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  1. Hey Youth, I bought a pair at Sound Advice($250.00/pair) right before I found my RF-63's. I had them about three weeks before I returned them. Returning them was the only way my wife would give her blessing to get the 63's. I had them set up with the RC-62 and they sounded great. Even as a 2 channel setup with or without the sub they rocked. I really tried to convince her to let me keep them. I knew SA would eventually run out of 35's if they kept that sale on. They did not long after I returned them. My loss. Bill
  2. One question not asked, do you have the 64 tilted so that the horn is aiming directly toward your ears while in seating position? If not, this could be the problem. Bill
  3. I would consider the 905 over the 876. All the same bells and whistles plus networking capabilities. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXNR905/Onkyo/-TX-NR905-THX-Ultra2-140w-x-7ch-HDMI-Receiver-BLACK/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXSR875/Onkyo/TX-SR875-THX-Ultra2-140w-x-7ch-HDMI-Receiver-BLACK/1.html Bill
  4. Any Sam Adams usually, tonight Sierra Nevada Wheat Ale. Bill
  5. Welcome to the forum. No you don't need an amp to achieve your goal. With that said, an amp would better help you achieve your goal. I believe the amp section of your Yamaha is plenty powerfull enough to drive your whole setup with plenty of bass. I currently am using my Onkyo 705(100w) with a B&K Reference 3 channel(200w) powering the fronts and center and the Onkyo's amps driving the surrounds. I have the crossover in my sub set to off and am using the receiver's crossovers. I have the RF-63's set at 60hz and the RC-62 set at 70hz. The 63's are pulled away from front corners about 12 inches and toed in about 30 degrees. After hours of testing, these settings have yielded the most and cleanest bass from my system. Remember room acoustics play just as an important role in overrall sound as your equipment. In closing, when I have used only the Onkyo powering the fronts(set to large) and without a sub, the RF-63's have really held their own in the bass department. Clean and loud. Using the sub just helps mesh everthing together better and takes some strain off your receiver and your 63's bass drivers. Bill
  6. Thanks alot for all the comments. I am on a mini vacation and they are still sitting in the trunk of our car. When I do get them home I am not sure if I will hook them up to to my Adcom/B&K setup or hook them up to my Onkyo's zone 2. Bill
  7. I posted this in another section. Any opinions on 2 channel sound quality of the KG4's? I am about to go look at a pair for sale for $150.00. Good price or bad price? Any response appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  8. If you are willing to step it up a little, here is a great deal on the 905. They are an authorized Onkyo factory dealer. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXNR905/Onkyo/-TX-NR905-THX-Ultra2-140w-x-7ch-HDMI-Receiver-BLACK/1.html Bill
  9. First, $899.99 for the 905 is a steal. Second, here is a neat little fan I bought to help cool my 705. It dropped the running temp about 15 to 20 degrees F. http://www.buyextras.com/evavcoblfanf.html Bill
  10. Welcome to the forum. These are what I used to hang my RSX-4's. They work great. Bill
  11. I am not 100% sure but I think the 905 and the 9.8 have all the same processing chips and DACS. I would get the 905 and listen first, then if not completely satisfied with the amp section, buy a two or three channel amp with more wattage and go from there. Bill
  12. willland

    First HT.

    Great choice for that size room. It will emerse you in great sound. As I replyed to your post on the AVS Forum, the RSX-4's will work well with your system. Again, buy the RS-42's if you can afford them. Bill
  13. willland


    It is twice as heavy. Beefier power supply,amps, DACS,more connections,pre-outs, etc. Bill
  14. I have an RSW-10d being used in a 2-channel setup and HT duties. With music it really compliments my RF-63's. With HT this little sub walks accross my tile floor and shakes the windows in my family room(16ft X 30ft w/12ft ceilings). Even with the area tiled throughout, it doesn't sound boomy and really fills the space with consistant bass. My sub experience is limited with only haved owned a SUB10,RW-10d, and an RSW-10d(all 10 inchers). Bill
  15. If you can find a pair of RF-7's or RB-75's I say buy them. Perfect match. Either receiver is a good choice but if $$$ is not an issue, the 906 is a better choice. Top of the line Onkyo with beefier power supply, amps and DAC's. Bill
  16. Welcome. 8.5"H x 5.5"W x 6.5"deep. All measurements taken at the highest,widest, and deepest points with a +/- 1/8" margin of error. Bill
  17. I could be wrong but I do not think the 606 has pre-outs for an amp. Bill
  18. Pure 100% Kona to indulge($45.00/pound), Starbucks Verona for everyday. Bill
  19. Sorry to here about your friend. The power of prayer is incomparable. Added to my list. Bill
  20. Way to go Tommy Boy, you indirectly let her win(and you win also), This time. Wait till the dust settles and talk amp again. If she fights it this time let her know she gor her TV and now it is your time. Bill PS It will work. I got the Mitsubishi 57" DLP. My wife got the Dell desktop. I got the Onkyo receiver and an RW-10d. She got the Toshiba laptop. I got the RC-62 and the RF-63's. She got the nice leather laptop carrier. I got the Blu-ray player. She got the 37" LCD. I got the RSW-10d. She got the pedicure. See how it works. O.K. bad idea. This method is a sure fire way to the poor house.
  21. I have mine hooked up with a y-splitter. To me only slightly louder than conventional method. Others might notice a greater difference. Bill
  22. Tommy Boy, It looks like from the specs that it pushes 130w/channel with 2 channels driven. 130 + 130 http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products/VSX-2016AV-S/print.html Bill
  23. Pay attention Tommy Boy. Emotiva is praised often on this forum. Just kidding about pay attention. Here is the best deal on the web. Buy this amp to run your left,center, and right and use your Pioneer to power the rest. Bill http://emotiva.com/xpa3.shtm
  24. Earlier I recommended the 906 over the 2808ci. The 905 over either one at this price at $899.99(last years model). 906 not much improvement over 905 with exception of 5w/channel and maybe minor tweeks. Bill http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXNR905/Onkyo/-TX-NR905-THX-Ultra2-140w-x-7ch-HDMI-Receiver-BLACK/1.html Reconditioned but with 1 year warranty. They are an authorized Onkyo dealer.
  25. Both of those receivers are a good choice but in this case you are choosing between apples and oranges. The 2808ci is Denon's mid-high end model while the TX-NR906 is the top model in the Onkyo lineup. The DAC's,power supply, and amps are clearly more high end with the Onkyo and it also packs more features. With that said there is also a higher pricepoint. If $$$ isn't an issue, get the 906. Bill http://www.onkyousa.com/model.cfm?m=TX-NR906&class=Receiver&p=f http://www.usa.denon.com/ProductDetails/4484.asp Denon link is for the 2809ci.
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