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  1. klipsch speakers are very efficient, RF and Heritage lines. You don't need to spend a lot for power, spend your money for quality, a good quality 30 watt amp, tube or solid state, will sound fantastic, a generic 100 watt amp.....not so much.... on the tube vs solid state question.....that's somewhat like asking someone whether they like red or blue better......they are two sides of the musical coin. one will give you an impact-full theater of sound, a home theater tour de force, the other will give you music... take the red pill...
  2. apologize if this has been posted already... but worth another look...
  3. the pre gives you the most tube bang of the two choices, however, go either way, as long as you go tube....
  4. i think i stirred things up a bit in garage sale , didn't mean to....lol
  5. you can do this but not in the seller's thread. start your own thread or PM people. don't hijack a seller's thread, you are not the price police. it's rude, the seller has every right to get the best price he or she can...
  6. extremely rude to hijack a sellers garage sale ad because you don't like his price....stfu!
  7. wishing the best for you and your family..
  8. http://www.forbes.com/sites/karstenstrauss/2014/03/07/rock-and-roll-russian-gangsters-rising-from-the-dead-the-saga-of-electro-harmonix/ Interesting read!
  9. congratulations! here is the pipe foam on my K's... it made a significant difference.
  10. I can go for a full of BS button! congratulations!!
  11. congrats! the pic was kinda small but still looked to be good condition. get 'em hooked up and post a follow up....
  12. you might consider keeping and listening to it...jmho
  13. Hey Jason, just got your email. Thanks for the offer...but, I am married and don't go that way anyway. Good luck in your quest.
  14. that's 3 good recordings to get you on your way....happy listening!
  15. i don't know what electronics you are using to feed the khorns but you might consider a differrent DAC. that changed most of the poor performance of my system... good luck...
  16. goosebumps is what i experience when i wish i could grab someone and say "you hear that!"
  17. they are a big box and this is not the style that most consumers are looking for...supply/demand....you are getting a bargain because others want what looks good instead of what sounds good....
  18. you can purchase foam with adhesive on it, do not staple. no staples of adhesive needed...
  19. that is a fantastic sub and a big bang for the buck. i'm running one in my 2 channel system, good luck with your sale.
  20. khorns put little or no stress on an amplifier as they are highly efficient.
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