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  1. Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL served only Ribs and white bread for about 50yrs. Now they will throw you some beans or potato salad in the mix. They have a sign hanging on the wall "NO FARTING". Kinda gives you an idea of the place. []
  2. Drink that Royal Salute. Don't let a very costly scotch get away. Last time I checked it was more $$$ than Bums JW Blue. I bought it over a 20yr span for a previous employer (Christmas present). My first bottle back in the late eighties was $75.00. The last bottle I got was just over $200.00.
  3. If you've ever rented housing to the public you would know people leave everything imagineable behind. Items worth much more than that stuff. I recall once many years ago my family rented a house to a couple that left most everything except small personal stuff. They even left their silverware in the drawer. Commercial property is even worse. At times you can rent commercial properly and pay 6 months of rent by selling the left behinds. I know of items such as ice machines, meat slicers, coolers, freezers, production equipment, etc. being left when moving out of commercial real estate. Keep your eyes open when cleaning up renters junk, there's all kinds of goodies out there.
  4. Finally some rationality to DRM. Big waste of time and money. What a pain. Bought about 100 songs from Wally World with DRM and jumped through a bunch of hoops to keep listening to em. Finally burned what I could to CDs.
  5. To you I give a "Royal Salute"[^]
  6. Quote: "I just want a proper amp to drive the 4 speakers appropeiately." In all fairness Johnny, thats not what you asked. You asked for a way to drive two Promedia 4 subs, right? Knowing the impedance is likely required. Don't expect others to do your Google leg work.
  7. Wait a minute. You show me another pre that includes its own roll of toilet paper.[]
  8. I think they made that preamp alot of fun.[<)]
  9. Cannot really help with new cds but I have several old Al Green records. There are times when ole Al is hard to beat. If starting over I would be tempted to go with a lossless digital format and buy specific tracks downloaded to my pc and then on to cds that I make or thumb drives. The album "Call me" and "I'm still in love with you" are regulars through my turntable. Heck, get this one.
  10. There was no bad luck involved with the guy getting sucked in. He simply had a mental lapse and walked in front of the intake. Just a terribly bad decision on his part. Notice the trainee did it properly and no had no such problem. Now He was extremely lucky to have survived it. Thats for sure. I have seen jet engines disassembled after bird strikes and it ain't pretty.
  11. Hey Coytee, there have been auction sites that did exactly what you describe. They extending time on the items until bidding ended, whenever that was. Yahoo Auctions was one that did exactly that IIRC. They are kaput now so I guess that business model didn't work out so well for them. I personally could care less about it, but I have attended many industrial auctions. They never extended an auction item 5 minutes for another bid. They extend it for a few seconds and if no takers its "sold".
  12. In my own meager experience most horns seem to be rated with a 12db/octave slope in mind. Therefore when a steeper slope (IE: 24db) is employed the squawker will indeed go lower with no problem. That makes Al's ES networks great at squeezing all the goodness out.[]
  13. Brother n law has that dryer. Seems to really be nice. Good score, especially at BB. What ever happened with the Tubemagic 300 B monoblocks?
  14. Since you asked. Do not use "hidden reserve" auctions with Ebay. They are the most profitable for Ebay and the least profitable for you typically. I suggest you start the auction at your minimum acceptable price. If you think the item will be well received, have a real auction and start it at a buck with no hidden reserve. It certainly makes no sense at all to pay for a hidden reserve type auction and then reveal to everybody with the reserve is IMHO. Having a hidden reserve also can serve to waste alot of time not selling yet all the while Ebay continues to make theirs.
  15. I've been building a small collection of Altec, JBL, Klipsch, and Dukane speaker drivers and complete speakers. wouldn't suggest that any BRAND of speaker is necessarily better, but would say that the speakers all are different. Its all about compromise because nothing does it all well. I like hustling up nice horns at a good price and I'm really less concerned about the specific brand. Have fun with it.
  16. Be sure to read the info at the right of the video.
  17. NOT AT JOKE: Buddy of mine pulls the leaky radiator from his wifes car. Then goes in the house for a potty break. Meanwhile his wife comes out of the house, closes the hood, takes off for town. She was going interstate speeds when the motor seized. He is still not over it. Just bring it up again when talking.[6]
  18. My vehicles have USB compatable car stereos. My digital music is all MP3 format. I have been loading up my mp3s on thumb drives and listening that way in the road. Works great. Is there a gizmo which would sit with my home stereo and would have one or two USB ports on the front and allow me to use a thumb drive as the music source? If would need to be MP3 compatable and a screen of sorts to browse/launch the music. 24bit would be nice. Surely there is such a thing, but I cannot find. Anybody know of such?
  19. Cal, just to clarify. Thumps son David got a XD-9 which is a 9mm. I was simply mentioning that I would like to try the .45 because I'm a fan of the larger ole slug tossers.
  20. I hope your just taking that Harley across country.[*-)] You have been a help and gentleman to me and I appreciate it. Godspeed to you friend.
  21. I have to wonder if you could stiffen the wall material behind your regular Khorns and achieve similar results to the enclosed backs? Or is it more complicated than just a stiffening issue. Interesting findings there.
  22. Work to get yourself solvent. Thats a real nice place to be.
  23. "Statistical studies show that paying with plastic tends to cause people to spend more money than they otherwise would if they were to pull out a wad of cash to make their purchases." Yeah, but those same people are the ones that carry a balance from month to month.[] By paying the balance each month you are spending cash. Its all in how you look at it.
  24. I disagree. If you do not or cannot pay the balance each month and on time then stay away, absolutely. But with that said, there are ways to beat them at their own game (see my previous post). Know when your payment is due and get it paid on time everytime, period. I have made literally thousands off of credit cards. I have paid not one red penny in interest or fees over the last 20yrs that I can remember. You must have the decipline to pay it off each month on time. That is the key to successful CC use. Whats worse than a CC balance each month? WRITING Insufficient funds checks!
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