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  1. If anybody is interested i have a great Mangorita recipe, very popular around here on weekends. Mix it up in a 2 quart container or double it up for a gallon. 1/2 bottle of your favorite Tequilla 4 Oz Mango nectar 12 Oz water Top off with Mr & Ms T's Margarita mix 1/2 squeezed orange optional Pour over ice Don't drive afterwards.
  2. Yes, change the title over to reflect what they are then take some pictures and they will sell.
  3. Had many Alpine head units back in the day, no Alpine speakers though. Never heard a Kicker sub i liked. Have not heard of Memphis.
  4. Used dozens of these with great success. Dayton 12" Box suited for them. If you need an amplifier i suggest US Acoustics, have had great luck with them in the past. Options are endless, just a recommendation based on my experience.
  5. My first car audio sub was one of dad's Altec woofers in the rear deck of my 73 Delta 88, the sun turned the cone to dust in under a year.
  6. They are woofers, a subwoofer is designed for 100 Hz and below for the most part. Sell them quick for $100 or so each and you could afford one hell of a car audio sub and amp with a little DIY.
  7. You can stuff one in a .5 Cu Ft sealed cabinet and see how it goes but a proper subwoofer will do a much better job. If you have been doing car audio for 20 years you should know what T/S parameters are as you need them for any cabinet design including car audio. Good luck.
  8. T/S parameters is what you need to design a proper box for the drivers, just throwing them into any box is a waste of your time and money. I suggest you sell the drivers or find somebody to perform measurements if you cannot locate the T/S parameters.
  9. If you know the T/S parameters of the driver(s) we could help. Klipsch will not disclose such information. Without this its only a guess.
  10. Dad had a Technics turntable (forgot the model) it lasted 15 years or so and could no longer maintain a constant speed, i removed the Shure cartridge and threw it away figuring it was not worth repairing. As for Sony i still have a few ES series CD players, never had any Sanyo products besides a room fan.
  11. Had a neighbor who worked for Panasonic named Ron who was one of the designers for Technics, really into music and sound systems much like many on the forum here. Ron was always telling me never to buy anything audio related to Panasonic as the management was always short changing the designs aimed at the company's bottom line rather than getting the best sound out and longevity of the designs. This was 30 + years ago, things have probably changed since then for better or worse.
  12. Terrible news Bruce, so sorry. Travel safely.
  13. Many of my plans are older from when i was one of the BFM authorized builders witch plans have probably been updated to include MDF. I just avoid it personally as the only advantage is that its a bit smoother surface for veneering.
  14. MDF is not recommended. Can't stand the stuff myself either.
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