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  1. you should clean the lens on the laser unit with a Q TIP -
  2. 12,500.00$ for speakers , wow
  3. I'm there Thaddeus Smith.....my last e-mail to him was this afternoon.......he has my number......done!!!MKP the seller was maybe in need of urgent money , so he put the lowest price in order to do a quick sale - on ebay he would have gotten 800$ ina couple of days , no problem
  4. OO1


    same tweeter as a heresy and the same horn lens - fantastic - plywood 3/4 inch cabinet - 8 inch woofer - they should sound very good with a 7.1 home theatre system with a bunch of these all over -
  5. well no No.Yea it's all a free listing......iv'e done a good bit of buying and selling on Craigs List.....most of the time it's all good.... Like ....now I am buying a old Wheelhorse tractor that I found on Craigs List, the seller listed his phone number....I called we spoke....we worked out a time....and all is good. It's like this most of the time. But this Klipsch deal has just gone wronge......I don't know MKP hi MKP - I never got an email back from the guy - no news here for ya
  6. It's all good my man.......sometimes it's just not meant to be......but we will see.MKP Industrial Chorus. do listings on Craigs List cost any listing fees like EBAY and do they charge a percentage on the sale -
  7. did you see the speakers and their actual condition , can you relay me their telephone number - thank you - if they are so pristine -can you confirm this to me- I am 600 miles away - 1200 round trip - 20 hours ride -
  8. Since you asked, I've been doing some critical listening. I made the decision to buy based on Moray James recommendation and Alex L's recommendation after he did some major upgrading to his CF-4's. Alex is solidly behind the 1506 sound. I don't normally do critical listening with only one of each speaker working, but here goes. If I did a blind test, I think I could tell the difference, but really both drivers sound pretty darn good. I listened to some acoustic guitar, and the 1506 sounds tremendous. It's like the difference between hearing a sound, and feeling a sound. The 1506 has more drive, a fatter more resonant sound. The human voice, in particular dialog sounds eerily real, not like a recording of a person, but like the person is in the room. The K-63-KN crosses over at 1600hz (was it 1400, Moray?) and the 1506 is essentially flat from 500 to 20,000, with a recommended XO of 800hz. I think the 1506 would sound even better if I modded the XO's and pushed the volume more. In the moderate volume at which I listen, they sound very similar. IMG_4290.JPG this monster driver must really perform with very loud sound - thanks for sharing the info - by the way , this must be very heavy duty and should hold up more than the k63 - did you know the diaphragms cost over 100$ - wow
  9. No, after $4k outlay and a couple years and almost achieving the sound i was looking for, i gave up on anymore Klipscxh for personal use. i listened to everything in the Klipsch line. I own Khorns, Scallas for the house, for the Cave i went Pro, many people i was dealing with kept telling me this. Finely someone in Burbank spelled it out for me, Klipsch is a competitor for EAW, so i looked into EAW, Bingo. Although a tad short in the "Chrispy Horn" section, EAW was the ticket. Between MY Ears, and the Neighbors complaints, im closer now than iv ever been. Firing up The EAW stacks i learned quickly, Bi-Amped, Active MUST be done, and this i did. Will be moving to the outback in Nevada to fully enjoy soon. bravo - maybe you should be a sales rep for EAW
  10. Yes he seems unstable. Imagine being neighbors with a guy like that? I grew up with a Neighbor like that. Well maybe not that bad but pretty bad. Lived too close and she lost it from time to time. I haven't heard of picking on the little kids and making them cry. Maybe some of the newer medications are working, (I Hope) Or some innocent person that just happened along while he was in such an agitated state..! Dang. Where are the old girlfriends when ya want one. Girl I used to know got an obscene phone call once when I was there. I knew she was fun to be with but O M G. She let this guy start to warm up, then set the hook. I heard her tell him to do things I didn't know could be done. Didn't take too long before he hung up. I hope nobody feels miss-led anyone that I'm a Doc. I'm not. May very well be that one you may be a Dr. and reference is meant for someone else. Just a retired nurse that spent time working on a locked Psych unit. We answered Suicide hotline calls 24 hours a day. Looked like a valid number to a specially treatment center. Don't see how you would get the call. I don't want to push any one over the edge. I doubt that he will call as he will look up the number first before calling ,
  11. I can imagine the lucky dude - it is like a time capsule to the late seventies -
  12. there was a dual k55v in one of the MCM 1900 , I think , 2 k55v or k55M on a dual throat - really amazing sound - No, If the MCM-1900 stack is an early stack, either 3-way or 4-way, they came with a large single Gause driver, later models came with FOUR K-55 drivers mated to a K-260 horn with a 2 inch throat, not Two K-55 drivers as you mention, as well as the 2 inch throat K-400 horn on TSCMs, which also have FOUR K-55 Drivers and can be K-55m OR K-55V in either push pin or solder terminal. Roger thanks Roger - which was the klipsch pro speaker or HF sections that had 2 K55V on a single horn -
  13. Curious about how that works -- what about that particular driver makes it "the best"? Curious about how that works -- what about that particular driver makes it "the best"? I will clarify - it is a brand new unused 1960's K55V - that 's it - by best - I meant unused
  14. super cheap solution ifier-For-Klipsch-ProMedia-2-1-THX-Computer-Speakers-USED-WORKS-/171679026398?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27f8de0cde
  15. https://screen.yahoo.com/nerd-prom-000000691.html
  16. http://snl.wikia.com/wiki/Fred_Garvin:_Male_Prostitute
  17. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xai10q_chris-farley-swayze-video-google-vi_fun
  18. how is the sound on these drivers vs the original driver k63 - can you enlighten as to the improvements -
  19. there was a dual k55v in one of the MCM 1900 , I think , 2 k55v or k55M on a dual throat - really amazing sound -
  20. http://www.hulu.com/watch/159715
  21. http://www.mrmovietimes.com/watch-now/50058989/saturday-night-live-michael-palin-and-james-taylor-s-4-ep-18
  22. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/05/john-belushis-best-snl-sketches-video_n_1321351.html
  23. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/landshark/2832305
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