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  1. I'm sure she's hinted at something she wants like a Michael Kors bag or something. Bring her one and she won't say a damn thing. It's how I've bought some of my toys. Might've been a contributing reason as to why she was ok with me getting the recent CF-3's last weekend. I bought her one of those purses July 4th weekend when we were in Dallas. Women...
  2. MRI on brain came back clear. No swelling and they've ruled out meningitis. My wife is about to go insane not knowing what is happening.
  3. I had just posted this in another forum...kind of a brief synopsis of what's going on. Well, after a brief spell of being a little better, we are back in children's hospital in little rock again. The back pain never really got much better and she's been constantly nauseous the last week and a half. We took her to the Dr on Tuesday and he prescribed a couple more things for her and wanted to see her again today (Thursday) but she was even worse this morning. They tested her for mono (negative) but are talking viral meningitis but there still seems to be some pressure on her spine that keeps her in pain. The Dr wants them to do a spinal tap and draw fluid to see what is going on in there and hopefully find out more information. Please continue those prayers. We are at a loss as to what's going on an my wife is about to have a nervous breakdown with it all. You only wish you could take the pain away from your kids instead of them so they wouldn't have to deal with it. It hurts to see her in such pain. And then my last update... They just took her back from her room in the ER to get an MRI. They want to check first and see if there is any swelling on her brain that's causing anything. Please pray more now that there is nothing to be found from that test. After that, she gets the lumbar puncture on her spine. We are all at a loss. The oxycodone isn't helping the pain at all, her hearts racing, and she doesn't remember when some have been in the room. Her mom is back there with her now. If you pray, please add my daughter Rylee to your prayers for them to find out what's causing her all of this pain and discomfort. They've already tried treating her for a tick borne illness, lymes disease, and now viral meningitis and have tested her for mono (negative). Thank you guys.
  4. And here's proof of the rack that's being built for poops and grins. it's laying on its back in the picture. Built out of 1/2@ MDF then layered with 1/4" oak with red oak trim. The twobig compartments on the bottom left will be for 4 drawers for hiding DVDs and games for the Wii and ps3.
  5. Worked this time...to figure. After 5 attempts before posting, I stopped. Maybe it was the LTE signal. I switched on to the schools wireless (I'm a network admin) and using the 150mb pipe and it worked. Gotta love it.
  6. After deliberating on which model I wanted to go with, and what was in a reasonable driving range from me, I picked up a beautiful pair of Oak CF-3's this past weekend. Got home around 9pm after a 6 hour round trip drive and listened to them till about 1am and was loving what I heard. I kept thinking the left speaker was dominant to the right so Saturday morning I inspected a little closer and discovered the top woofer had no output. Crap. Fingers crossed for a disconnected woofer and that's what it was. Back to normal! I'm running them on my Carver M-1.0t MKII Opt 002 amp and they sound awesome. Next step is updating the caps and elevating them some to get the horn more to ear level which won't be too much of a lift. But if anyone comes across a reasonable priced pair of 3's or 4's, don't hesitate to get them. These are replacing my Polk SDA SRS 2's which will be sold off soon. After owning 4 sets of Heresy's and a pair of 78 Khorns, it's good to be back in horns again. Please overlook the wires on the media server side as it's temporary until I finish up the new entertainment center for everything. Kind of embarrassing. Edit...I guess it's not letting me upload pics from my iPhone.
  7. And the first series versions. I see the longer ports. That's a great price too I'm just sitting down to listen to the CF-3's I just brought home....nice!
  8. Man I'm having a tough time with this. If given the choice, what's the general consensus of opinions of preference between these two models? Have any of you heard both for comparison? Same price for either, what's your preference?
  9. That's right...the year code is reversed in the line of order. Sheesh. This is a serial number for a CF-3 and I was trying to figure out which versions it would make them. Thanks for the reply!
  10. I don't know why I have the hardest time figuring these out. Would anyone mind helping me to decode this? 222594217 Thanks!
  11. Yep, I've seen those. I like the La Scalas except for the lack of low end but I'd want wood veneer and not the industrial look. A rough set I could re-veneer for the right price. Plus I think I'd be sitting too close to them for them to load right in my living room. Thanks for the info.
  12. I've talked with the guy a few times. He scours the surrounding states and picks up gear then resells for what appears to be a good additional price. Too much for me. Can get those black Cornwalls for $900 but still not where I want to be. He has a load of Mac and Klipsch typically.
  13. I may end up with either a pair of CF-3's or KLF-20's if this weekend pans out. The Cornwalls that are local to me are $900 (listed at $1295) and I still have a rough time with that. I can get either of the other two models for a little over half of that price and would be just as happy most likely. It's a 12 hour round trip drive but that's no biggie although 2 hours would be nicer. I swear, nothing comes up in this state. There's a pair of KLF-10's that have had their cabinets rebuilt and they've dropped from $400 down to $250. If they drop much more, the sum of the parts will be worth more than the whole. Might be fun to tinker with.
  14. It sucks to have the money for them but distance and time being the only factors.
  15. Dang.....so friggin far away as usual
  16. If those Cornwalls could be pony expressed, I'd take those. Dang
  17. I'd possibly be interested in a pair of those. Are they both the original versions? PM me with pricing if you would. Also, if any pics, could you email them to me? Avguytx@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  18. Cornwallis are close for $900 but not sold on the price yet. Probably early to mid 70's model. Black stain finish over unfinished cabinets too. Kind of like walnut or oak preferably but it would be livable.
  19. Crud. Cornwalls are always so far away from me. Great price. Wish I was closer!
  20. Ok, I think that about covers them all! Ha. I live in central Arkansas and will travel a decent distance for a pair. I've owned La Scala's (in 79), a set of 78 Khorns in 2006 but had no corners in living room, a pair of Quartets for a short time, and at least 4 pairs of Heresy's (originals and 2's) but have not had a pair of the above listed. I've heard some of them through the years but I'm ready for another pair. I have a decent size living room (only one 90 degree corner) and a few amps to choose from including two rebuilt console tube amps (Magnavox and Stromburg Carlson...both EL84) and a Carver M-1.0t MkII (now about 450wpc and sounds unreal. My preamp is a completely rebuilt Carver C-1 that's had all of the major caps, resistors, and IC's replaced plus upgraded phono section, all new and better RCA connections, and I added remote control to it. This pre is dead *** quiet. So, I'm in search of a larger pair of Klipsch speakers as I miss the sound and dynamics. I currently use a pair of rebuilt Polk Audio SDA 2's and Norman Lab Model 9's plus own a pair of JBL L100t's, Infinity RSIIIa's and Quantum 3's. Plus Dynaco A25's, Celestion Ditton 44's, Genesis G10's and some other smaller speakers. Sorry for the ramble. But if anyone has some, or knows of some, please let me know. Thanks!.
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