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  1. The Chinese people are not the problem, it the Communist Party of China (CPC) that first hid the fact that this virus had began to infect large numbers of people (for two full months) and then lied about numbers. They allowed one million of their people to travel by air to celebrate their New Year, put out false and misleading stories of the origin of the virus, the numbers killed by the virus. Additionally, they arrested and punished any medical doctor that attempted to warn both their own population and the world's population. They have also been putting out and planting falsehoods in the gullible press through their foreign ministry and officials. They are now reopening their closed factories with plans to sell medical supplies to countries desperate to deal with their unpreparedness. SAR's in 2003 was a warning that should never have been ignored. WRT numbers supplied from the CPC: They claimed one million deaths from the famine of 1959 through 1961. It is currently estimated that the true number of famine deaths during this period in mainland China was 45 million. Wb
  2. Is the US finally waking up to the complete and utter mishandling of this pandemic from the start by the WHO? I believe there should and will be a complete revamping of this institution when the dust ultimately settles. Wb
  3. Anyone else having trouble finding food staples currently? I've been wanting to resupply flour and yeast. Yeast has been especially hard to find here but I did find some today, along with sugar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lysol spray and Antibacterial Hand Wipes. None of the large grocers have had any of the above in stock so I went to a tiny independent grocer that has been around for 75 years and they had a limited supply of all of the above. They even had a stock of disposable surgical masks which are not as effective as N95's, but a lot better than nothing - especially if you double up by wearing two at the same time. Nothing with a price on it but I was not leaving feeling I was ripped off. Wb
  4. Got a recent photo post of your grandchildren or children? Post it/them here. My only grandchild (Victoria's daughter) at two months sleeping through the pandemic below: Wb
  5. I believe you are referring to the couple that took Chloroquinphosphate that is only to be used for aquariums. This product is not certainly made to medical standards (God only knows what it can be contaminated with!). Do not take this non-medicine in place of actual medicine. One is made in a factory without oversight and one is heavily regulated. Wb
  6. It is extremely unlikely that we will achieve herd immunity from this virus unless we get a vaccine which is widely deployed worldwide. It is quite likely that this virus will be lurking for a couple of years or until most people are vaccinated (assuming we get a vaccine developed in the near term). The Spanish Flu, killed between 50 and 100 million ( estimated as they lost count) between 1917 and 1920. For example: Canada lost 62,000 troops to battle deaths during WWI and then a further 55,000 to the Spanish Flu before it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Our population at the time was around 7 million mostly living on farms, ranch’s and widely spread small communities. With these demographics of a relatively small population and the large size of country we were lucky. Wb
  7. My father, his oldest sister and four of his brothers (everyone old enough to serve or looked old enough) served in all three branches during WWII. None of them would speak of it around home. Not one word in 50 plus years. My father spent some time with an ex German Navy veteran in hospital before he passed away. They would not only not discuss the war, In fact they wouldn’t speak to each other (something my dad never did as he was a kind, gentle and friendly to all soul). I finally got one of my uncles who had served in the RCN to discuss his experiences serving as E-boat and U-boat interdiction in the English Channel. This did not occur until he had later term dementia and was spending his last few weeks in hospice. I would sit by his bed to relieve my aunt and listen to him reliving those days for hours. Boredom during most days, sheer terror during night time battles. He wasn’t knowingly telling me anything; he was literally back on his old destroyer and reliving it as only those who regress back in time with dementia can. This was how he spent his final days, with brief respites when he was given his pain medication. I came to the conclusion that the less my uncles’ said, the more horrific their experiences during the war. Wb
  8. It’s not. This virus can get into your system through your eyes. Melissa wears a N95 and goggles while working in the ER and ICU. She returned to Toronto yesterday after working at the Children’s Hospital here for the last month. I was able to get her to wear a mask on the plane home, but not her goggles. Wb
  9. Have a look at the attached short video from youtube of the WHO's Dr. Bruce Aylward by Hong Kong based RTHK (his foolish and childish behaviour regarding Taiwan commences at about the 45 second point). I'm ashamed to say that this politically driven clown is a Canadian MD and Epidemiologist. Kowtowing for his WHO Chinese Communist Party driven masters. Wb see:
  10. The US administration was a lot smarter than most countries in closing off incoming air travel as China allowed one million to travel by air for their New Year. All while being fully aware of what had happened and was happening in Wuhan. Sadly, they waited too long to prevent travel into the country from Europe and elsewhere. We were far more foolish in this regard. Wb
  11. Just heading back from dropping number one off at the airport. She’s going to be stuck on this plane with 14 others plus crew for six hours. At least she’s wearing a mask. I’d be in a moon suit checking it for holes the entire flight! Wb
  12. Buy the best tubes you can afford. Vintage rectifier tubes last for a really long time in all the tube amps I’ve owned. Wb
  13. They’d have to worship or otherwise associate with stuffed toy rats here. No rats in Alberta, they are eliminated at our provincial borders. For a few million dollars we’ve saved hundreds of millions or billions in crop and other damage. Wb
  14. It has been 128 times more deadly than the flu in Spain to date. Of course, except for the daily number of reported deaths, all the other stats are two weeks behind actual. Wb
  15. Don't know if someone has previously posted this so here's my take: Make sure that you are wearing a mask and gloves, assuming you've got them, when you travel outside your home. N95 Respirator Quality Masks work best as they can stop droplet inhalation when properly fitted down to 0.3 microns. The droplet size of a Covid 19 infected persons cough or sneeze is 0.12 microns but the N95 will still reduce your chances of getting infected by at least 50% (as the droplets tend to bind together and travel in close proximity (think of 3 football players all trying to squeeze through a doorway at the same time). Any mask, even homemade from multiple alternating layers of gauze will reduce your chance of getting infected. WRT Gloves, dishwashing gloves work well if you don't own or cannot obtain disposable gloves and dishwashing gloves can be washed or disinfected either with soap and water, hand sanitizer or a homemade mix of 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Mix the later in small batches as the efficacy drops off quickly (self-life is hours). Keep your hands away from your face and stay safe!! Wb
  16. I grew up listening to AM radio. My dad did not watch TV except for the news. Our current kitchen radio: Wb
  17. Hard to believe that it’s been almost four years since he passed away from liver cancer. Unlikely we will see his equal in today’s music industry. Wb
  18. see: https://members.tortoisemedia.com/2019/11/21/the-final-bow/content.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab Wb
  19. I still use my CDP and Blue Ray Players, also my Sony Minidisc Players. Seems I'm not alone: https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/11/22/20972630/retro-tech-gadgets-walkman-dvds Wb
  20. I assume you mean one device at a time? You cannot, I believe pair any bluetooth device to two devices at once. Wb
  21. GT40 vs new Ford GT race car compared: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/11/29/driving-the-ford-gts-that-won-le-mans-50-years-apart?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Daily_News_Monday_Dec_2 Wb
  22. I assume this is for a single speaker and not the pair price? see: https://www.acousticsounddesign.com/klipsch-speakers/109-klipsch-ak5-wl-walnut-floorstanding-speaker?filter=78 Wb
  23. There is a store here that is local and claim to sell more than 850 different brands of whisky. I'll be checking it out for a friend later this week. Wb
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