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  1. Don't feel bad, its nearly impossible to hear the drivers stressing in the design unlike normal DR types. I did find a Dayton with higher power handling but you still need to remember its only a 8". This woofer will need to be measured when installing to be sure there is no interference since the cutout is not the same size as the RE Audio and will need a gasket before installation.
  2. Not needed, too much power fried the driver not over-excursion.
  3. If you like it stupid loud go with the 10" or double 8".
  4. I was in a Toyoya Prius taxi the other day, had just over 300,000 miles on it and the driver was telling me how reliable it has been and how he was turned on to them from other drivers who experienced the savings over the miles. 50+ MPG If you don't mind a smaller car its a good option.
  5. The Table is designed for smaller drivers, a 12" will not fit in the cabinet. Modification is not needed. Single 8, single 10" or double 8".
  6. There is a junction for the harness that runs through the firewall on many model GM's, not sure about the Chevy truck through the years. There is 1 screw that holds the harness together, remove it and check the connections on both sides. Follow the leads as mentioned and look for corroded terminals, rubbing harness wires & such. Bad ECM's can do crazy things as well but if its weather related its good to look there first.
  7. Everything runs right through the junction box i mentioned in my first post.
  8. Check the bulkhead at the firewall and all the connections related. If you end up with a cannot duplicate ticket from the dealer use a garden hose pinpointed in small areas to try and get the problem to happen. Beyond that its hard enough to diagnose many issues even with the vehicle right in front of you.
  9. Probably sounds like a great idea at first until you have 2 women nagging you at you all the time.
  10. jason str

    F20 braces

    I use Zinsser oil primer, seals everything and sands great.
  11. jason str

    F20 braces

    I should have said it doesn't stick well. Had one cabinet peel, it was clearly over a Bondo area. Ever since i just don't risk it and mention it where i can.
  12. jason str

    F20 braces

    I only use a textured roller on pro sound cabinets, the Purdy microfiber roller leaves a smoother more even finish. You will need to water the Duratex down for this, just a little bit or its ruined. Duratex does not stick to Bondo, you must prime. As for the brace nothing near 18" span should be acceptable, even the low cost cabinet kits have enough thought to use proper bracing.
  13. jason str

    F20 braces

    That front panel where the woofer is firing needs bracing the most, not one yet i have seen has bracing. Move the woofer 1-2" so the woofer is centered in the driver chamber, then you will have plenty of material to glue up that brace properly.
  14. jason str

    F20 braces

    Pressures are highest in the driver chamber and the first few feet of the horn, my experience tells me a span of that width needs bracing. Run a frequency sweep with some good power and check the panel directly in front of the driver (over the horn mouth).
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