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  1. Earlier this year I traded in my old HK deck and some cash for a fully restored Naka 480Z. Had my eyes on a pristine LX-5 but just couldn't justify the asking price. Be that as it may, the 480Z performs admirably, so no real heartache, just smiles....
  2. You should be good. My desktop "system" is an M1 iMac with Klipsch R-15PM bookshelf speakers, and connectivity/performance is solid with no issues whether rca-analog, bluetooth, toslink-optical, or usb. I have even connected my Mi Macbook Pro with the R-15PM units with the same good results. I would think the "Three" would offer the same connectivity options. Note: if connecting via usb you will need a usb-c adapter going into the iMac....
  3. Here are my original '76 'Scala X-overs cleaned up and mounted on new boards. Except for the solid wire leads of the air-core inductor, the X-overs appear to use ordinary 18ga stranded wire between the components. Speaking of the inductor, doublecheck the hold-down screw - it should be non-magnetic (brass) and not regular metal crews as my originals were. Good luck on your "restoration."
  4. I spin these even "out of season" !!
  5. Never once did I ever imagine what a "sound" investment these 'Scalas would turn out to be. I purchased mine simply because the design and the craftsmanship appealed to me - appreciation for their audio capabilities came after. I was given a 10% discount off the 'Scala and Yam amp "bundle" but they still amounted to a "big ticket" expense to me. Now I just chuckle (or weep!) at my good fortune. ~
  6. Did not have the means or opportunity to see and hear them "live" but did manage to pick up a couple of their LPs. Their warm and unique voices, guitar work, "messages in song" have always appealed to me, and their vinyl pressings are actually quite good. Whenever I have a hankering for 60s folk music, these are the first albums I pull out of the cabinet:
  7. It may not match the legendary characteristics of the vaunted V15-Type XXX, but the N97xe does an admirable job of tracking and transforming vinyl grooves into a great listening experience, at least for me. I have one N97 with JICO SAS/B mounted to a standard Technics headshell, and another N97 with JICO SAS/R mounted in wood (notice cantilever in pic below). I was fortunate to pick up my two N97s early on @ $99 ea before they went out of production resulting in the crazy prices sellers are asking now.
  8. My LS-s are 46 years old, and I consider myself fortunate the AA "oil can" caps are still intact...
  9. scalawag

    Car Thread

    I've run the JB4 in my Q60 for about three years now, and along with the DTE PedalBox, driving the car is a much more enjoyable experience. As I can only get 91-octane here in CA, I've programmed the JB4 to be on the safe side with a max of 5psi over stock. But even at that modest level, engine performance is quite impressive. And I do believe that the JB4 is undetectable once removed from the vehicle - I've had it at the dealer three times for warranty purposes (software recalls and leaking water pump) and they never once asked if I had ever "modded" the motor. I imagine you would get the same performance results with your Z4, perhaps even better as Burger Motors is primarily BMW oriented. Highly recommended.
  10. One factor that might be contributing to the "bloated/boomy" sound you are hearing are the "hard" surfaces of your listening room, ie the walls and floor. You might try laying down an area rug and maybe a put up a couple of wall hangings to absorb some of the reflected sound coming out of your speakers. I'm sure others on this forum can explain/resolve these issues in better detail than I....
  11. Ok, for you I added some wires to the "refresh." Do you see them? 😁
  12. Interesting that you say that. After completing the first B&K board, I connected it to one LS and took an original 46-year old board out of storage and connected it to the other LS just for comparison. Took a good listen to each side separately, and to my mild surprise, the KWP board still sounded pretty decent. 'Course, my ears aren't nearly what they used to be, which might explain what I heard or didn't hear. Which is reason enough for me to deliberate whether taking out the diodes will result in any noticeable differences to my ears. Thanks for your comment, and to other posters as well. Happy listening !
  13. Hmm. I have the CT-120 tweeters mounted to Dave's wood MAHLs and to my ears they already sound smoother compared to the K77s. Would I realize any additional audio "enhancement" by performing the mod you suggest? Searching this Forum the consensus is that there would be no harm in bypassing the diodes with the BC tweeters I am using, but I suppose I could confirm this by emailing B Crites....
  14. You, sir, are exactly right !! Hard to believe, but the original Klipsch AA-s in my LS-s came with standard metal screws, ie magnetic, holding down that inductor, which I have since changed over to brass screws (hard to notice in the pic). The B&K (B Crites) x-overs, however, were received with the proper non-mag screws in place.
  15. I've always appreciated the engineering and audio/sonic wizardry as put out by the Klipsch and B&K Type AA x-overs in my La Scalas, if not so much the aesthetics. As the boards are normally mounted inside the cabs, appearance is not really an issue. But I recently got the urge to bring them up topside just for my own personal viewing enjoyment and decided a "makeover" was in order to give the x-over boards a bit more visual appeal. I acquired a pair of hand-made "cutting" boards, mounted the x-over elements in their most suitable locations, drilled the appropriate holes, and finally made the wire connections mostly underneath to tidy up the looks. While I can't claim to be a craftsman compared to others of you on this Forum, I thought the project turned out pretty decent. Here are pics for your judgement - thanks for reading. Happy listening!
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