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  1. I have agree w/ most of the guys here. your post reads like an engineering article and your wondering what sounds good.Do what I did find a store schmooze around w/o the salesman following you take some notes then wail into salesman the about what will power what speaker at what vol,and what avr will give me the movie experience if your into that.You have to decide wether your going both ways 2chl and h/t or just have an avr which most don't provide great music listening pleasure.As said before let your ears decide then do your calculations.....
  2. WUZZER.This is my second response to this SEARCH TEMPEST site that I again have to commend you on the giant possiblity of multiple leads that I have never seen before . Yes they are in differing cities but the options are so much better all you need is the cash and some dependable wheels.If I sound impressed ,well I am and have been telling some o fmy friends who think they are like the professor of all E-BAY and they even love it .Thanks one more time. Sorry for the drool but when I connect I'll let you know.......LD
  3. Wuzzer,That Search Tempest was fantastic.You were right on and the variety was so much more than the general listings. Thank you very much.It'a amazing what you can learn by asking a normal concise question. Lew D.
  4. I was window shopping the other day at a hi -end audio near me and they had a pair of Wharfedale EVO-Pacifics in satin black.The guy would sell them for $300 but of course I didn't have the cash on hand and 1. didn't hear the speakers and 2. knew nothing of them.After googling they are getting more than rave reviews and I wondering if any of you guys have had any dealings w/ newer Wharfdale speakers.These had the 6.5 kevlar drivers and quite frankly looked great.So is this an upward move or a stay away and try to get a Heritage Klipsch which does not seem likely just looking around at the prices these days..
  5. I went w/ an Adcom gfa 555 200wpc and never looked back .This amp is dead silent and could push any speakers that Klipsch puts out. I got mine for $300 at Audio Classics and it came slippery clean and ready to go.
  6. What a coinsidence,I was thinking of getting one of the PL4000auto corralation pre/amp for my 2chnl system.Right now I have an Onkyo P301 which does it's job well and also can split duties between both the devices of the H/T and the straight work of the 2chl. I can play my dock,5 disc player and singal play Denon cdp w/ease going from tuner to get dock and 5 disc to cd to get the Denon single play cdp.So I was wondering if this unit could do both or should I just try a ADCOM 450 or so for comparison. Right now I have zero hum or hiss out of any of the components and I want to keep it that way. By my standards the speakers I own are the weakest link and my Polkie forumites politely call them entry level party speakers. Me I would love a pair of Forte's or some thing along the Heritage line. So any one out there think my wish list is to high or just out of reach considering the sigs of some of your gear.I think my Adcom gfa555 could push anything around that could fitinmy apt. so power is not lacking....Thanks,just a thought
  7. Hi guys, I own a set of H/D 500w the 8in pwrd sub which for h/t is fine and pairs well w/ my Yamaha RX-V665 AVR. Since I'm not that into the movie scene all that much I graduated to a 2chl sysem which will be revealed later. My main beef is that I sort of have a hard on for KLF 20S and 30s and a majority of the Heritage line. I live in Central Jersey and I've looked for months and not a single pair or a decenent priced pair of Fortes,Chorus or similar units have ever come up in my 100 mile radious. This is very disheartening and does not bode well for the Klipsch want-to -be collector. It seems that all the good pairings are far to mid west w/o the option of shipping.What's a guy to do.Yes I've tried C/L to no avail and at e-bay I always get beat out.By the time I'm ready to make a move they are gone.I once did luck out w/ getting my InfinitysSM112S FOR A WHOPPING $40 but the Polkies called them frat house party speakers. I would really like something w/ more quality behind them w/o spending a life savings,so any suggestions here.I also by my sig you will notice I'm not adversed to buying used but it seems people know what they have and are not willing to part w/ them unless an urgent matter is forcing them to part w/their here babies. ANY ADVCE BESIDES BEING PATIENT IS NEEDED.i'M TRYING TO HAVE READY CASH TO MAKE THE MOVE......
