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  1. Joe brought up a good topic. I know of people that have used the PA 460 and UM 18 for MBM. My thought are a woofer is a better choice but, I will experiment with my 2 nearfield subs. Dave, the 15 UM may be the perfect middle spot for driver. It should be easy and safe to drive from the I Nuke.
  2. Looking good! Congrats on the new gear.
  3. A good MBM is to be used nearfield with a sub in a corner as an example. Set the MBM 50-200 Hz.
  4. This pic was one of the tasty beverages for the day.
  5. I finished up my day at one of the local grocery store. My wife and I notice a little festive area with loud music and a sizeable crowd. It was time to take a detour and check it out. It was Bo Jackson's 8 city burger battle. The winning chef received a trophy, autographed baseball bat and something else. We tasted food from all the 8 chef's station. The Bo Jackson walked over and ask me, why didn't tell you wife there was on her face. We both looked surprised. I quickly replied, I don't know what Bo knows, lol.
  6. Yes, The Great Pumpkin is our next holiday. I will stay tuned to what Charlie Brown is tweeting, lol. What does this have to do with Columbus Day? It's just cool to do!
  7. Once again we celebrate a holiday that most people don't really care about, Columbus Day. I put 3 ships in the front yard, a jug of Rum and a sign with, welcome to the West Indies. Add a Columbus Day joke if you have any.😂🤗🥂
  8. Bah, Humbug, in the era of modern HT. Modern systems are designed to have speakers of varying sensitivities and frequency responses. It assume that the system has a subwoofer/s to handle the lower frequencies. There is no benefit to have all the speakers of the same size or frequency response since this can be handle by a good avr/DSP program. By virtue of the various speakers locations in the room, the frequency response of the same size speakers in an HT will be different even if identical speakers are used. Trying to match the variou speaker in the low end is of no benefit. If you are into HT, it is paramount to get a good avr or avp/amp to blend every speakers. You can't use one parameter to figure out the optimum setup. Audio engineers put in a lot of R&D in developing a center channel. I run an RF 7 system and just set all the speakers to small and take full advantage of the avr's DSP. More full range speakers in the HT usually means more problems with bass management and reverb.
  9. One of the amp resistors may have fail with the tube working beyond it capacity. Just don't keep trying to use the amp or test other tubes. No bad smell so the transformer most likely is OK. Transformer are an expensive part of an amp repair.
  10. We're getting to the nitty, gritty part of the season. The top 10 will continue to change. What excitement!
  11. Why not get the matching in-wall speaker for the Mains? You don't loose performance with good in-wall speakers. I was a an HT in Virginia with 4 rolls and all in-wall speakers and it was off the hook. I currently use 8 in-wall speakers and wish I would have made the change sooner. It will be neat and clean.
  12. For a two channel system, you probably already have enough bass. Sometimes to many LF sources can diminish the mid bass. MBM are being used by some HT guys with multiple subs.
  13. There is always a concern with a tube red plating. This could be a faulty tube or something in the biasing chain including the amp. Get rid of the tube that seem to be the start of all the trouble and have a tech checkout the amp.
  14. I like having passive DIY subs because the cost is less. Designed for the room and frequency range desired. Adding a second sub is cheap because most DIY subs use 2 ch power amps.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you. We can't feast til next month. That's the official start of the holiday season and w whole bunch of eating until Jan. 1st.
  16. Sad to say, the robo calls will make 50% or more of your calls next year. If I don't recognized the number, I don't answer.
  17. I like seeing a lot of schools go bowling. Teams have a whole season to make a statement. Teams can join another conference to be able to play the more competitive schools. Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers all join the Big 14......Oh, I mean Big 10.
  18. This is a nice integrated amp that I own and will fit in most budgets. This amp does not have a phono stage but 4 connection for components. One can be purchased separately. My amp is silver. https://www.amazon.com/YAQIN-MC-13S-Integrated-Push-Pull-Amplifier/dp/B00A7IZN70 http://wallofsound.ca/audioreviews/amplification/review-yaqin-mc13s-stereo-integrated-amplifier/
  19. Call Denon and get an RMA # and back to the company. You can also check with the store you brought it on there return policy.
  20. I blacked out. I can't remember but, I like beer, I love beer.
  21. It all depends on the room but, if is nice to preserve floor space and wire management.
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