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    VTA-SP14 Tube Pre-Amp
    Cambridge CP1 Phono Pre-Amp
    Yamaha A-S701 SL Int-Amp (mains)
    Yamaha CA-2010 Int-Amp (satellites)

    16ga twisted pair speaker leads

    Input Sources:
    Technics SL-1700MKII
    w/Micro Acoustics 2002E
    Technics SL-1400MKII
    w/Shure/Jico N97XE/SAS/s
    Harmon Kardon TD302 Cassette Deck
    Onkyo DX-7555 CD Player
    Pioneer TX-9500 Tuner

    Speakers (Mains):
    Klipsch LaScala (1976) with Bob Crites Type AA X-overs, B&C DE-120 HF Drivers with MAHL Horns, A55-G Mids, Dave's Fastrac Horns

    Klipsch Synergy SUB-12

    Speakers (Satellites):
    Klipsch RP-250F (2016)

    Klipsch R-10SW SUB

    Other Pieces:
    Macbook Pro w/Beresford CAIMAN SEG DAC
    Little Dot MKIII Tube headphone amp
    Shure SRH1540 Headphones

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  1. Might the recording head be slightly out of alignment?
  2. @Carlthess40 - I enjoy/appreciate your photog skills ! @The Dude - the budget you've allowed yourself will make the search somewhat difficult in acquiring a quality TT with the features you want that will serve you well for 5-10 years - you will need some luck. That said, good TT-s can be found on the auction sites and used audio market. I am partial to Technics myself, as I still own and play the SL1400-MKII that I purchased brand spanking new way back in the 1970's. It has been upgraded with a cocobolo headshell fitted with a Shure M97xE upgraded with a Jico neoSAS/S stylus, and I enjoy the combo immensely. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  3. The older I've gotten (and I am old!) the more mellow I've become. So I tend to end the listening day/evening with albums that are a bit "softer, soothing." This lady, and several others I favor, sets the mood nicely. Great vocals and supporting band.....
  4. "Trés agréable!" Mustang!!
  5. Ooo, nice! Thanks for the tip, I'll have to go shopping now!
  6. Another "pop" vocalist I've mostly enjoyed is Neil Diamond, in particular the Grammy Award winner album "J.L. Seagull" For some reason this disc really resonates with me, especially the orchestral cuts. Somewhat classical, somewhat ethereal, but very listenable.
  7. I'm with you !
  8. scalawag

    What I Got Today!

    I decided to upgrade my 2010 Macbk-13 inch to a pristine refurb 2015 Macbk Pro-15 inch, which is the last year/generation Mcbk to feature the digital audio out port, key in my decision to purchase this rather than the new and much more costly Mcbk Pro-16. With the 2015 version I can make the connection to my DAC via optical cable (same as my old 2010) and have full access to my iTunes library or online HQ audio sources for listening pleasure, whereas the Mcbk Pro-16" would have required an additional "adapter" to make the same connection. This Mcbk will be strictly dedicated to my audio system, and my 2010 Mcbk and desktop iMac will serve for the more mundane tasks of life. Connected to my system and functioning as designed, I'm completely satisfied with the audio/visual results. Thanks for reading - happy listening! ~
  9. Good estimation, you're pretty close !! Image captured at f11, 1/100, ISO 100 through a Canon 80D with a Sigma 400mm mounted on a tripod.
  10. All you vinyl spinners are really sending me down Memory Lane : The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, America, Temptations, etc., were big favorites of mine back in the day. Another fav artist of mine will probably be considered too tame for many of you, but this brother-sister duo put together some outstanding albums and live presentations until the lady's very untimely death in the early 1980's. When just married my wife and I caught their show up at Lake Tahoe, and not only did Karen Carpenter sing but she also did a number on the drums! Her voice still makes vocal magic, and A&M studios produced excellent recordings of their music that sound outstanding through just about any decent audio system. I have seven of their albums, and each one of them makes for good listening and happy moments. ~
  11. I wanted to capture the Feb 8, 2020 full moon over the SF Bay Area in NorCal, and this is the result of about two dozen clicks over twenty minutes. If you can expand the image to full size you will see craters along the bottom edge of the moon; "ray systems" (hub and spokes) are also pronounced as are bright ice patches(?) on the moon's surface. Although I did make a couple of minor "adjustments" with software afterward, the basic image is quite amazing all by itself. Thanks for viewing. ~
  12. For whatever reason, seeing your "Gypsy" album triggered this response from me: "Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang" produced by Audio Fidelity, NY, over 60 years ago. The audio/stereo quality of this recording is remarkable considering how old it is, and the music itself is quite enjoyable. Very entertaining, and still available on the e-auction site.
  13. My Pro-M set is in storage and I haven't used them in a long, long while, but if my memory serves me correctly, the front grills on the satellite speakers just press into place. There should be a plastic "prong" at each corner of the grill - pry apart a little at a time with your fingers or flat blade screwdriver until you can pop them all the way off. To re-install just "snap" them back on. IMO, removing the grills probably are not going to make any significant difference in the sound as the grills are pretty transparent, but I guess it won't hurt to try. ~
  14. Been umpteen years since I put this on the player, so this morning I took it for a spin to remind myself why I bought it in the first place: Seals & Croft "Summer Breeze" on Warner Bro's label. Mellow album with VG audio quality, a bit bit bass-heavy but well defined, and slightly laid back on the top end which nicely offsets the 'Scala's brightness. Great listening!
  15. You can message a moderator by clicking on "staff" near top of web page:
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