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  1. Nice theatre @bobdog Not familiar with the model you are looking to use for Atmos. Thanks! edit: KPT, Premier?
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Good job!
  3. Beastly with decent reviews: . http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/receivers/pioneer/sx-838.html
  4. Think good idea. Correct fuse and maybe simple buss fuses if any inside. Nice to have a couple of cheapo speakers to test deoxit working.
  5. Hello, would plug it in, turn it on, unless something wrong when you got it. Room temp, with nothing attached. SS not tube so yes, why not. Listen for power up relay and work the knobs, switches. If good so far and fuses checked, may could check it out, unless caked inside with dust. Just answering, not a bench tech.
  6. Yes, I don't know. Therein may lay a mystery, yet, parts like diaphragms will continue to be needed, imo only. Remains to be seen. Thanks!
  7. There is always hope. And hoping OP finds loose connection. For instance, If was me, would try another 8 ohm tweeter of any variety just to troubleshoot crossover, in the slight chance.
  8. Meanwhile at your leisure, search the forum here, while waiting for input. Yes, welcome...
  9. Would consider asking a local to you speaker repair shop to look at your horn driver on the tweeter, and diaphragm repair possibilities. If doing this yourself, you could show us the diaphragm without removing and we could see the damage ourselves if visible. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe this while waiting for a replacement to pop-up. Just wondering, as sometimes do.
  10. So, you or other tested the tweeter on the p37f and know the diaphragm is bad, and not a loose or corroded 2 wire connectors...? Thanks!
  11. That could be good information Tried simply speakers today. No luck.
  12. Big maybe Klipsch employee know another that would fit. Was going to ask simply speakers.
  13. Well dang it. Create one with printer!? Guessing not...
  14. Bella... beautiful Welcome @Birdieman
  15. Which Palladium speaker model do you have? I will look around. @HenningO
  16. Don Brewer played with Seger, at least once. Ain't it the truth...
  17. Let us know what you think please. Thanks
  18. Sansui + Klipsch equal Bliss. Welcome @Estes
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