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  1. Without a Marantz 2325 , Kenwood KR 9600 ,Sansui G8000 and a Pioneer SX 1250 all bets are off. These were the champs of the vintage SS IMHO. Sorry Yamaha fans.[] Now get ahold of those 4 pieces and let the testing begin and oh by the way make sure Echowars has gone through them all. [H]
  2. I agree Carl. I was basically joking with that initial comment. There are some other nice horn speakers out there but pretty much out of my price reach. Klipsch is another "best bang for the buck" IMHO. Randy
  3. Cause everything else is a sissy imitation. Seriously, the slam, dynamcis, live feeling =Klipsch Is it live or is it memorex? No its Klipsch! Maybe i've just always liked the front row.
  4. They cant even ship a box of marbles safely so how in the world can they ship huge chorus speakers?
  5. Yeah you completely missed the point of this post. Just kidding, you're ok oldbuckster. The point of the post was with folks throwing around the term musical all over the place i wanted to find someway of understanding their meaning. I understand what you are saying with live music. But even with live music if its not played with some sort of organized unity then it too falls short of being musical. Playing an out of tune guitar...Yuck! Or playing an instrument that you really have no talent of playing...Yikes! But keeping this post to stereo systems and listening to folks use that term has me trying to understand. Its not just in this forum either that you see that its everywhere that audio is talked about. Actually i have even seen people refer to musical as some added distortion over on audiogon. I guess i feel if a person is having fun and enjoys what they are hearing then something must be right. But as you look around most of us change gear in a never ending search for the holy grail. Seems like what is good today either changes or we just are not completely satisfied and need a change. But with some of the folks who have given their definition of a musical system i will in the future understand what they are referring too. Helps in the never ending search. Also i find helpful is their musical tastes, such as jazz, rock, classical or what not. I like rock and it is so compressed that maybe the system has to be colorized somewhat just to enjoy. I dont really know just throwing things out there. Anyway with the folks who have given their input , thanks. Randy
  6. I do no understand this. I guess i find myself in the camp of the poster. Needless to say it has to sound good or forget it. I would rather not listen as to listen to harsh sounding crap. I have had amps from 35 wpc@8ohm (old dynaco ST-70) to 425 wpc@8ohm (QSC SRA 2422) and many many in between. I do admit ive never listened to a set amp or anything else of very low wattage so i am not able to judge that few of watts. But the amps i have had didnt always mean more watts was better, not even close. Some amps are just not for klipsch speakers. And as i say this i dont want to step on other members toes because there are some folks who enjoy amps that i cant stand for 5 minutes in my listening room. IMHO if the highs are annoying or full of grain at any volume there is no enjoyment. If the mids blare into your face or smear the image with no detail there is no enjoyment. And if the lows are muddy slow and loose there is no enjoyment. So what i seek is a nice smooth sounding system which imitates to me what music should sound like in my living room from a whisper to concert levels. I agree alot of stereos play loud. Heck i think i can get my ears to hurting with my alarm clock radio. Loud isnt the answer but control is to me. If i cant control that woofer with major authority plus get the mids to sound smooth and the highs sweet then move it along cause i am not interested with having it in my listening room. Now is what i describe colorations from the original from what the performer intended? I dont know but i am getting to old to listen to garbage that hurts my ears and keeps me from enjoying the hobby i find so dear. Just my 2 cents on the matter. Good luck with your search we are all cheering for you to find what makes you happy!
  7. It appears that there are many ways to describe a musical system. I find it great to understand how others here on the forum perceive musical. For example, now with Audio Flynn i understand he is referring to the realism of the instruments. So in the future i will understand what he is referring too when he uses that statement. But i have to shrug when you bring up rap. I didnt realize you could boogie to it. Not condeming it by any means just dont understand it i guess. I thought this thread might be able to help many new comers and old members as well see a clearer picture as to what members are referring too when they are talking about equipment that they enjoy or recommend. I guess i do find on some music when i come home after a tough day i just like to sit and relax to it. Other days i find myself falling deeper into the performances. If it is smooth and sounds good to my ears i am enjoying. And i do believe as CP1 alludes that the peformance needs to have the lower registers filled as well. Drums are so intense live. The slam and impact as a good drummer runs his set is just unreal. Having that sound through your system is quite an achievement. Then again there are so many instruments to achieive total satisfaction. I dont know if we all will agree on amplification or preamplification or sources but one thing we do agree on around here is that Klipsh comes about as close as we can find in the way of speakers. Big thanks goes out to PWK and his speakers.
