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  1. Just this morning cranked out some random Windows Media player over the wash.
  2. jason str

    My Marantz

    Tried calling earlier and yes that's mine. I have a open case with Illinois Attorney General asking for a return of my unit after communication with Kaspar ended.
  3. jason str

    My Marantz

    Nothing was abandoned. No return of any message of any kind ever until this.
  4. jason str

    My Marantz

    Seller says it was abandoned and his wife's a lawyer. Somebody rubbed the selector switch lettering off pretty good too.
  5. jason str

    My Marantz

    If you go to his websight it clearly states he covers warranty returns, instead I get this headache. Thanks for linking, my phone's not too good with that type of task.
  6. jason str

    My Marantz

    What some will do for a buck. Thanks, gonna be a rough night.
  7. jason str

    My Marantz

    That's my receiver.
  8. jason str

    My Marantz

    First thing I tried , no phone help and no readily available help online either. Tomorrow I guess, everybody's closed.
  9. jason str

    My Marantz

    My Marantz 18 receiver Stereo Rehab has held for ransom is listed on eBay. #5189 Thoughts ?
  10. I certainly hope not nor any of my answer geared toward plowing anyone out of your room.
  11. You can bridge to answer your question. More amp load and little sound gain but give it a try.
  12. While placement is more important you can experiment. I assume your subs are crossed over properly by that I mean a fairly steep crossover set on the subs ? Love that MiniDSP or what 😄.
  13. If you want to do it right don't make frequencies below 100 Hz the weak link of the sweet horn loaded sound.
  14. Expect better imaging and sound in some ways, not a house rocker but maybe the newer stuff has improved since my experience.
  15. I ran back and forth high pass at 200 and slight boost to meet the sub around 100Hz. Another method is high pass where the bass bin falls off 80-100 Hz (room). Those subwoofer amps should make that end easy.
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