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  1. Also added a pair of Epik Empire subwoofers to the system!
  2. I bought an Oracle Premiere turntable and did a restoration to it. Looks and plays terrific! Definately a step above my Oracle Delphi Mark 2.
  3. I'm not trying to start a war or anything but.... I went from a McIntosh 2125 to a tube amp rated at 60 wpc and I think the tube amp is every bit as powerful plus having the warmth of tubes. Of course the 2125 was old and not refurbished, and the tube amp was a new build. The 2125 did have a warm sound for a SS amp, though.
  4. I pulled the trigger on a pair of them. Should be here this Tuesday-can't wait!
  5. I did see a post of yours earlier. I can't fathom a quad! Can I move in for a while?
  6. Being a cancer survivor and a fellow Klipsch Forum member, I had to help. My prayers are with you. -kevin
  7. I was thinking of buying a pair of Empires to go with my modified K-Horns. This is a stricktly 2 channel set-up. I'm looking for a little enhancement in the 20 to 50hz range for music only. A good choice for the money or no? Thanks in advance-kevin
  8. I have the St-120 also, and it's my understanding that you don't have to worry about tube matching since each tube is individually biased. I've replaced a single KT-88 tube before and had great results. -Kevin
  9. And for my 5,000th post... The DVD-A version of Gaucho is simply stunning! I would say its the best sounding DVD-A that I own... Mike Congrats, Mike, on your 5,000th post! I always enjoy you input.
  10. I've used the Behringer 2496 crossover and the background noise was too much for me. I have a Pyle Pro now and it is even noisier! But I'm using very low wattage tube amps (2 w/channel) and I've been told that can be a problem with some active crossovers.Many active crossovers are meant for pro use,and may not be as quiet as we would like for home use.
  11. I've got both the original vinyl and the 180 gram remaster that just got released, and I believe the 180 gram sounds better, but I don't know if it is because of the remastering or just because it's cleaner on 180 gram vinyl. Probably because I paid 26 bucks for the new lp! I've not heard the SACD yet, but I've got a couple of remastered boxed sets of Pink Floyd on CD, and they sound excellent.
  12. I have pretty much all formats available in my main stereo system(CD,DVD-A, SACD, Cassette, Reel to Reel, Turntable), and I've found that for the price of playback components, it's hard to beat a digital system like SACD or DVD-a. You can get a decent multi-player for a few hundred bucks. It seems that with vinyl playback it costs several times that amount before you get truly decent playback. But once you pay the initial costs for a good vinyl playback system, it will reward you with a sound that no digital domain can match. (yet). The Brothers in Arms was one of the very first recordings to be done in a pure digital format, and I wonder if something has gotten lost in the digital to analog translation, causing the vinyl to sound inferior to the DVD-A. I don't have a vinyl copy of that particular Title, but I do have an original copy of Dire Straits first LP, and a 180 gram reissue of Love over Gold, and both sound superior to any digital copies of all the Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler solo stuff I have. I'm using all tube gear, so that might have something to do with my bias towards the analog sound also. Just my 2 cents...
  13. I recently bought a Pyle Pro active crossover to see if I like the idea of an active crossover vs a passive. I do like the active crossover, but the Pyle has too much background hum for me. Does anybody have a recomendation for an active crossover that is quiet? I've also had a Behringer 2496 that was too noisy for me. I don't need the time delay or all the other fancy stuff, just a basic crossover with various crossover points and seperate volume controls. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  14. You've been tricked by Lucifer Himself. Sure, you think you got a great pair of speakers for nuthin'. Soon the voices in your head will start their evil chant "get bigger speakers, bigger is better"! You'll find your self searching the nooks and crannies of the internet looking for even bigger speakers. Soon you'll be mortgaging your house so you can have the biggest speakers on the forum. The Evil Disease has taken hold and there's no lookin' back. I'd throw those evil things away before it's too late....
  15. I listened to this LP again last night, and it is growing on me. I still think it is more pop than country, but it is a nicely put together album.
  16. I just got this yesterday and gave it a listen last night. Has anyone else picked this up yet? It kind of reminds me of the Santana Supernatural album- It's Carlos on guitar, but not Santana music! The Glen Campbell lp is kind of like different bands playing different styles of songs with Glen Campbell singing vocals. Die hard Glen Campbell fans may be disappointed if they are looking for a more "traditional" Glen Campbell country album. I'm not saying it's a bad lp, it's just different. I would really like to hear other's opinions on this. BTW, I purchased the vinyl copy, and it is a pretty good pressing, overall quiet, especially for as busy as this lp is.
  17. Looks good Mike! I've been curious to hear the babycheeks lens with those drivers. I installed some L-pads on my tweets to try out different attenuation on the fly, but mostly have been listening to them a 0db.
  18. I'm sure this question has been asked a jillion times before, but my ability to research the archives pretty much sucks, so I'm asking again. I'm looking for something to control stereo equipment only-a couple CD players, a tape deck, and volume control on the preamp. Any suggestions on the cheap? Not looking for a mini computer or a touch screen. Thanks in advance! -Kevin
  19. I came away from the whole experience believing PonPon really is Godzilla
  20. Thanks for sending me the new Palladiums to try out as a result in my completing the survey. I feel sorry for those who skipped it!
  21. I'm not really against digital formats, per se. I think the technology is still young, even though it has come a long way since the "redbook" CD's. I can only imagine how well an analog source could sound if we were to put as much time and effort into that format. A touchless LP playback system would seem to be fairly feasable to me, with so many benefits over what we have now. I know digital storage is a strong point over analog sources, even though I still like that tactile feeling of an old vinyl record jacket. I can't get that warm and fuzzy feeling handling a memory card or hard disk.
  22. Hey, I got a great idea. Lets take analog music, digitalize it, reconvert it to analog, and then listen to it. Nothing like keeping the signal path as short as possible. Just to piss off the few I might have missed.
  23. I get a kick out of the "digital crowd" when they get in a heated arguement over the different sampling rates and compression techniques et al. It seems much simpler to keep everything analog, since that's what our ears are, after all. I just said that to piss everyone off.
  24. One thing I've found that helps eliminate pops and clicks more than anything else (except cleaning) is tracking force. It has been established by people far smarter than myself that you should set your tracking force at the higher limit of the manufacturers specification. If the spec is 1.75 grams, +/- .25 grams, you want to set it at 2 grams. The extra weight will not add to wear on your lp's, and will help in calming down the surface noise. Of course,this only helps if your cartridge is in proper alignment and in good working order. There is a multitude of informational websites on proper set up for your vinyl playback system if you are not sure it is set up properly.
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