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  1. Has Roy D ever given an opinion on what Atmos ceiling speakers would work best for Jub HT set ups?
  2. Do you have pictures of the rest of your room? Along the sides and back? What amps and crossovers etc are you using? Looks amazing!
  3. Klipsch and McIntosh have a perfect sonic match to me. I have the tube integrated MA 2275. It has the same amp section as the 275 with a tube preamp in the same chassis It sounds amazing with all of my different Klipsch speakers. Enjoy your set up!!
  4. I had what at the time in 1986 was a really nice Techniques cassette deck. Was way fancy because it had the Dolby B,C, and dbx!!! Had it in a garage get up. Still sounded pretty good for what it was!
  5. I must be getting older! I still like physical media with my music. It just sounds the best to me.
  6. maybe one day they will become nostalgia type product like vinyl is now
  7. has anyone heard or know if OPPO will ever start making products again? I have their 105 model and love it. Great product so far.
  8. I've usually had good luck with Audiogon. Most sellers want to keep their ratings excellent. Good way to find quality used gear.
  9. Family first. Good luck with sale.
  10. The only challenge is to find other speakers that can come close to keeping up with the Jubs in the front 2 spots on L and R. Have used Fortes, LaScallas and Khorns for rears. The larger the better they seemed to do. Have used both Palladium 27 C in front, and a LaScalla up front also. Both worked pretty well. Ultimate set up would be Jub x 5, if I had the room and cashola. Or Jubs x 3 up front, and then the new 396's as surrounds and rears for a 7 channel set up. with a 1502 or 1802 somehow in the mix also!
  11. Well, I found that my Jubs work really great as a 2 channel speaker. And then I have found that my Jubs work great as my HT front 2 speakers also. Have enjoyed them as both! So I have to assume you would agree with this same set up! I mean, since you made me my Jubs and all a long while back.
  12. would you mind posting a picture of how you set those up?
  13. Thanks buddy!!! this has always been a fun thread over the years. A dangerous thread for sure, but fun!!!
  14. Whats the total number of speakers you are running with those? Which projector are you using? Do you like it?
  15. What are the speakers up on the ceiling towards the back? For Atmos?
  16. Thanks for finding this old thread! Lets get some new pics of our systems put up here. Is there a way to tack this up to the top so we can keep an eye on it? So it doesn't fall down into oblivion once again.
  17. Looks like the last time it had a new pic was like year and a half ago. Lets try to keep new pics coming on the thread. Do you know if its possible for a moderator to tack it up to the top?
  18. I went back in time and tried to find that thread actually. must have been even further back. Is there a way to keep this up near the top so we can keep it going with new people putting new pics up? Thanks for finding that.
  19. I thought there used to be a section where everyone showed their picutres of their home theater room and or set ups. Lets start a thread showing pictures of our set ups. I know everyone likes to see pics of gear and speakers etc. Helps to spark new ideas for the rest of us!
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