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  1. Hey, I just noticed they use those Russian paper in oil sealed capacitors like what I used on the first set of Type AA crossovers I did.
  2. A fool and his money are soon parted....
  3. What or why? If you mean why, I just don't use them...they sit. And I'm just not wanting things to sit around anymore for decoration when they are such good speakers. I built a pair of Klipsch Belle inspired clone speakers and those are t he main thing I listen to.
  4. Could Medwin use those?
  5. Typically, you're supposed to list an asking price for them. GLWS.
  6. And did I mention that these have just as small of a foot print as a pair of Heresy's and can go close to the wall, too? Plus, the highs are already close to ear level without stands or tilting.
  7. I agree. That's why I always refer to mine as "Klipsch Belle inspired clones" as mine are still different in ways and are not original. I edited my original title to reflect what the CL seller called them....DIY. Clones was a little too much of a stretch.
  8. Looks to be a K-600 horn which has 2 top, bottom, and side screw down points where the K-700 has 3 on the top and bottom. Definitely not K-500 horns as they have sharper corners where the K-600 (and Crites C600 horns) are more rounded corners. Who knows...
  9. No, these aren't mine but they are interesting. Looks like Heresy horns (K-700) or maybe Cornwall K-600's and not K-500's. No affiliation. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/little-rock-klipsch-belle-diy/7141992488.html DIY klipsch belle speakers.all drivers are original klipsch speakers and crossovers.
  10. Ok. Was just curious if I was out of line. Not really looking to do any trading as I am thinning things out that I'm not using. I've got some other things listed on other sites including my Tubes4HiHi VTA ST-70, a pair of Infinity Quantum 3's, Stromberg Carlson ASR-120 console tube amp, and finding other things along the way. Working on getting sod done for our yard so this helps to pay. lol
  11. Apparently everyone is set up for crossovers or I'm out of line. PM me an offer if interested!
  12. @Deang Happy 24,000 posts, btw.
  13. Bumping this thread just in case pics didn't show up like in my other GS item.
  14. Yes, these do sound great and I've kept these where many other Klipsch speakers have come and gone in the last 15 years; these have stayed with me.
  15. Ok. Maybe they are there now. Thanks for the heads up.
  16. Interesting. Thanks for letting me know about pics. I can see them while browsing on my phone and could also see them on my desktop, too. Hopefully someone else will chime in a d confirm this one way or another! Great story! Thanks!
  17. I know these aren't Klipsch speakers but they are outstanding speakers for sure. I have them listed at other locations and thought I'd list here just in case there is a liking for them or maybe someone you know does. I am the second owner of these and really do hate to see them go, but, they aren't being used like they should. I've owned them now for about 14 years and the original owner bought them new in early 1978. The crossover capacitors have been updated as they used those black caps with red ends which never last that well. They are complete with all original drivers including the 12" paper cone Watkins woofers, Phillips bass couplers, dome mids, and all 4 EMIT tweeters which all work. These will pretty much be plug and play but please give them some real power and not some dinky AV receiver with a junk amp in it. The original Walnut veneer is in great condition with no gouges or missing pieces and come with the original grills that have had the cloth replaced. I also found the original style 3M grill fasteners and I've replaced the stock ones that were less functional. I have always kept them oiled with Watco Medium Walnut Danish Oil. You won't find these hardly anywhere for sale anymore and especially with the Watkins woofers and all original drivers and grills. As a bonus, these are also a mirror imaged pair. I will post some pictures just as soon as I can and hope to later today. These weigh about 100 pounds each so plan for that. Pick up in Searcy at the Police Department on Elm St and cash only. I will also entertain driving a reasonable distance to help out with pickup, if that helps. Some info on them in the link below. If not, you can search the model number and get the flyers and manuals from the HiFiEngine website. Sold https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/infinity/quantum-3.shtml
  18. I guess the OP never came back to update. Maybe he figured it out in almost 2 months time.
  19. These were the original crossovers I used in my Belle clones that I built and they do sound great. I had ordered matched pairs of the Russian PIO capacitors from an awesome seller on ebay and confirmed this with my Fluke meter, too. But, I ended up building a new set from scratch so these aren't being used. I took everything off the boards and repainted them black then remounted and soldered everything in place. Obviously these will work in a great many speakers so it's up to you to decide if they work for your needs. Asking SOLD shipped anywhere in the CONUS. Please let me know if any questions.
  20. If Amazon HD Music could have that ability along with a way to search through a saved artist catalog, I'd go back. Otherwise, I guess I'll stick with Spotify.
  21. I know, most everyone has seen these done so I thought I'd add mine to the mix. I stripped off the old material and covered it in some of the remaining ribbon mahogany veneer I had from when I built my Klipsch Belle inspired clones a couple years back. I'm not as thrilled with the phenolic backed veneer as it was thicker than normal paper backed veneer and tougher to work with. But, it does look better than the original silver color as mine had stains on it from its last 40 years of use. I believe I'm just going to order a new dust cover as I really dont want to spend hours on mine making it look newer. Yeah, it's a hundred bucks but it's bolt on and go and my time is worth that.
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