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  1. Mark, That is pretty strange since the seller has a lot of feedback and 100% positive. Did you mention you are Mark Deneen? I have a question what is the signature on the upper right side of the face plate? At least it looks like a signature. Craig
  2. That is a completely different spec. don't confuse it with "input sensitivity" is a real world specification. I seriously don't know why this is going on and on...
  3. Add feedback lose gain.... and of course the reverse. Definitely one of the reactions to that action.
  4. Yeah well I seen that but people can name themselves anything they like. It just be a coincidence who knows?
  5. Schu, The MQ iron in your VRD's is very different than the iron being discussed here. I was challenged by Paul Hovenga that I couldn't improve the VRD so I challenged Mike to dig through his vault of designs and make me something better! The winding technique is completely different. The only thing in common is size and form factor. I could not tell you what all is technically different because Mike would not tell me. He just said try it, if you like it pay me if not send it back. Well, I paid him It took me hours of tuning the feedback circuit (lowering already low feedback) for that new iron. That Iron as you know sounds better! But it's hard to put into words how they sound better. He wound me up 4 total sets. I own one set, Paul Owns one set, You own one set originally built for Rodney and I built a new pair of amps for a friend of Paul's that I do not recall his name. It really is too bad Mike is no longer of this world! Cheers Craig
  6. Wow that was a blast for the past! I wonder if the Bob in this thread was Bob Latino? I suspect it was... if it is a really funny fact, in the end he ended up having his iron wound at the same place I did... Wish I knew for sure if it was him.
  7. Ummmm no 10mV is a really low input sensitivity. The VRD was setup at the industry standard for a power amp of 1 Volt to full power. That is what input sensitivity rating is (input voltage to full power). Most modern integrated amplifier (power amp with volume control and source selector switch) are around 500mV to full power. 10mV is insanely sensitive which Leak amps are renowned for! Which also makes them extremely suspectable to noise pickup. Cheers Craig
  8. We may be out of luck with the Model 10, I've never heard a mention of one. I've had a lot of contact over the years about the 12 and E. So, are you saying the 10 is a raw beast while the 12 is more refined?
  9. Mark, Good to see you posting! Check your email again about the B-100 bet you wished you stored a dozen of those away LOL. I'm semi-retired. I just do a project or two a month to make mad money. I also service any gear I rebuilt or built in the past but not much seems to happen with any of that stuff. Cheers Craig
  10. Not just impedance the big problem usually stems from too much gain. Amplifier with too low signal to full power rating coupled to preamps with more available gain then require to drive the amp to full power.
  11. Oh I understand... What gear are you using that only has xlr or has an issues with using a xlr to single ended adaptor? Besides don't you know single ended is inherrently superior to anything on the planet regardless of situation😁😉
  12. What is xlr sources? I don't get why retail electronics started including xlr? Completely unnecessary for 95% of listening rooms. Seems like just added expense with zero real world advantage. At least to me..
  13. My real-world experience with that is if you change the capacitor type by much which with brand new network you would have to make some serious changes to net yourself any difference, you'll also change the balance of the speaker in one direction or the other. Klipsch is pretty damn good at getting the best out of the components they use. Changing part types or "upgrading" blindly is a recipe for disaster.
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