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  1. Nope. Crites is reselling John Allen's A-55G. Mr. Allen spent a small fortune improving, slightly, the 2-piece phase plug PD-5VH. Apparently, Mr. Allen did sell his T-35 to Klipsch as a K-77-F.
  2. Yes, Mr. Allen is a friend to Klipsch and each has helped the other. I met THE John Allen at a pilgrimage. Nice bloke, indeed.
  3. There is no such thing as "underpowering" speakers. Once the sound quality and distortion of the amp is good enough, it is only a matter of, "Is it loud enough?" If you can achieve the loudness of the live music you like (say 105 dB for an orchestra), you're good.
  4. There will probably be a driver or software setting that will make it so. I doubt every/any digital stream running through the computer is supplied to any usb port all the time.
  5. Call Cory at Paducah Home Theater. Something of a drive from CAT country, but doable.
  6. OK, the best I can find about the Pyle LW1540 looks like they would make a horn woofer. That should not be a surprise to you who knew Gil built speakers. Brand Model X Vas Qts Fs Sens Pmax Xmax Production MMS Qes Pyle LW1540 41 306.4 0.6516 29 92 150 7.6 Discontinued .10084 .7 0
  7. Every pro audio shop can get and install one.
  8. At least 40 hours of Dub-step with the bass knob at full boost; doesn't have to be loud. Just shut the door and go have dinner and a movie. Then, I'd look for "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole and "The Book of Secrets" by Loreena McKennitt and listen for all the cool nuances.
  9. Hi W & T! I could not find any data about the Pyle woofers using the number in the pics. Do you have any other model info?
  10. If they sound dull and recessed, caps may help. Use a good film and foil cap. I have not cared for the sound of metalized caps.
  11. Swap the + and - leads in ONE place.
  12. The crossovers look like the ones in my 1979 models. I would not bother changing the capacitors unless they sound a little dull or recessed. That is, the sound should seem like it is coming from a little in front of the speakers. It your sound distant or reserved, use a good film and foil cap. They will not he inexpensive. Solen, in France, looks to make two different film and foil caps you should be able to purchase easily. There maybe others in Europe, too.
  13. OK, good. That's plausible, but since lots (most?) Inductors are custom wound, wouldn't changing the diameter or wire gauge be a better solution? This came up while studying for my amateur General license and I just can't see giving up circuit real estate for 2 parallel inductors.
  14. Dang! I really hate that I picked this week to go off and work! Thanks for posting, Michael!!
  15. You misunderstand. What you linked is what I already know. That's basic circuits. What I want to know is why an engineer would parallel inductors, rather than build/buy one with the correct values.
  16. I know what happens when inductors are paralleled, but why would you ever do that? Same for series? This is asked in the realm of relatively low power electronic circuits in radio transmitters/receivers, like 20 to 1000 watts. But it could apply to crossovers.
  17. Salve, Frakka! I will recommend a good film and foil capacitor. Solen in France seems to make 2 lines of film and foil capacitors. You should be able to get them easily. I normally do not care for the sound of metalized film capacitors, they sound brittle, or have a metallic edge to their sound, but they are inexpensive. Film and foil capacitors have become more expensive over the last 5, or so, years, but they are worth the cost. Your dust looks just like my dust!! 😆
  18. I don't hear it. Perhaps a room issue?
  19. I do it in my music room. You'll want a preamp. Adjusting volume and tone with a laptop is slow and frustrating. I feed a Mackie 402 mixer from my laptop with 1/8" headphone to phono cables. The Mackie feeds various mics and the laptop to my Yamaha receiver. It drives KG2s or Heresy IVs and sometimes a subwoofer. My audio path is all analog; the D/A voodoo is all in the laptop. The sound quality from CDs is very good. Try it, I think you'll be pleased. Some of you would be appalled at the gear The Chief uses to demo speakers in the lab, including Jubilees.
  20. Look at the rear labels for all of the pieces and add up the max VA or max watts. Watts = Volts x Amps. So, your xfmr's 600 VA rating is essentially 600 watts (OK, not quite because the voltage sine wave is/can be out of sync with the current wave.) Leave some room for start up in-rush current and turn on one thing at a time. I think you'll be close to max capacity. FYI, fuses will pass 2x their rating for a short time before opening and maybe oversized. They are primarily for fire protection, thus not a good measure of load or capacity.
  21. If you can use balanced cables, why not go buy a pair of XLR mic cables and connect the pre to the power amps properly. Two cables running around the wall for 2 weeks can't be that bad. However, if you use the in-wall speaker wires, use both positive and negative for each power amp and don't use one for a common ground. Don't kludge it up worse with wyes.
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