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  1. Hornographic said: @muel, "that reminds me of the Yamaha 820 I used to run in the late 70s. Loved that thing." Muel said: @ Hornographic, "don’t blame you! Natural Sound is a good description." My "Natural Sound" CA-2010, cousin to the OP's CR-1020, still provides me with much listening enjoyment. Though I can afford something newer, not so sure I can justify the expense as my ears probably wouldn't be able to detect any difference in audio quality between the old and new hi-fi electronics.
  2. "So did you replace the woofers as a repair, or update? How did they sound?" In complete honesty, my ears did not distinguish any significant differences between the Crite's woofs and the K-33s, though the Crite's do seem to have just a tad more "punch" in them. Regardless, no regrets on my part, as now my LS updates are complete from top to bottom, incl Crites AA X-overs, CT-120 Tweets with Dave's wood MAHL lenses, A-55G mid-drivers with Fastlane Fastrac horns. Thx for asking - happy listening !
  3. If your LS-s have lived primarily in a residential setting, then most likely there won't be much "dust or debris" to be found in the bass bins. A few months ago I changed out the original K-33s for a set of Crites woofs and was surprised to see how clean the insides were - see pics. But then, I've owned these from Day 1 which was back in '76, and my 'Scalas have always been inside the house. If yours have been stored away in a shed or barn for any length of time, then the interior of your bass bins might look quite a bit different.
  4. With so much "down time" these days, I decided to get off my duff and clean up the original AA x-overs that came with my cherished LS-s. I've been using Crites X-overs for several years now, and had the originals in storage simply for "sentimental" purposes. I got new boards, cleaned the various electronic parts and wires, and polished the screws. I think they came out nice, and when the wife and I move into a Senior Facility in another five years or so and sell the LS-s, I believe the new owner will really appreciate having these come along with the speakers.
  5. I don't have the exact date, but it would have been either July or Aug of 1980, before the "Great Fire" of 1988......
  6. Decades ago, long before smart phones or digi-cams, there was my trusty 35mm Minolta XD-11 mounted with Rokkor X lenses. To this day, one of my most fav shots was taken with that camera while trekking through Yellowstone and its many hot spring pools. Though it may lack the image sharpness and color vibrancy of today's modern cams, that old Minolta could yield some pretty incredible pics. ~
  7. Like B-Billy I've also always been fascinated by the SR-71 "Blackbird" though I've never seen one in person. The other military aircraft that I will always have a soft spot for are the ones that were employed during my stint in 'Nam back in '70-'71: The B-52 which you could just barely see as a silver dot in the skies above, but could easily hear the impact of its bombs even from several miles away and see the huge craters left in the ground afterward- The Navy's F4 Phantom which we called in to "soften up" larger VC mountain encampments before our ground assaults- And the Huey "Cobra" gunship with its nose-mounted mini-gun, 20mm cannon, and wing pods stuffed with rockets- These were impressive and awe-inspiring to see in action, definitely the advantage for the friendly troops on the ground while inducing mind-numbing fear for the foe. Great thread, B-Billy!
  8. Extraordinary guitarist !! The "full" sound of twelve strings is a must listen !!
  9. Only a few months ahead of yours, purchased from a shop that is long gone.....
  10. Your expert recognition and accurate description of the awards lead me to believe you are either an exceptional student of Army decorations during the 'Nam era, or perhaps you also have the same "memorabilia" framed and hanging in your study as I do. Whichever the case, I and all those who served in whatever conflict or decade appreciate the kind comments posted. ~
  11. @Randyh - the 'Nam/rock video clips really send me back: the uniform the medals The trophy ~
  12. scalawag

    Virus Stimulus

    The 1911 and the CZ-TS make a great duo.... ~
  13. Might the recording head be slightly out of alignment?
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