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  1. call klipsch Parts , they'll sell you 2 new pie badges .
  2. your Heresy speakers were made in 1975 , with all Alnico Drivers for the tweeter , midrange , woofer 1 particularity for 1975 was the temporary use of flat capacitors in the crossovers instead of steel cans + the Orange surrounds for the woofers . -the speakers are original with 1 exception , the klipsch badges are from 1979
  3. email klipsch tech support .https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. there were 2 badges during the 1976 period ,do you have a pie badge or a rectangular badge
  5. 1980's , K-43 woofer , K-55M mid , K-77 square tweeter , AL network
  6. infinite baffle means that the speaker can be used with or without an enclosure . the THX 504-L electronics are fully exposed at the rear the remedy is an enclosure or a shroud
  7. 1978 Khorns C style no collar , raw birch , stained dark K-55V mids , metal K-400 horn , K-77 round magnet tweeter , K-33 square magnet woofer , AA Networks , Laser batches , all original , speakers do need work ,
  8. OO1


    obesity across the world spiked with the introduction of trans fats , which are even worse for growing kids and toddlers , kids from an early age now have heart problems .
  9. OO1


    it's all the same
  10. OO1


    black speakers and Gold horns
  11. hey whatever works , is fine with me , I have 2 pairs of Heresy , they sit higher up , but if someone likes em better lower , great
  12. Heresy speakers are monitor style speakers , they sound much better at ear level , so higher up by 2 feet or more
  13. no worries , get in touch with JEM @JEM Performance ,Jim can sell you a klipsch capacitors AA KIT or install the kit for you https://jemperformanceaudio.com/ 412-401-6915 or email theaudioroom@verizon.net
  14. you could purchase a klipsch genuine capacitor KIT for the AA from JEM , JEM can solder the kit if you cant contact Jim by PM @JEM Performance 412-401-6915 or email theaudioroom@verizon.net https://jemperformanceaudio.com/
  15. the klipsch mids horns for 1990 are composite K-401 , if that's what you have , then leave as is
  16. klipsch Parts sell Original diaphragms , klipsch part # 127126 ,
  17. it's not only the tweeters , it's the crossovers too , buy a pair of K-77M , as far as the crossovers , the AK-3
  18. nope , this is their house , they dont have to play by Crites rules , or your rules
  19. klipsch does not have to prove or post anything , this is their living room dedicated solely to klipsch products
  20. well , you're not fair at all , Heintz used an aftermarket as a replacement for years , come to find out the original 45 year old parts that were put away performed better , this confirms what klipsch said all along
  21. reach out to klipsch tech support .https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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