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  1. jason str


    Funeral was nice, Mom had lots of friends and relatives come from near and far. Thank's to everybody for their kind gestures here on the forum. The future will be different but memories of Mom will stay forever.
  2. jason str


    Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes, it means a lot to me.
  3. jason str


    Mom died suddenly of heart failure last Sunday morning. Bless her heart for dealing with Dad's and my refrigerator sized speakers, closets of records and C/D's for the past 50 + years and being a dam great mother. Miss her dearly. Obituary
  4. jason str

    cornwall 1 grills

    DuraCrest fabrics. <link>
  5. jason str

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    A simple filter is cheaper than replacing a driver or four, just giving proper advice.
  6. jason str

    khorn bass bin solution??

    No corners = you need LaScala's & proper sub.
  7. jason str

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Best to use a 24 dB/octave high pass filter to protect the woofer.
  8. jason str

    La Scala I updates

    I have had 2 sets, the old set from late 80's and newer to me late 70's. Both had bass bin resonance, luckily spent time on the refurbish on my newer to me set and added bracing to remove any signs of the irritating noise.
  9. jason str

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    I would do 4 corner ports personally. Corner triangular ports will strengthen the cabinet and reduce turbulence.
  10. jason str

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Look for the large vented cabinet. >here<
  11. jason str

    La Scala I updates

    Adding mass like veneer may change the frequency of the resonance a bit but its not going to help with the problem. Bracing will fix the issue, panel flex is proportional to the square of the unbraced span.
  12. jason str

    New dual sub setup - boomy

    Do the sub crawl, reposition and re-calibrate.
  13. jason str

    La Scala I updates

    No need to add material to the side of the cabinet. Table Tuba or THT is a great choice to solidify the bottom end.
  14. jason str

    La Scala I updates

    1/4" ply over the 3/4 will not stiffen the cabinet much at all, its just not the same as 1" material though you would think so. Bracing is really the way to make it right, might be a bit more work but worth the time and be sure to brace the inside of the cabinet ( where the woofer is) as well so you have bracing all the way from one side to the other.
  15. jason str

    New dual sub setup - boomy

    Double post.