  8. Frank, I thought it was also interesting that to a man at the Polk site they all said they leave their tubes amps on all the time. Me I own solid state which I do not leave on .I was under the impression that the you would burn out something or shorten the life .Well according to these guys, no.
  9. Back to Bill McDermott, you seem to be of the Rodger Russell way of thinking when it comes to spkr wire.I have to totally agree w/ you that 16 gu zip is fine unless the run is extrodinarily long.Now some of the Polkies swear by the the most expensive wire on the planet and that's fine but to what end.Does it make it sound any better on a 10' run no, not ever.
  10. Obviously that really sucks .Thankfully I've never had anything that fragile packaged by them.Delivered yes .My Adcom gfa555 came from Audio Classics slippery clean and wrapped in first bubble wrap then a liner. It came perfectly and I thanked them for their professionalism,it does count.
  11. Hi guys, Believe it or not I for whatever reason was looking at was in very simple terms the manual for the H/D 500 set.I've owned this thing for over 3yrs now.On it the setting was to be around 120hz and the control settings directing like a clock.Now my avr is a Yamaha rx-v665 and which I've tried dialing in using the YPAO mic system and the sub was set at 80 hz.Calling Klipsch they said absolutely to return to my set up and change hz to 120 because it takes the burden off the smalls and directs the lower end to the sub which of course makes sense.What I don't get to my ears I heard no appreciable diffence but I will stick to what Klipsch has told me.I don't know if there is even a question here or if I resolved the issue but if you would chime in and explain the workings of the pwrd sub it will be greatfull. On an entirely different subject.I'm enthralled w/ Hereseys for some reson .I have never heard them but they seem to be ultra popular and was thinking w/ prices all over the place and condition a factor of course what is an acceptble price for a pair of let's say 1s.
  12. I have a set of H/D 500s whoopee and you guys are going on and on about the Flagship line costing more.It's there for people who can afford it, and it's that simple do they need it no want it yes. As said many times before each to his own I personally would love a pair of KLF 30s if anybody is in the donating kind of mood.
  13. I was away for a couple of days and the whole site changed.Wether good or bad I don't know yet but it's not that hard to get through.On the other hand Polk changed their site again and this time it's terrible.Basically it's the same group of dudes who either lather over each others' stuff or goof on gear that not quite worthy to them.I would take a Klipsch over a polk at any model especially the heritage line.
  14. I had friend in the 70s who owned a pair of Fraziers.All that I remember about them was that they were just called Frazier Black Boxes and then he ditched them for a pair of Dalquists 10s.
  15. I will never forget the first time I saw the WALL.It was at The Cow Palace and it was impressive.I've seen big P.A.s before like Bill Grahams' Days on the Green concerts but this was pretty indescribable. For me I'm a purist when it comes to my entertainment and quite frankly the thing was out of phase the vocals were off and you knew that once they tweeked it this would be the sound system to best them all.The thing that I do remember was they were not that sure it would work so they charged a whopping $2.50 w/ the sound test stamped on the ticket. Now the HDCD of the concert is all mixed and cleaned up and does sound pretty damn good. I always said if you wanted a good sound system go talk to the engineers of Pink Floyd,now they know how to convey sound and specticle at the same time. The Yankee Stadium show which was the 3rd time for seeing Floyd was astounding w/ the end nearing Comfortably Numb this giant arm rises out of the infield to reveal the biggest mirrored ball I'd ever seen before or since then about ten super lazer spots hit it and I'm telling you the place was rotating
  16. I'm doing the splitter thing >into rca>Yamaha audio 1 works ok but the runs were long
  17. I had this debate w/ a bunch of Polkies last year and to a guy cables ICs do matter. Originally I went w/ just simple rca cords until I found some inexpensive Signal Cable ICs and yes there was a qualitative and noticeable difference.Like many will tell you it's where your starting from and since you did not list a sig of your gear Ihave know idea if a cable of better qulity would help.All I can tell you that it did for me and at $40 and change it was worth it.