  8. I see this word thrown around all over the internet at many various sites. What does it mean to you? I like to think it is a state of being. It's an emotional event getting away from stereo equipment and into the performers. For me its when my foots a tappin and heads a bobbin and fingers are a snappin. Some folks say you need this or that. More times than not it turns into a huge Tube vs SS debate. Or the audiophiles step forward and talk about soundstage beyond the room boundaries. And depth of image farther than the eye can see. Or instruments floating in pockets of air each in there own space and time. I have experienced alot of this to a certain extent with various peices of gear and speakers. But the more i would move into the realm of almost unatural i would find myself listening more to the equipment and not to the performers. To me it really is about the music making ya want to boogie across the floor IMHO. Anyone else have their take on musical?
  9. Gary, A dynaco would be very nice with his horns as you and Audio Flynn mention. And i can appreciate the fact that you cannot comment on the QSC since you have never heard it. But to be fair to this thread there are amps that are musical that are over 65 watts whether some folks have heard them or not and from personal experience with over 30 years of enjoying music i believe i qualify to stand behind Chris and say that the QSC is one of them. And let me tell you it is way over 65 watts. For as economical as some of these amps are becoming he could buy a nice dynaco and a new QSC and swap them out from time to time. And i do believe either amplifier does fall into the the "biggest bang for the buck" category.
  10. When will people learn not to send a distorted signal to their speakers? I would guess they could take a 3,000 wpc ss amp as long as the signal isnt distorted.
  11. Glad to see the chorus II lived up to the hype. Personal favorite here too!
  12. Funny how such a defensive posture is raised when we all love klipsch speakers. I really havent seen any bashing in this thread but more of a like dislike of each and personal preference. So you like the RF7's and little timmy likes the chorus II's. Big deal, nobody on the planet has made a perfect speaker yet so its all about indivdual tastes. Now we do all believe that one speaker maker PWK made some great speakers and made many different models for all of our tastes and his legend continues with each and every new klipsch speaker. I dont believe anyone is trying to step on anyones egos or toes. Just giving personal advice from experience and our own likes and dislikes. So chill out and go enjoy some tunes on your KLIPSCH speakers!!!!!!! Oh and by the way CHORUS II's ROCK!!!!!!!! []
  13. You just got to give those woofers the right amount of quality juice![H] 1000W of pro-amp not good enough? [] I must admit thats plenty of power![]
  14. You just got to give those woofers the right amount of quality juice![H]
  15. A.) Long Wall B.) Corner C.) I prefer pretty tight in the corner. Another choice is whether you have the horns cross in front of you or more of an angle where they cross right behind you. I have enjoyed both positions over the years but tend to listen more to the later. I've got about 16 years with the chorus II's and have tried about every position imagineable. Hope this helps.
  16. No! They always use to travel through Market Square and Memorial here in Indiana. How did you not make it to a show like that CP? Man you missed a heck of a show.
  17. I very much doubt you will have to eat any words with "bang for buck" equipment like that!
  18. Alot of gear in your signature and no speakers. What speakers you running?
  19. But why, doesn't the peach drive the QSC to satisfactory levels? Or are you taking a turn and changing preamp and power amp. Do i hear Krell?
  20. The best solution is to use a good old head vice: LMAO. Is there a catalog for those?
  21. Wow those things like power. I wonder if the QSC will be able to satisfy your needs with those speakers. To be honest my 2422 hasn't ever had the clip lights make the first flicker driving my chorus II's. Hope you get things worked out.
  22. Carl, Thanks for the excellent explanation of both modes. It appears Mark really made a gem with the peach. Well at least for us folks spinning cd's instead of vinyl. Do you use anything special in the way of IC's and cables? Sounds like an excellent set up you have there which i am sure has alot of time and thought put into it. Thanks for sharing, Randy
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