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  1. wow , self powered mono amplifier -tone controls - removable top -70's -K55-K77-AA network -
  2. for the highest value at the lowest price 4-500$ range - the Klipsch Heresy 1 - the sound quality is simply unbeatable--REAL wood cabinets -higher quality components K55V-K77-K22
  3. what is your location ? are you looking for New or Used Rock-Metal --2 ideal speakers --- 2nd hand speakers ...Chorus ( 15 inch speakers ) -2nd ---the RF7 any series - brand new ....RP-8000f ......... RF7 III B Stock ( savings -minor defects )-
  4. 1985 Khorns K55M-k77M-K33-AK2 -k401 -copper badges-cane grilles ( fabric of side grilles requires attention ) -terminal cup / fuse holders /separate LF-HF binding posts - -Walnut-100% original Klipsch speaker -
  5. they can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease and a few cabinet repairs , finishing -
  6. yes , and no - there were various versions of the K-48 / klipsch or Eminence , to not be noticeable in a stereo setup , you would need to match the part numbers of the defective woofer , with a used woofer , as well as the cone design - the part numbers are printed on a tag that is glued to the side of the magnet of the K-48 woofer -match it , and you should be fine -
  7. we need a picture to see if the gash is repairable , which can be done using black cement glue and perhaps paper , if the speaker is not repairable , you're looking at 150-200$ for a replacement or a recone-
  8. I kinda think the RS7 is better the RP-160/ 600M - bigger woofer , dual tweeters -more power handling
  9. 1) Freedom from distortion 2) Optimum size of speaker 3) Freedom from rattles 4) Freedom from shadows 5) Freedom from cavities 6) Adequate spacing for Stereo 7) Accurate spacial values 8)- Flanking speakers toad-in .
  11. I was referring to MIDS mostly , but in this example , I would have replaced the mids and tweeter diaphragms at the same time to have poly in both drivers
  12. the Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster was slightly under 300k$ -today ?
  13. No Apologies needed at all , the forum is a place for discussion - the CT 125 is the older version of the Eminence APT 50 mated to a Crites injection molded horn -it's close to a K77 but a tad different , the CT 125/Eminence APT 50 can't replace a K79 -
  14. Roger , you are an RN , so Vitamins , you're very right - however in conjunction , Azithromycin can help
  15. these are the HIP , Type badges --
  16. you can also consider the round magnet K33E , these news woofers actually handle as much power as a K43 , and deliver better bass at lower output than a K43
  17. you can double up , with 2 k 510 horn/drivers per speaker , in the Pro industry , more is better , or try adding a Tweeter for a 3 way for more sparkle , the 904 series do have 2 way and 3 way versions -
  18. you could switch to Poly Diaphragms for the HF , they are much tamer --
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