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  1. very well put and has perspective I share the same thoughts too....
  2. I use the 2Ultra 2 subs and ka amp with Jubilees, once dialed in, work very well in my yamaha system!
  3. Very excited for Roy and for Klipsch. Jubilee it is, and really hope it is a smashing success! Any videos of the Jubilee at CES?
  4. Don’t forget to look at the Klipsch THX Ultra 2 subs and matching KA 1000 amp. Yes it’s a system, buy the amp n 2 subs. These are extremely clean, powerful, you will feel everything from gunshots to blow crap up to solid bass in music too. Not muddy at all I love them and have used with LaScalas and on Jubes with great results! I’ve heard them with Bells too. 100% happy and hassle free!
  5. Sadly no. I have started all over again, now treading water and re married new house (may 2021) hit the reset button and looking forward to moving into chapter 2 of my life with Jubilees!
  6. I’m interested in a fellow Jubilee owner to hear my setup in Indy/Fishers indiana. Dialed in, finally I’m extremely happy. Wonder what others think or someone considering these to hear too.
  7. I know they are working on a killer sub called THE BEAST! The Beast and Jubilees might be incredible!
  8. I have a pair of Jubilees, what I am now doing is looking at center options. I'd like to take the Belle and cut out the mid-high section and put the 510 there. Aesthetically that might be better, at least for me, than the La Scala. So the quest then is to find a middle Belle or La Scala in average to good condition to paint that black industrial paint on them to match the Jubilees!
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