have a solid 200watts RMS power and be able to handle the 2.8ohm low impedence point when powering RF-7s. I don't think its really possible to find too much amp for RF-7s. 1000 watts maximum input! Then again, I'm currently using my HK 730 from the 1970s (SS) which is rated at 40 watts/channel and its suiting me perfectly!
  22. Trying to tame the very bright basement room that my stereo is in. Some of the foam I'm looking at is cheap enough that even if it only made a minor improvement it would be worth it.
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