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  1. I was woundering if there are any other receivers or dvd players that have built in USB. http://product.samsung.com/cgi-bin/nabc/product/b2c_product_detail.jsp?eUser=&prod_id=HT-WP38TH%2fXAA
  2. I just went to the circuitcity website and I found this weird brand subwoofer. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/ButtKicker-LFE-Kit-BKLFEKIT-/sem/rpsm/oid/137341/catOid/-12950/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do
  3. I just came home from the apple store, and I finally got to test the new iGroove. I was very surprise the SQ of the iGroove. At first, I thought the iGroove had the same SQ as the Bose Sounddock. After a while of listening to the music very closely, the iGroove sounded way better. The iGroove had better highs and had better bass response. The Bose Sounddock in the other hand had muddy bass in my opinion.
  4. For 12,000 bucks you could get two mtx Jackhammers! http://www.mtxaudio.com/caraudio/products/subwoofers/jackHammer.cfm
  5. It doesn't look like a subwoofer in the picture. LOL [8-)]
  6. My friend already had Star Wars III like about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He said he got it from Japan, I was like wow thats hard core!
  7. What is your EQ set on in the ipod nano? If its on bass booster that could be the problem of the distortion. Try and set the EQ on flat or Treble booster. The SQ will be much better. I have notice the same problem with the ipods and there bass boosters. It will distort the satellites of the iFi, which makes it sound junk when that could be fixed. In my opinion, I think the ipods have horrible EQ.
  8. Looks like the question is not as easy as it looks hehe... Ok, whats your top 2 favorite movies instead.[]
  9. I just went to Bestbuy tonight, and tested out the new Klipsch Quintet III. I was very impressed with the SQ difference from the old Quintet II. The design of the new Klipsch Quintet III looks awesome. Thumbs up.[Y][Y] The only new product I didn't get to test out is the iGroove.
  10. Try froogle.com or epinions.com, or you can always go ebay.
  11. Black with black hehe matching products. By the way how big is that dell screen?
  12. Very funny costumes, people are getting very creative now days. []
  13. First you should vist Honolulu, Hawaii it feels like summer all year alround [LOL]. Second "3 Luxury Cars" I think I see a Jeep and an old Volks wagon[8-)] luxury?. I can tell by the way the tail lights are made, but the old porsche looks nice. As above post is that an 911 by the way? I would be very suprise if that is one and is destroyed by snow.[] No wait never mind, I seen the picture again and it doesn't look like a porsche 911.
  14. I guess, the only way you can put klipsch speakers, is to customize it into your car. []
  15. To bad the apple store in Hawaii has not gotten the iGroove yet. I went to the apple store today, just to try the new iGroove. It was not even on display or in stock....
  16. I think that iFi subwoofer box is small up close. I love that iFi subwoofer. The rw-8 subwoofer cone looks nicer tho.
  17. Whats the sound difference between these two subwoofers. I own an RW-12, and wanted to know which subwoofer is better. Which subwoofer has better sound quality, hit lower and is is louder?
  18. Wow thats hudge, how does it sound by the way?
  19. Has anyone made a Klipsch logo in a pumpkin?
  20. You know whats real funny, CompUSA has to restock in Hometheater equipment for us in Hawaii. We have no hometheater Speakers, only the HTIB systems. I have just checked CompUSA's website, and they are starting to sell Klipsch speakers instead of the multimedia systems?
  21. Check out these brands Onkyo, Denon, Harman/kardon, Pioneer, and Yamaha are all great receivers.
  22. I use sennheiser here, because I don't want to spend to much on a bose headphone.
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