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  1. a cosmetic repair is nothing , a few days later , you'll forget about it , repairing the crack will stop the fracture from expanding .
  2. pull it out , measure it , and take a resistance reading , post some pictures , 2 parts are crucial if you wanna rebuild a CF-3 woofer, the klipsch VC / Spider ,
  3. I doubt it , the materials in the original cone were unique fitting . quick question , is the voice coil in your CF-3 defective woofer in good shape
  4. the CF-3 woofers were exchanged under the warranty coverage , klipsch did not offer recone kits for the CF-3
  5. not really , getting the woofer fixed is still possible , the repair is not hard to do if the issue is a buzzing dust cap , or a defective VC .
  6. I have to disagree .Shenzhen Grand Technology Co., Ltd . are a manufacturer , if you're not convinced , book a factory tour . https://www.made-in-china.com/BookFactoryTour/jqemMrBxXXWE
  7. The new subs Wireless kit , 200$ a piece........ sold out https://www.klipsch.com/products/wa2-wireless-subwoofer-kit
  8. keep us informed if the speaker is sold to @Escoffee
  9. Hand wound coils Made by klipsch at the Hope Plant , only the highest quality materials were used and you can see it .
  10. Shenzhen amps are a specific brand in Shenzhen , Guangdong Province https://grandtechnology.en.made-in-china.com/product-group/wePxDGsTarRh/Hifi-Tube-Amp-1.html
  11. the subs now have a bottom slot , the heat is extracted versus a sealed enclosure that radiates heat
  12. Main issue is your woofers are tired and the K-43 does not produce as much bass as the K-33 , as well , the cabs are not as stiff as they should be without resonance . you can laminate 1/4 inch wood to the side panels , top and bottom , that stiffens the bass bin , and makes it heavier + more responsive , all new LS cabs are 1" MDF . your speakers may not even be a full 3/4 inch , a 2nd pair of LS would not be a bad idea . next change would be to purchase the new klipsch K-33-E woofer , it has more low end grunt than a K-43 /make sure the bottom woofer panel seal is air tight ..... updating crossovers with klipsch caps can bring the network back to factory specs , if you did use aftermarket capacitors , , start all over .
  13. the amp was already tested , it's not an MC 275 internally , it sounds like a Shenzhen tube amp
  14. 2 Canadian Klipsch Forum Members added to the list , Welcome to @lynnm @Hooped.ca
  15. Heresy 1 speakers have been going up in price for the past 3 years , since new Heresy IV now cost 3200$ a pair 1k$ is common place in top condition , current prices on Ebay are minimum 600$ for speakers in very average condition -hang on to your Heresy speakers if you can
  16. these look like brand new speakers .
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