  18. mustang, that was very easy. thanks alot. I clearly have room for improvement especially in the speaker dept.I would really like to get a pair of original KSF 20s 30s, Forte`,or Ohm/Walsh 2x0s.My amp is fine and will push anything I can think of, the pre I would love a McIntosh c-28 or newer and I wouldn't mind my Dual 1229 tt to appear as if it was still 1978.Thanks again w/ the sig posting instruction.....
  19. Hy guys, I've been here a while and for the life of me I forgot how to make my sig of gear a permanent thing.Someone at another forum walked me through and it was simple but it has to different here plus I totally forgot any way.I'm going to list so here goes 2-chnl
  20. I use a Gateway w/ windows 7 as a pc.I have rca cables run from computer to my Yamaha rx-v665 audio to pick up i-net radio.Right now I'm on gd,net the Grateful Dead station.
  21. Vandyman,No fooling you should be a pro reviewer/critic.I was leaning towards these as the Klipsch Heritage line seems to up in the price range that I can not afford.I now own a pair of pristine refoamed Infinity SM112s for a rediculously c/l price of $40 so I did jump on them.I do happen to like them even though others on another forum called them party speakers and entry level and it's true that they are the first in the SM line but again weighing price, condition and the fact I kinda like them they will stay until my fortunes change.The Vandys' look great but alot seem to have a sock sagging problem but if I could get a clean pair for $400 or less I think I would do it.Also for whatever reason as did not hear them I sort of have a hard on so to speak for a pair of Ohm/Walsh 2xos omni directional speakers who again got all around rave reviews both professional and common people alike. 2chl---Adcom gfa555 200wpc w/ rack mount face >Onkyo P-301 pre>Denon 1940ci cdp>Infinity SM112s>Signal Cable ICs>Samson ps-15 9 outlet plug/surge center H/T---Toshib au37 flat hdtv>Yamaha RX-V665 avr>Klipsch 500 h/t set w/ 8in pwrd sub>Sony sds 375 5 disc carosel cdp>Tosiba bx2200 blu/ray>Yamaha ysd-12 dock>3rd gen i-pod
  22. I've installed both inwall and in ceiling speakers both (though not Klipsch) and never used a back box for any of them.Come to think of it Bose in ceiling spkrs came as a high hat type all in one set-up and had a spring device to fasten them.As I said if they don't come w/ back boxes I don't think you need them.Ask around I could be wrong.
  23. try Signal Cable ICs they worked well for me and were only $40 per mt.I had Monster Cable THX IC and I was worned not to use them because of the so called "grip of death" and when I tried to remove them to rearrange my rack they almost pulled out the rca ports on my pre/amp.
  24. Hi and welcome to the forum,I also own a Yamaha a year older than yours a rx-v 665 w Klipsch H/T 500 smalls and a 8in pwrd sub.At first I was pretty excited ,this was my first seperates and a huge improvement over my privious htib.Now as I pushed it a wee bit it clipped on more than a few occasions and I wasn't to happy about that.After confering w/ many here and on other forum all agreed to go w/ the pre/outs and add an independent amp.I did and it was the best decision in the audio field I ever made.About all those sound fields and settings on the remote ,to me they are a waste of time and should have been excluded. Chamber hall,Roxy Theater,Viennna something it's nonsense and all it does is add varying degrees of echo and delay.I usually keep mine on 7chl w/ all speakers being equal and xover at 80. Look those settings are a personal thing try them or not, me no...My usual tv volume level is -34-28. H/T---Tosiba au37 flat screen>Yamaha RX-V665 avr>Denon1940ci cdp>Yamaha YSD dock w/ 3rd gen i-pod>Tosibabx2200blu/ray>Sony 335 5disc carosel player 2CHL--Adcom gfa555 200wpc >Onkyo P-301 pre> Infinty SM112s refoamed> Shure Pro 240 headphones>Signal Cable ICs all devices played through both systems at my liesure. also to make sure I went back and when you use either the straight or 2-chl mode your cutting out your rears.Me, I want all the speakers I bought to work.
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